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Role of Abhyasi - I 


Morning Meditation

Salient points on Morning Meditation:

  1. We are to meditate supposing the Divine Light without luminosity in the heart where it beats and not bother about many thoughts that cross the mind treating them as unwanted guests. This attitude of treating the thoughts as unwanted guests has to be cultivated assiduously by us.
  2. Please meditate on the heart only, not minding the sensations in other parts of the body.
  3. As the absorbency increases and also as we continue to practice, the posture does not pose a problem. You need not worry too much about small adjustments in the posture done during meditation which most of the times go automatically and not intentionally.
  4. During meditation we should maintain an attitude of waiting and be grateful for whatever condition that is gained.
  5. Our attitude during meditation should be one of yielding; that is, we should accept whatever happens during that period and accept it as Divine blessings. One of the fundamental truths in spirituality is that God grants us what we need and not what we seek. While we should be attentive during meditation undue concern with our posture or gait or even mood should not be there.
  6. Expecting the quality of meditation is imposing conditions on the Divine which is not a proper attitude. Waiting on Divine is the attitude we have to cultivate.
  7. We should note that the system is dynamic and the nature of meditation is not the same at all times and there will be very perceptible changes in the quality of meditation. In a moving bus or train or walking the scenario changes while in a stagnant state the same scene appears.
  8. Expecting repeated experiences is not in tune with the dynamic system.
  9. Thoughts will always be there as they are going out or getting evaporated due to the vacuum that is generated due to meditation as per Pranahuti Aided Meditation. Do not give too much attention to them and ignore as already advised.
  10. Thoughts will always be there but only its nature will change. However the moments of Void that we experience during meditation should give you enough encouragement to steadily move in the path.
  11. The calm and peace observed during meditation is indication that the Divine is responding to us and this should enable to strengthen our will to move towards our goal with conviction and clarity apart from confidence.
  12. You may not bother about the thoughts that drift as they are not interfering with the quality of meditation. If however you find them distracting try to keep your attention on the heart and the light without luminosity. Since in such an effort the eyes get set downwards though you have closed your eyelids, a state of relatively high orientation in meditation would result.
  13. Existence of thoughts by itself is not to be considered as poor meditation as our aim is not concentration but only to get into a state of absorbency in the thought of the Divine Light.
  14. Meditations are absorbing or otherwise is not a matter of great concern. Whether the goal clarity is emerging and whether our progress in that direction is improving is more relevant. These aspects develop over a period of time. Patience and perseverance are most important for success in any field.
  15. Feeling sleepy during meditations is not correct. Try to be attentive and alert but never expect anything.
  16. To have consciousness during absorbency in meditation is the most desirable way.
  17. Total absorbency without any thoughts is good but awareness during meditation is better as that enables to maintain our status of being a devotee always.
  18. Periods of absorbency are not permanent - in fact they should not be so. At each stage of development there will be absorbency or laya and this will be a feature through your journey into the Infinite.
  19. Do not give much importance to the physical and sensory experiences in meditation but give much weight to the psychological states and observe how your mental states evolve.
  20. Work when you should work and play when you should play. For me meditation has been a play with Master and this attitude has helped me a lot.
  21. The best meditation, according to me is that which leaves us in a restless state.

Clarifications on Morning Meditation

Q) When we sit for Meditation we offer another seat/Asan in front of us and we feel the Master's presence there. Is this Special Seat something to be considered for the Guru/Master who is different from the God within us?

A) The Practice of offering a seat for the Master is a means by which the trainer does not allow himself to think that he is the doer and it is the Master only who helps the practicant. This is an effective means to control Ego on the part of the sadhaka as well as trainer.

Q) During the morning meditation we feel the Divine light within us where as during cleaning process and satsanghs & sittings we receive from outside. Could you kindly explain?

A) This is an interesting question. We accept that the Divine Light is within, in the morning meditation and at any time we meditate. The Divine light also we say is without luminosity since it cannot be defined. De-finite, you see is a word by which we try to finite something. God is Infinite and therefore the difficulty of defining Him. Satsanghs/Group meditations are those in our system where the trainer exercises his will and we experience the Pranahuti. As already explained Pranahuti has its origin only in Origin/Base. But it is the trainer who channels it not as a medium in the ordinary sense but is a medium of Supra consciousness of the Brahmanda level at the least. The Master as an external being is not true and is incorrect. He is the in-dweller and yet the Lord of the Universe. It is religions which have externalised God and made Him alien to us. The Yoga marga is also called Dahara Vidya. Dahara is the Akasa or space within our heart. Our Lord who is within is also residing in every form of existence as their internal reality. It is these internal realities that are apparently apart from us that is felt as external existences.

Q) Meditation was bit disturbed due to body pain but felt light and calm.

A) When body is not well it has its problems to offer to us, but there is no one without physical ailments. If the body-me confusion is gotten rid off you may accept these problems easily.

Q) How would I know if thoughts are getting suppressed or naturally going away?

A) In our system there is no question of suppression. We do not give any such suggestions. Suppressions and repressions are efforts with certain techniques. In our system we ask you to meditate on the Divine light without luminosity. This concept is trans-rational as rationally we cannot think of any light without luminosity. We are expressing our helplessness to know the Divinity by giving this suggestion and wait on God to help us. Here subconsciousness is also not involved as we are not catering to any needs or urges or drives which relate to that realm. So the question of suppression of that does not arise. What happens there is a resolution of conflicts before the super-consciousness. If we are accustomed to Hindu imagery it is like the Great Serpent (Adisesha) and Garuda being together in the presence of Lord Vishnu. You know they are sworn enemies but in the presence of God they remain calm and quiet. Similarly the mental states which are turbulent for various reasons, for some time at least, calm down and get settled under the influence of Pranahuti in our system.

