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"We are all brethren connected intellectually, morally and spiritually - the main goal of human life. This and that have gone now. There remains the purity alone in all His work and environment which weaves the spiritual destiny of the persons with the Ultimate".

[Message at Basanth Panchami Utsav at Shahjahanpur on 30-01-1982]

Dear brothers and sisters,

It is a happy occasion for all of us, to meet on the Birthday of our beloved Master Babuji Maharaj whose guidance in all walks of life and especially in spiritual life is something that we have been having and as a token of our gratitude we have all been serving him in our own way. The essential approach of our Institution has been to tell others the system in its purity and we have been succeeding in our own way, in passing on the message.

I have always been stressing one factor in our Babuji's teachings that He never tells anything negative, but always talks positively whether it is about the abhyasis or about others. We do not normally come across a sentence that can be construed in a negative manner. Those of you who have been writing the diary and reading the message of the Master in the morning would have seen this as part of the message of the Master 'We are all brethren connected intellectually, morally and spiritually, the main goal of human life. This and that have gone now. There remains the purity alone in all His work and environment which weaves the spiritual destiny of the persons with the Ultimate". This is a very, very brief message of the Master given, last of the messages, on the Basant Panchami on 30th January 1982. I really do not know what prompted the compiler of the messages in the diary to have included this message on His birthday. I will talk about it more. In this connection those of you have been reading Babuji's messages, would also appreciate the point that just before this message, in the month of October in 1981 at Shahjahanpur, the message was given which says "There is no question of separation. We are coming closer and closer". This is the message to all. Both are very, very cryptic messages and highly loaded. Now let me comeback to the first one, "we are all brethren connected intellectually, morally and spiritually - the main goal of human life". Separateness, individuation, individuality, self-development, self-effort, these are all the words of the modern day. As against it, He wants us to appreciate and live with the value of connectivity with all. We have been differing on various aspects, one is a feeling that we are having a separate capacity for intellection and we have always been thinking that some people are more moral and some people are more spiritual. The Great Master says firmly saying that, that period is over. The two planes He has not included, one is the Physical and the other is Pranic. You would please appreciate these three words as nothing but representing Manomaya kosa, Vignanamaya kosa and Anandamaya kosa. The two that He has left out are the Annamaya kosa and the Pranamaya kosa. They are purely personal, individual. There is no chance of being united physically with another person unless you are born as an inseparable twin or something like that. It is an aberration in Nature. We can be using the word inseparable even in those planes as if we are inseparable but circumstances in life have made us realize we are all not all that inseparable, we have been living separately. But the disease of the modern world is to think that we have got separate existence intellectually, morally and spiritually. If religions have fought, they have fought on this basis. If philosophies differed, if differed only on this. If ideals and ideologies have differed, it is only based on this. People have been evaluated superior or inferior based on this, that has led to a feeling in certain people that they are superior to others and all the consequent ills that can come to a society have come. I do not refer to any class, but in our country this has been the disgrace of the priestly class that they have always come down to the lowest level, all the time talking that they are the greatest people ever born. There is enormous hypocrisy going on and those of you who have read the autobiography of Babuji Maharaj Part II would have appreciated this point that He has stressed again and again on this aspect. It is time that all of us understand that we are all one and Divinity demands that all of us get united. There cannot be any difference and that is what He is saying positively and He says "We are all brethren" and He does not say we should get connected. He says, we are connected intellectually, morally and spiritually and He says that is the goal of Human life. We have talked yesterday about the goal of Human life.

We have not touched this aspect. It only shows our lack of appreciation on this point. We have always taken goal of Human life as something of realization or some Ultimate or something that is far, far beyond and never thought something that it has to percolate here. Human life is different from individual life. Individually you can aspire and try to go to any place you like. But Human, when we use the word Human it is common word for all of us. All of us put together form Human. Individuals are there, so your aspiration personally may be different. But we have to understand that we have to share the information at all these three planes intellectual, moral and spiritual. The exclusion of these three planes intellectual, moral and spiritual. The exclusion of these three planes and limiting it to only certain people, as if they are the only eligible people, has been the bane of Human Civilization. I wish that you appreciate this angle in depth and try to achieve this goal of Human life.

And in another context Rev. Babuji would be talking to us about the cooperation, service and sacrifice. We have got to sacrifice, we have got to serve and we have to co-operate, then only we will be in a position to live in this connected manner otherwise you will create chasms between us. And we will be differing on unnecessary points. Certain other people have interpreted these messages to mean something connected with the institutions started by Rev. Babuji Maharaj. I beg to differ from all of them on this point because it has got a broader implication.

