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The first method concerns the possible device to get one's own points and plexus opened up through one's own efforts, after the trainer has made an aspirant cross (initial spiritual ) stages to some extent, and brought him to traverse the intermediary way. For this purpose there are two devices. He (Ram Chandra) has given preference to the second device; and I also prefer the same. The first device is to go on transmitting oneself lightly from one's brain to one's own heart. Neither Rev. Ram Chandra nor I favour this technique, because there may be the possibility of the transmission running in excess of what may be the real need. The device anyway, is certainly there, and it is correct. The second device is to suppose that one's own subtle body is present before oneself (practicant) and then transmit to the heart of that subtle body. If one remains doing just this, progress will continually be assured quite well. The second branch of just this device in detail is as following, even though it is not a job for one and all: it requires a very cultured and sensitive person. The technique consists in first continuing to transmit to the heart of one's own subtle body till it acquires the condition of mergence (Fana), and thereafter emergence of the condition of the permanent living (Baga) in it. At this stage the next point viz., the soul (Rooh) is to be taken up for transmission. When the condition of mergence at this point has been arrived at, and the emergence of the state of permanent living there has started thereafter, then the third point. viz., of fire (Sirra) is to be taken up. Similarly the process is to be repeated on and on with further points viz., Khafi and Akhfa (in Sufi terminology). The benefit of this will be a good and detailed stroll. When the state of awakening in the whole of the organic region has been arrived at, then this whole state should be forcefully connected to the brain which is called the Cosmic region. Then, using the same technique to widen one's condition, transmission is to be imparted to one's subtle body from here. When here also the condition of mergence, and thereafter the state of permanent living there is created, then this condition be advanced likewise to the next higher region viz., Para Cosmic Region; and apply the same device of transmitting from there to one's own subtle body. When there is also the condition of the permanent living (Baga) starts arriving thereafter, it should be advanced to the still higher region, beginning the same practice there as well. Beyond that, thought will not work; and the need for a forceful guide will arise. I want this method to prevail in our fold.