Q) During meditation I am thoughtless for brief periods. I get absorbed many times for brief durations and at times for longer durations.

A) The brief moments of the thoughtless condition reminds us gently of the Ultimate state that we have to arrive at. Imperience per se does not matter much. It is reflection on such feelings that enables us to progress faster.

Q) During meditations the irritations and restlessness keep on reducing. The number of thoughts also reduce. I become aware of my concerns and my reaction to them. Sometimes there is a sensation on my forehead just above the mid point of my eyebrows.

A) Please meditate on the Divine light in the heart. No light need be assumed and I think you know that. The first thing we all would notice is that there is a rush of thoughts and if we contemplate we get astonished at the type of thoughts we are capable of. THE ONLY WAY TO GET AT THE ROOT IS TO IGNORE THEM TOTALLY. In which case irritations and restlessness will not be there. Only when we give weight to them these reactions are there. The sensation in the points near Trikuti is a common experience of the abhyasis in this system and it has nothing to do with progress at this stage.

Q) Trying to recollect the feelings after the meditation, but unable to recollect anything.

A) Please do not bother to recollect your feelings. If the feelings are remembered on its own then record the same and that is the way of brushing aside the thoughts that come during meditations.

Q) I am not doing meditation according to the timings, and for the prescribed timings because of excessive pressure in the work.

A) When work is very heavy it is best to think after completion of the work on hand that the Master was remembering you all the while you were at work. I have practically experienced the advantage from this method and I am sure you would also be benefited if you adopt this method.

Q) Most of the times my sadhana is between 5:10 AM and 6:30 AM. Sometimes it is between 5:30 and 6:50. Point B goes for 20 Mins.

A) As for the fixed hour there is bound to be variation of a few minutes - even the Sun rises at different times! It is necessary to have the spirit of the Commandment rather than the letter while implementing the same.

Q) If due to any reason I get up late in the morning, do you want me to sit in meditation after sunrise or not? Today I am sitting even after sunrise.

A) You may meditate after the Sunrise also. But as far as possible do it at a fixed time. Not doing meditation because of delay is not correct.

Q) Thoughts regarding service to Master and school are more during meditation as well as during daytime.

A) To think about service during meditation is not correct. We should dwell on the Divine only. These ideas have a place later in the day.

Q) Last week as I came to a place where there is a time difference of 2hrs and other personal reasons I couldn't do my sadhana as expected. Though I did the morning meditation and evening cleaning regularly but couldn't do before sunrise and was missing 9pm Prayer.

A) Please do not bother for the occasional variations in timings necessitated by the circumstances. The rigid routine that Nature observes is however not possible in actual living of human beings. We should try, as far as possible to be in tune with Nature and follow what we traditionally call Rtam.

Q) When I meditate on "Divine Light Without Luminosity", I don't see any thing (mere darkness). But today at the end of my morning meditation I felt something got opened from inside the darkness and I was entering into it. Immediately after this thought I came out of absorption and I couldn't continue meditation further.

A) The feeling of darkness during meditation is common as the nature of the Knot 1 is like that. As you penetrate deeper you will find light which is generally coloured yellowish/orange, so do not discontinue meditation till the duration of the meditation is over.

Q) Thoughts do haunt me but I am able to overcome it and go back to my meditation.

A) Thoughts will always be there. But try to be in the thought of the Divine light only. If you do not mind the thoughts they will soon bid farewell.

Q) How far am I from my goal? How is my yielding to Master? A resolve to do my sadhana assiduously. These are the predominant thoughts. I feel absorbed and thougths related to my sadhana come during meditation.

A) Goal is already determined and there is little point in thinking about it during meditation. Meditation should be on the Divine light only. Absorbency or otherwise should be noted against a thought and pure and simple word of absorbency may even be morbid. Please try to meditate as advised.

Q) During morning meditations I am feeling calm and absorbed. One day during absorption I saw rotating light. Another day during absorption I saw bright light. And another day during absorption I saw some particles swimming in space.

A) I hope these experiences did not affect your meditation. Light is something that we experience whenever there is some slight obstruction to the flow of Pranahuti. This is very common and you know light is not our goal.

Q) Sometimes I am aware of thoughts and I am trying not to go after thoughts, but I am going after thoughts sometimes.

A) We must have an irrevocable determination to get rid of our intentional consciousness and then only we can reach our goal. Therefore we should brush aside thoughts that come to fruition during the meditation. Otherwise the samskaras do not get reduced.

Q) After the start of 5 minutes the meditations are mostly absorbing and in this absorption also, some are with consciousness without any thoughts only simple silence.

A) It is this experience that has to lead us to the awareness that nothing is real except this Nothingness. And this forms the basis for getting rid of attachments of all kinds. Contemplation on this condition is the path. Just to say "That is the condition and it is very high" serves little purpose. This is what I call Imperience Beckons.

Q) Some meditations are without consciousness with experiences like dreams.

A) This type of experiences arise when Visuddha Chakra is active and dream like states inform us of the samskaras that are holding us and the struggle of the psyche is indicated.

Q) During morning meditation I had a dream like state where I found myself working in my office with reappointment after the retirement with salary and in the office I suddenly sit on the floor and after that I cannot get up inspite of my best efforts I cannot even drag myself and after sufficient turmoil I come back to senses and then feel OH! I am in meditation.