If we take into consideration the message of the Master saying that the service, sacrifice and co-operation are things and He says on another context that the method of the Master shall be universal and that is going to happen. What is the method of the Master? The method of the Master is that we should contemplate on the Divine Light in the heart and it is not restricted to any sanstha or any institution. This shall be the common way of praying. This shall be the method of praying everywhere without any rituals. Rituals we want, we can always have. But we cannot differ from others saying that we have superior ritual to the other person. Rituals by themselves are sentiments. We do have ritualistic appreciation of several things and offering of prasad is one such, it is a ritual. Having a photo of the Master is another ritual. But what we are supposed to have is Divine Light in the heart, and the prasad that we offer is only the heart of our entire being, not only the heart; the entire being as something that is given to Him. Because he has given this existence to us, He has given us this life. It is His, not ours. Unless we get this understanding we will not be in a position to follow His method which says that we shall all work with the spirit that it is He who is working. When we know that our life is His, naturally we will work like that.

Now I will come to the next message "This and that have gone now", not this and that may go now, but this and that have gone now. That is the differences that we have been having is gone. That is the statement of the Master. We may have doubts, that only shows our weakness of the mind and also the weakness of conviction in the Master whom we all say that we follow. Please do not lapse into this mistake. Have the courage to say that this is the thing. Have the courage to say that this is the method because we are not asking any person to accept this God or that God, this book or that book. No! we are not asking any person like that. The message is something that is internal and we are asking them to follow this method. The method is more important than anything else. Because the methods alone lasts long and if we were to compromise on this then once and for all, we are lost. But such a negative word on this auspicious occasion is something that is irresponsible on my part, I agree, but I am just trying to impress upon you this positive purport of this message. Let us have the conviction. Let us move forward. "There remains the purity alone in all His work", He asserts further there is only purity now.

Impurity is the reason for differences. Impurity is the dividing factor. Perceived impurity or real impurity, whatever it is, differences we see, based on only impurity. We say "you are a fellow who is unfit to come to my house because you are a polluted fellow." The problem of untouchability has been there in this country and perhaps dodges us further even now. It is a very obnoxious idea to differentiate another person from us on the basis of some of these ideologies or ideas. They are all superiorities thrust on ourselves by our own egos, they have no basis. We have been having differences between sexes. Gender discrimination is something that is very common. Adhyathmika vidya is something which is not meant for women. Yes! We have been having this nonsense for too long. Not only we, everywhere it has been going on. We are not the only persons to talk about such type of discrimination. It is there, it shall go. We are all one. There is a common unity amongst us. It is the same spirit of the Divine expression that is there in you and in me. The connectivity is something that is very real. It is not something that is imaginary. We say "we should build up fraternity." Nonsense! We are fraternal. We are by birth brothers and sisters. There is no need for fraternity to be developed. Fraternity is a fact. A fact that has been ignored by civilizations for ages by the irresponsible behaviours of some people who are better endowed, but who were not prepared to serve and sacrifice their endowment for the good of others. This is one of the reasons why we have been having this problem.

He says there is only purity and nothing else now. He has cleansed. The challenge of the Master here is He has cleansed now. His work is over as He has told many of us. We will find expression in due course. He never said his work is not completed. He said my work is over. 'I have completed my work which has been entrusted to me'. It will find its expression over a period of time, it will find its expression. That is the confidence with which He left.

That is the confidence we require in spirituality. Otherwise we will never work for Him. Next, and in all his work and environment which weaves the spiritual destiny we have confidence. God's work after the environment has been cleaned is, it weaves the spiritual destiny of the persons with the Ultimate. What is the spiritual destiny? To be united, to be connected, not to be individuated, not to be separated. Feel the connection at all levels, more so at the level of intellection, morality and spirituality. This is the message, a message which will carry us through, the entire aspect, all aspects of life. We have got to remember this. There cannot be any difference. Any difference that we have got is only our impurity. Better attend to sadhana and clean it first. There is no question of separation. He repeats here in another message. "There is no question of separation. We are all one". Don't try to separate. Divinity wanted us to be one. Don't separate. The efforts at separating us has failed. All religions have failed, which tried to separate us have failed. They have failed miserably. And the idea of continuing to separate amongst ourselves with so many sects, with so many differences, so many different types of places of worship, all these things are wrong. We are coming closer and closer. He never said "May we all come closer and closer". He said "We are coming". See the positive aspect of it. That is the type of will we are supposed to have. It is the special will. A will that never fails, as He has written in the book 'Towards Infinity'. The chapter on "special will", if we see He says, it never fails. And He says each one of us is capable of having our own special will also.

Let us have that confidence. We may not be in a position to achieve what He has achieved. But we will definitely achieve more than what we are achieving now. By developing that confidence in Master and developing that confidence in the method we definitely reach. We are all coming closer and closer. This is the message for all. I thought on this auspicious occasion there cannot be anything better than this that I should talk, and I thank all for patiently hearing to what I say. I again appeal to all to be in the consciousness of our Master through out the celebrations, thinking about Him, constantly remembering Him, continuously remembering Him, and then own up the conditions that have been given to us during the Satsangh.

Thank you.