A) The idea of reappointment etc., are all connected to attachment to money and your psyche is informing you of the attachment you have for the same inspite of its repeated efforts to pull out.

Q) During morning meditation I had a dream like state where I was by the side of a river and it will be in spate and I will be watching it.

A) Attachment to the sensuous - note that water means emotional attachment as I have explained in Path of Grace.

Q) During the meditations sometimes involuntarily bedtime prayer repentance comes to mind and I really repent for having come away from Him and sometimes the repentance will be so deep that I shall weep for some time.

A) This is not proper. There is a time and a place for everything. It is not bedtime prayer that comes to you-it is only repentance which is good but not at the right time. Meditation is waiting on Master. Repentance is seeing ourselves in a mirror.

Q) Felt surrender to Master for spiritual guidance, felt a thoughtless state after. Another day felt complete submission, calm and balanced afterwards.

A) Surrender is a condition that develops after the development of Viveka, Vairagya, Svasvaroopa Jnana and Bhakti. Spiritually it is a high condition. The point I make is that we should be clear about the various spiritual conditions that emerge in the inner core of our being and then express our feelings. It is good, calmness and balanced conditions are being felt but you may kindly note that whenever we think of God we get calmness and whenever we think of ourselves and our problems we get disturbed. (Please do read the articles on Control of Mind and Concentration of our beloved Master).

Q) Felt unhappy for lacking devotion. On 10th, at the end, felt heavy, tightness below the neck slightly to the left for about 5 minutes. Also felt bliss with complete absorption. Initially had some thoughts about spiritual miracles by Raghavendra swami of mantralaya. Also had thoughts about understanding others thoughts. Had a feeling of cleaning someone else known to be very much disturbed. Felt heat in the forehead during this.

A) Devotion is also a spiritual condition that develops and the feeling called devotion when we start our sadhana is a magnified expression of our awareness of a force above us which seems to respond to our prayers etc., Such a force tends to get personified into various forms according to the tradition in which one is born. Each of us accepts a saint or Mahatma as the case may be, as the representative of that force. During meditation we should be on the task of maintaining the thought of Divine Light in the heart and memory of various expressions of the Divine or trying to be aware of the greatness of the Divine would be deviating from the task on hand. Forehead is too broad an area to be of any significance spiritually - try to localize the feelings when it may become possible to assess your condition. Sufferings are too many and each has his share in the miseries and afflictions and meditation is not the time to think about and pray for other persons and their difficulties.

Q) One very peculiar thing I experienced this month and probably before also few times was that during meditation/satsangh my condition changes suddenly with a jerk, from somewhat disturbed/unsettled state to a very calm, peaceful and settled state. It happens suddenly and the new state is like a calm lake and brings happiness.

A) Meditation starts generally with a few thoughts relating mostly to that day's activities or the matters of the past few days, then the thought gets stabilised on the object of meditation for sometime and at this time it lapses into a state of absorbency. Then again the cycle starts. This phase in meditation is passed over as we advance in meditation where we get thoughts in the beginning and then there is continuous state of absorbency.

Q) Divine thought was present all the time during meditation.

A) Even so this condition will not be something that would last; we go through states of laya many times in our march to Infinity.

Q) On one particular day felt gross after meditation due to disturbing thoughts related to office work.

A) You felt the effects of the thoughts as disturbing during meditation. But to say that you felt gross is not correct. The weight of the thoughts continued because of excessive attachment to work related problems. These thoughts do not form usually samskaras and cannot be considered anything other than mala of a kind. Do not worry; these are common for sadhakas and we should learn to ignore them.

Q) After 1/2 hour I find it difficult to meditate since asan (stable position) becomes unstable.

A) Try shifting the posture and continue the meditation for the full one hour.

Q) Prayed Master to give more satisfactory results with meditation so that the bliss of life will not come in the way.

A) We should not ask for anything in meditation. Meditation on the Divine light in the heart is done and we wait on Master. It is for Him to give or not give. Do not commit this mistake of asking for conditions.

Q) The predominant feeling I noticed during this month is love towards master during meditation. After the completion of the meditation most of the time I am feeling calmness.

A) Love is a great word and has many meanings. Love carries with it many times the idea of possessiveness also. Watch out for the shade of feeling which you call Love. Love also demands that we should be prepared to die for the thing/person loved. Try to bring in more appropriate words to express your feelings- dedicated ness, devotion, faith, servitude, service etc.

Q) Felt bit restless after the meditation for not seeing the ultimate.

A) Ultimate condition is something where the ego which turns into individuality and later into identity is lost almost.

More Thoughts on Morning Meditation

  1. During meditations we should try our best to be oriented to the Divine Light without Luminosity. This being a demand that mind cannot fulfil, it will try its best to search its stacks to see whether it has some memory which corresponds to that demand. Since there is nothing like that, it will throw out all that it has, according to the other important and/ or recent time stimuli it has been entertaining before meditation. If we entertain any of them we waste our time during meditation. If we ignore the mind comes to the state where it says there is nothing corresponding to the demand to locate Divine Light without Luminosity and in that helplessness it settles down and calmness is felt. That is the time the influx from the Divine strikes its root in our mind/heart and we start moving in the path.
  2. There is no point in thinking about others attitudes when they do not give happiness. As a matter of fact our Master Revered Babuji said these afflictions are necessary for developing forbearance and tolerance the two virtues we should develop as we progress in sadhana.
  3. We are Atmans that is those who think and move. This is our normal level of existence. During meditations we come to know our real nature of Brahman that is one who thinks and grows. Expansion of Consciousness is direct revelation that our true nature is to grow.
  4. Non-Divine thoughts arise both in the state of Kshipta at the beginning of meditations as also after the state of ekagravrtti due to vacuum that is created in our hearts which are filled by these thoughts emerging from deep within. This second one is bhog and that is why we feel light afterwards.
  5. When the thought of the Divine light is given in the beginning it continues in the background subconsciously and you do not worry about whether you are conscious of it or otherwise.
  6. As the thoughts that are lying buried deep down are coming out for evaporation, you are stopping meditation because of the unkindly nature of thoughts. This is not correct. Please continue meditation till the 1hr period is over. Patience and forbearance starts with our own thoughts first and then only it becomes natural with that of others. You cannot change the nature of thoughts that arise during meditation from the deep layers of consciousness as they are your own collected and coolly stored in the depths of your being. Learn to know them and develop humility if necessary by the process of repentance.
  7. Thoughts are all what we have stored in the deep core of our heart and they do come up for evaporation during meditation. Do not give any attention to them and ignore them. That way they do not get recharged and get deeper but we feel light as if we are off from a load.
  8. Calmness and peace are the refuse of the reality we are with during the meditations. The Void or nothingness that we feel during the meditation is the real taste of the Real. Our consciously remembering that and moulding ourselves is all sadhana about.
  9. Thoughts during meditation will be there and it is only the nature of thoughts that varies. From very routine day-to-day thoughts to the thoughts of the Divine is the progress that is very perceptible in sadhana. Absorbency will also be there and they are intimations of the Divine and it is very assuring to us to move further in the path. You may please read the articles on Concentration and Control of Mind of the Master to fully appreciate the value of this system.
  10. Thoughts are the very nature of Reality and they will always be there. When they are in tune with Reality/Divine we get an absorbed condition. Otherwise they are a bit grosser and we are aware of them.
  11. Absorbency during meditation is good. Kindly watch the type of thoughts that come to you after the state of absorbency's that would give clues of progress.
  12. Regarding sleeping while sitting it is possible for one to sleep while sitting. As a matter of fact Samadhi itself is a deep sleep state which in certain yogic literatures is called Turiya. There are four states of consciousness called 1.Wakeful state 2.Dream state 3.Deep sleep state and 4.Samadhi or Turiya (called 4th) state. It is generally observed when a person advances in meditation dream like state ensues. This is due to arousal of Visuddha chakra partially. Yoga Nidra is an advanced condition as compared to moodha nidra which every one has every day. The head drops down in moodha nidra state if a person sleeps while sitting. This happens, as you know in travel in buses or trains or airplanes.
  13. Thoughts will be there during meditations and we have to ignore them as uninvited guests or brush them aside. The thoughts if they are attracting your attention and you are pegged to them, that means that the samskara connected with the thought is very strong. The nature of thought alone can give us a lead to understand further. That is, are the thoughts relating to house, property, husband, children, parents, job, etc. or are they related to sadhana, goal etc., needs to be known.
  14. To feel restless is good but to expect is not correct. One never sees anything nor hears anything: we feel internally all spiritual conditions.
  15. Patience, Fortitude, Forbearance and Tolerance are all virtues that we develop in the path and this is the direct result of the direct and immediate presence of the Divinity in the form of thoughtlessness/ nothingness that we experience during meditation.

Point A & B Meditations

Meditations on point A and B are the key for progress. These are not meditations of a passive nature and it is our duty to maintain our thought on them as pointed out by the Master. If we do not have that determination, very little can be said to have been done to deserve progress. It is difficult as the sensuousness is not that easy to get rid off.

Cleaning of the lower self consciously by other practices than what the Master has stated I feel, do not yield any great results and in fact this only strengthens our ego and also grants us a feeling we are self-reliant. Meditation on points A and B are excellent methods and we should rely on them more and more.

Point A Meditation

You cannot thrust spirituality on to any person however dear to us. Universal brotherhood, you may feel should enable us to do this. Then why only those whom we know? Why not all? The prayer on point A talks of praying for all, not only to those whom we know however good they may appear to be. The question is not goodness but the commitment to sadhana and to Masters' work.

Point B Meditation

Doing just point B meditation alone is not enough as that is only preparatory to the meditation.

Clarifications on Point A & B Meditations

Q) Little thoughts do come and I must have much more focus. I do feel the effect of this part of sadhana.

A) Meditation on these points gives us results which years of austerity and penance cannot give. Please do practice sincerely and you will see the result yourself. Control over indriyas is the key to balance and that can be easily achieved through practice of these meditations.

Q) Sometimes I am very much focused, sometimes not. I have to improve a lot in Point A.

A) The meditation on these points is the key to the effectiveness of the system. So please do try and practice these regularly.

Q) Felt the need for help from Master since the lower tendencies cannot be controlled completely by self. Felt bit sleepy on some of the days.

A) Very true-lower tendencies of mind cannot be controlled easily by self-effort as advocated in tradition. The method of meditations on Points A and B are the means for attaining control and moderation in this realm.

Q) Many sensual thoughts but when started thinking that they were Master's thought they vanished.

A) That can only be temporary. Note also to what level you are trying to degrade the Master when you adopt this method, even temporarily. Assiduous practice of A and B meditation is the only way. During meditations if these thoughts come you can as well brush them aside instead of trying to force them out.


  1. The importance of cleaning ourselves in the realms of the mind and yonder is more important than the physical cleaning which is necessary for good health.
  2. The period of 30-40 minutes is advised for cleaning. If it is in excess there may be strain as this is an active process of willing. I do think that you are not getting to states of absorption. We should get up from cleaning only when we feel we are clean and it should not be a routine 30-40 mts affair. But what is required is firm determination to be pure.
  3. Cleaning process is not aimed at any specific samskara and to expect to get rid off something which you cling to consciously is not correct. Please do read the article on cleaning in Bodhayanti Parasparam. Not only negative feelings and thoughts but even good feelings and thoughts have formed their coat on our souls. So the purificatory includes cleaning not only the negative samskaras but also positive ones.
  4. Cleaning is a very important aspect of this sadhana. Please give more attention to it.
  5. Cleaning is a very important and a new feature of this system of meditation. Without proper cleaning any amount of transmission does not yield good results.
  6. Cleaning is the most effective way to progress - unless we get rid of our grossness and dross transmission will not be able to do much even as water flowing into the canals which are silted do not take much water inside.
  7. Dreams are source of getting rid off samskaras. They reveal the nature of life we might have led in this life and also in past lives.
  8. Cleaning or purification of ourselves is the key to progress.

Ocean of Bliss method of cleaning

Let us think about the process of cleaning "Thou art the ocean of Bliss, we are seated in it, the waves of the ocean are passing through me, removing all the dirt and disease." The first concept or idea that should get established in our mind is that Master is an ocean of Bliss. But our intellect would question 'Is it not that we were told that Master is Void?' To stabilize our thought on this and maintain itself becomes difficult. The next idea that we are seated in it, raises the question 'How can that be?' The next idea that the waves are passing through us raises the question 'If I am seated the waves can only pass over me, how can they pass through us?' So on the thought goes. With this the idea itself becomes difficult to maintain, but if the attitude that "Master has given this technique and therefore let me accept and follow" is there and 'we start feeling happiness, joy and bliss'. We can easily practice this and come out of cleaning process every day with the feeling we are lighter. That at the end of cleaning we should feel light is what Master told and that becomes possible. All this is not supposed to be told but learnt by practice.

Cleaning of atmosphere

Regarding the cleaning of the atmosphere and the clarifications sought for, I understand it like this. It is this pollution of materialism and other such things as mentioned by the Master that we have to attend to. Obviously we cannot attend to this if we do not commit ourselves to that work in the proper manner. Please do read carefully the letters of the Master to my father (No. G 409/SRCM DT/-15"' July 1967) in which the Master spells out that the person at the level of Dhruva is required to attend to cleaning of the atmosphere. It is one thing to know and another to gain understanding and lastly and most importantly the permission to do that work. If permission to work as so and so in the field of spiritual hierarchy is not there the work done also will suffer to that extent. That is the reason why permissions were sought by us to do the work before it is entrusted. It is not automatic that a person can practice, as a Surgeon can once he has passed MS. It is necessary that he should develop the competence to do it. This has been one of the major casualties in the field of religion and spirituality.

Clarifications on Cleaning

Q) During cleaning I had to sit for more than 45 mins to feel light and relaxed and during the period I had to force my attention in cleaning from the thoughts coming continuously because of which I feel some times a little headache also. I will be fine again after 10/15 mins of my cleaning.

A) Regarding cleaning do not bother too much about the pain. However if you give yourself a suggestion at the commencement of the cleaning session that you will be getting up lighter after the process you will not have the problem of headache. Also do not try to be conscious of the specific dirt or dross getting out of you. This will make the cleaning session refreshing even as taking a bath (which is after all cleaning) would give you.

Q) Due to the work schedules I'm unable to maintain the fixed timings for my evening cleaning, but if it is getting late I'm doing before going to sleep and also doing for short time before I start my morning meditation.

A) It is good practice to do cleaning before going to sleep but please ensure that you do not fall a victim of vital instincts. The best way is to ensure that we meditate in a place other than the bed.

Q) I get lot of thoughts during cleaning when I am unhappy only. Otherwise I concentrate on the process.

A) Cleaning means we are purging out what is not Divine in us. The thoughts and feelings during cleaning may be good and also not so good. Since our goal is freedom we have to get rid of all samskaras.

Q) Feeling light after cleaning. Getting up with a suggestion that everything got cleansed.

A) This means that you are off loading your samskaras and that is good.

Q) I am regular in my cleanings; I am not getting a refreshed feeling after the cleaning. It feels normal. Hence I am not sure whether my cleaning process was effective or not. I practice the smoke method.

A) The definitions of freshness or lightness is a very subjective matter. If you do not get crowded thoughts during meditations you can safely assume that you are cleaning yourself well.

Q) During cleaning I find that some kind of heat is leaving me. After cleaning I find that I am relaxed and less irritated.

A) Cleaning is an active process. So there is no surprise that you feel heat. I hope that is not inconvenient to you

Q) I do cleaning regularly in the evening time. Some times I feel lightness after cleaning.

A) Lightness and freshness must always come after cleaning even as it does after a bath.

Q) Cleaning enables me to get back to the state which I got after morning meditation, after day's full of activity.

A) The evening cleaning does not restore us back to the condition that was subsisting at the end of the morning meditation. The cleaning process when performed well leads us to a state of purity and a feeling of lightness encouraging us to proceed in sadhana with more vigour and interest.

Q) I do get thoughts during cleaning. Must I prepare myself before cleaning by reading books by Our Master.

A) Cleaning means we are trying to get rid of our samskaras and naturally this will not be happy and calm. Over several lives, apart from this we collected so many impressions and all of them need to be washed. Please do read our literature on Cleaning.

Q) I feel heavy at times during cleaning. A firm resolve to be pure is there.

A) Cleaning should leave us with the thought of being light. If you attend to the cleaning process in a natural way without strain you will feel better.

Q) During evening cleanings I get absorbed.

A) Cleaning is an active process. On completion of that we should feel light and relaxed. Absorption during cleaning session may indicate that instead of cleaning you are meditating.

Q) Since last month or so I have been following "Ocean of Bliss" method for evening cleaning. Initially, when I switched to this method, it was very effective for me and I used to feel very clean after 30 minutes of cleaning. Now, once again I feel like going back to "Smoke and Vapours method". I do not understand why there are such swings in my mood in following the method.

A) It is wrong on your part to switch the methods. Do not switch the methods of meditation /cleaning without the consent of the trainer. It can harm you.

Q) Cleanings have been ok with light to heavy activity in my back. Feel light after the cleanings. I think that to contemplate on the feelings after cleanings, I should leave a gap of at least a couple of minutes between my evening cleaning and 9 pm prayer

A) Ideally there should be a gap of few hours. As woman you have your problems with children and household work therefore try to make the best possible adjustment leaving everything to the will of the Master.

Q) Once I felt lying in dirty water and am getting cleaned. On 29th, felt brotherly feeling for other sadhakas.

A) It is very amusing to note that you think of lying in dirty waters and get cleaned. Cleaning means coming out of dirt. During cleaning sessions whatever may be the method we should be ASSIDUOUSLY BUSY WITH THE TASK OF CLEANING if we want to get the results. Thoughts of others during cleaning unless it is one of getting rid of attachments have no place.

Q) I am also observing the effectiveness of process of cleaning on my mind

A) The effect of cleaning is mostly in manas and not buddhi. Try to recognise the difference.

Q) During cleaning, on certain occasions, noted very clearly that certain very old memories (probably these didn't surface in last 15/20 years) came to surface. I was totally aghast on the recall of those and prayed Master to clear off those from this life.

A) No prayer is due here. This is the way through Bhog we get rid of the samskaras.

Q) The journey that I have started is long and I have to reach the goal so I should not be attached to the conditions that I am receiving from the Master. Otherwise, during the sittings I have been feeling absorbed with full awareness that I am absorbed.

A) You are perfectly right. We should never bother about the conditions but only note if we can. Expectation and anticipation of conditions is a barrier itself in sadhana. This is dirt of the Vijnanamaya Kosa and we should avoid this. Do not make the suggestion that the journey is long often, lest it becomes so. The goal is very near and it is only cleaning that makes us feel the proximity.

Q) The most noticeable was my condition during my move to a new home. The first two weeks after the move were very frustrating and disappointing. In the new house the motivation for Sadhana was missing and most of the time it looked like I am fulfilling mere formality and the devotion and love was missing from the Sadhana. There were disturbing and lower order thoughts during meditation. However, I continued with my Sadhana.

A) It is true when you change your residence you should first clean the house and if we do not do that the impressions of the persons who were there earlier will affect us for some time.

Q) After doing cleaning for 15-20 minutes I feel fresh. Should I stop cleaning at this point?

A) No. Cleaning must be done for full 40 minutes. Even though you may feel fresh after 15 minutes still you have to continue the cleaning for the remaining time because some dirt may come up for cleaning at the 39th minute too.

Q) If I don't get involved in any activity during the day do I have to attend to the evening cleaning process?

A) You must attend to cleaning even on those days when we don't get involved in any activity. Generally, when we do any activity during a day, we accumulate mala and this is cleaned. We start with cleaning the mala. Then we go on to clean vikshepa. Therefore, if we don't do any activity and haven't accumulated any mala, we still should do the cleaning process because we can attend to the cleaning of vikshepa.

Bed Time Prayer

It is not necessary that we should repent everyday even though we do not feel any wrong done during the day. But we should feel repentant in having missed our Homeland and now caught up in a lot of messy situations from which we are not able to extricate. Please do note that prayer is the live link we have with our Master. I have found night prayer yields better results.

10th Commandment better compliance is required as Repentance and seeking forgiveness are the very foundations for developing the states of Devotion and Surrender later.

Clarifications on Bedtime Prayer

Q) I did not do this. I did not spend any time to think about this mistake and its correction. I will spend much more time in Bed Time Prayer.

A) Prayer ensures that we have a stable connection with the Master. It enables us to develop humility. That is the first sign of development of devotion. Please NEVER forget to offer prayer before going to bed.

Q) I feel my bedtime prayer is not effective, as I am not getting that helpless attitude. Is it because my surrender is not complete?

A) 'Pray that you pray and continue to pray so that prayer may continue' is my reply. It is good to feel helplessness- do not try to find why you are helpless- you will lose the game.

Q) I am getting a feeling in my bedtime prayer that I am volunteering for Master's service. I think I am saying "Master, Please use this servant in anyway useful"

A) The bedtime prayer should lead us to a state of submissiveness to the Master. It may not be proper to offer any prayer seeking Him to utilize our services separately. Humility when perfected leads to a state of Silence. And if this silent submissiveness is maintained after the prayer this naturally continues through the night and the time spent in sleep also becomes useful in our sadhana.

Q) Most of the times I was doing my Bedtime prayer or say the 10th commandment right after 9pm prayer and was going to bed after 10/15mins or some times may be after 30/45mins because of Kids or some times due to phone calls.etc.

A) Regarding the night prayer before going to bed it is the spirit of the commandment rather than the period of time spent on the prayer that is the criteria for evaluation. From that point you will find yourself better evaluated. While attending to the needs of children or others at home and elsewhere if you develop the attitude that the Master himself is attending to them the state of Prayer becomes easily established.

Q) If everything is based on Karma, What should I pray to Master during bedtime? Last time when I was at a gathering, I saw a small child wearing thick lenses, I really felt sorry for that. I thought I can pray to Master for helping the child. But I am confused?

A) Regarding the prayer the Commandment is clear that we repent for the wrongs done and seek forgiveness from God and we should resolve not to repeat such lapses. You seem to entertain an idea that prayer means asking something from God. If you read our prayer you will understand that we only seek oneness with Him. Articles on Prayer are there in our books and you may read them when time permits. It is true that law of Karma always operates. Master is clear on these matters as you can read from the Commentary on Ten Commandments.

Q) Sometimes waking up between 2am and 3am as if I have been woken up. In such cases I am trying to get lost in to the prayer on the bed to wait for the morning meditation time.

A) When we get remembered of Master, we should ensure our physical and mental purity and then pray.

Q) My sadhana/abhyas took a little sine curve over the past months. Due to my sloth (loss of viveka) and environmental pull I missed some mornings so the feeling of missing was very heavy on me. But there was this strange connection I felt with the Master even though I slipped in my abhyas some times. Something like a child knows parents always love and he loves them even though he commits mistakes sometimes; there was this unshakable faith in bonding with Him. I sought forgiveness for failing in my duty.

A) Yes. Environment particularly when it is shared with near and dear ones can cause such lapses. You are right that Masters love is always there but that should not lead us a state of complacency. Every lapse needs to be placed before the Master during night prayer and a strong determination has to be made that such lapses would not be allowed to happen.

Individual sittings

It is not very necessary to be concerned about the various conditions bestowed but allow them to naturally seep into our consciousness. This is done by our efforts to maintain the thought of the Master as a GOAL of life as far as possible. Many times the condition is owned by us but we do not become consciously aware also but our behaviour would reflect that condition. Once we have owned the condition through our behaviour and attitudes it becomes futile to try to consciously beware all the time.

Expectancy of something new in every sitting or occasion of meditation is not good.

Do not try to evaluate every sitting or occasion but arrive at a picture over a period of time as transformation is by small increments only even as in any other form of growth.

Clarifications on Individual sittings

Q) Couldn't take Individual in-absentia sittings for more than half of the month as my Trainer was out of Country.

A) Please do sit on the days when appointment is given and seek help from the Master. You will get such help as is necessary.

Q) In Today's sitting had a lot of churning feeling in the head. It is like mixing of cement and sand in a mixer. No reeling sensation as earlier, immense feeling of absorption in a different manner. I pray to Babuji to enable me to sense exactly the real things that happen to me. Something else is to be followed by me practically. I could not catch it. What it could be?

A) Transmission works in many ways and all of them are not clearly understood except that cleaning happens always/most of the time. Further in the field of Life there is no reason to insist that everything should be understood at the rational levels. Most of our problems are either at the irrational level or at the supra rational levels. What we should note is whether the condition makes us feel lighter (not physically).

Q) I am feeling vibrations throughout the body few times during meditations and sometimes during the day.

A) This is one of the initial benefits from following this system and our being gets tuned to the vibrations and finally all cells get transformed to discharge Divine duties.

Q) During the individual sitting had thoughts for higher aspirations. I feel connected. I should yield more to the Master.

A) Higher conditions and your deservancy cannot and should not be ideas entertained during individual sittings or for that matter during any meditation. We should place ourselves in the hands of the Master and accept whatever condition is bestowed. Expectancy can be very detrimental to progress.

Q) I always feel like continuing meditation for some more time after "That's all" instruction is given.

A) Your feeling that the meditation may continue for some more time is shared by many others who practice Pranahuti Aided Meditation. The trainer knows his work; you may kindly note the feelings during all meditations in the diary to improve sensitivity.

Q) During the end of the sitting felt a prolonged silence. It lasted for longer time (i.e. even after I got out of the sitting). That is all I can put in words.

A) Regarding the silence, you are feeling the presence of the Divine. That is how the Divine communicates with us. Shruti as people would call it. If you try to "see" what the silence is, it will run away from us.

Q) On one occasion felt jerks

A) Jerks we do feel as effects of Pranahuti that passes through the system cleaning whatever blocks might be there. Jerks are common in our sadhana and they are indicative of the loosening the knots which are too many to count.

Q) After sittings I become more oriented towards the Divine.

A) This attitude is really the one we should continue to have for achieving our goal faster.

Q) During a sitting had intense feeling of surrender and service with deep silence within. One sitting, I felt as if I was lifted much higher above 5th knot.

A) It would be better to identify the state by the feelings rather than the number (5). The various knots have many characteristics and have to owned up to some measure all the states and each person does it according to the samskaras he has.

Q) Increased lightness. Feel expansion sometimes.

A) Expansion of consciousness arises only when the boundary of the body is crossed and that shows we are moving into the realm of Selflessness. That is the way we grow into Brahmand over a period of time.

Q) We are in a place where there is no Trainer nor Abhyasis. So our previous trainer advised both of us to do point A very seriously. To the maximum we are following it.

A) Meditation on points A and B are a must. However this cannot do what Pranahuti can do.


Satsanghs are very important as they help us progress faster in sadhana due to intense transmissions and also it develops in us a good deal of patience, tolerance and fraternity.

Clarifications on Satsangh

Q) On one day felt pressure on the heart and on another day felt vibrations on the left hand. On another day, the vibrations in the heart region started during the sitting, continued even after the sitting was over.

A) I do not understand your statement 'pressure on the heart'. To feel vibrations is alright, to feel jerks is alright, to feel rocking is alright; but to feel pressure is unusual. Please check up with your physician. Also see whether you had heavy food before the meditation. Note whether this is due to gas in the stomach.

Q) During one satsangh initially I felt very light and calm towards end I felt expansion, during that time I was floating in the sky, white light was felt and somebody was sitting besides it and later I was floating in water.

A) These relate to the internal feelings that you are moving in unknown terrains. Do not give much importance to them.

Q) Some people are feeling the flow during the satsanghs. I don't know what they mean. But I am not why is this?

A) Comparison with other abhyasis is alright but that should not make us evaluate that we are not as better as the others. The nature of Divinity is justice and every one gets what is due. This is a basic tenet that should always be remembered. Not only in meditation, this attitude develops in us Fortitude and Forbearance in our behaviour. These two attitudes are considered as most important in life by persons of Wisdom.

Q) Why am I not feeling the vibrations. Why am I not feeling the Buzz Sound, which I used to feel. Some times I feel it. But not every time.

A) Feeling of Pranahuti is through many ways. Please do read the chapters on Transmission in the complete works of Dr. K.C.Varadachari Volume I. Also the various experiences of the abhyasis reported as Case studies in the Centenary Volume of Satya Padamu would be a useful study. Do also read the article on Pranahuti in our site.

Ten Commandments

A) Following the commandments should be always perfect and then only we can say we are following the system. There is need for commitment to realise ones self- without that precious little can be achieved in sadhana. It is for you to gird up your loins as Master said.

Let the Commandments of the Master be the guiding principles of your life. Then you become lovable to the Master and Love from him flows even as we desire.

The book Practice and Efficacy of Rajayoga may be a useful study to understand the importance of following the commandments of the Master.

Clarifications on Commandments

Q) Insincerity in following the commandments is still there.

A) Is it not amusing that we tend to neglect his commandments though we feel His blessings!


Assessment of an abhyasi cannot be considered as condemning him to that condition only. We should asses and then work for the betterment.

I think the idea that we can know the spiritual condition of the other person just like that is wrong, Every one has his karma and is bound by it and unless they reveal or open up themselves by trusting the other person, their condition no one I presume can read others condition. Rev. Babuji stressed the need for the regular writing of the diaries.

Self Evaluation

In evaluation you must not be too critical about yourself and your efforts. Be fair to yourself and you will find that in fact you are doing better than you think. The commandments enable us to develop proper attitudes in life leading to a balanced living. So keep a vigil about your following the commandments. Of course these follow as we progress in spirituality.

Diary writing increases our sensitivity to the various feelings. Feelings are the language of Divinity. It is necessary that we develop proficiency in the language.

Writing diary I found recently enhances our vocabulary of feelings

Practice should lead to progress and this can be evaluated with reference to the Ten Commandments. I am of course disappointed sadhakas tend to evaluate with reference to abstract notions of Vedanta and what they consider as Vedanta and Yoga and not in practical terms. That way the Masters' desire cannot be fulfilled.

The condition experienced in meditation and dreams is not what we feel in our day-to-day life. This most of the time we ignore saying that they belong to different realms and continue to be satisfied or try to be satisfied by such rationalisations. But the fact is that unless the external and internal are the same to most extent we cannot claim to have reached any high spiritual condition, Though we are fully aware of this we try to fool ourselves with all sorts of explanations and logic's that seem to satisfy us for the moment.

Clarifications on Self Evaluation

Q) Was not feeling much progress, so didn't send the report.

A) Many times many changes that occur in us are not visible even as we do not see the growth of the plant every day. But always there is progress in our condition. We should maintain our diary and note the apparently insignificant changes also.

Q) How to know the condition?

A) The thoughts after the meditation generally give us a clue of the condition of the aspirant. DONOT TRY TO NOTE THE THOUGHTS AS THEY OCCUR IN YOU - BE UNMINDFUL OF THEM.

Q) Can I judge my progress? (I am feeling calmness all through out but is that all, I don't have any expectations.)

A) The linkage between the commandments and the progress in the path is suggested in the book Practice and Efficacy of Rajayoga. You can evaluate yourself by studying the book Path of Grace also. Your trainer also can help you by examining your diary and giving sittings. Taking the help of another brother is the essence of this system of PAM.

Q) How do I ensure that I am not doing the sadhana ritualistically?

A) How do we know we are sincere? We know it in our hearts. This should answer whether you are practicing sincerely or ritualistically. Ritualistic practice is for the sake of others. We should evaluate ourselves in our sadhana regularly and that is done by seeing for ourselves how well we are practicing the Ten Commandments.


It is to be a steady practice all the time keeping in view

  1. Our own worthiness and trying to improve the same
  2. Thorough grasp of the subject or means of sadhana which cannot be got by simply reading occasionally the books of Masters ISRC and more importantly get spoiled in the understanding due to study/reading of extraneous books and
  3. Firm faith in the Master as the only means of deliverance from the cycle of births.

Regularity is the crux of sadhana and then only we will be in tune with nature.

I request you to kindly keep Your restlessness to reach the goal constant.

In our efforts to practice or do sadhana it might not be proper to seek help of the Master as effort we must do ourselves. The results are a different question which is decided by Him only. Surrender does not and shall not mean surrender of efforts.

When we know our lapses we put in our renewed efforts more vigorously and that stands well in our sadhana.

Studies are very important and sadhana is to be done without affecting studies so long as we are in college/school.

The control of sensuousness is not something that can be achieved without pranahuti and the meditation on points A and B and more than anything else His grace is required.

Awareness of one's own smallness while looking at the Sky is enough reason to progress in sadhana.

For a man who is very busy there is always time to meditate and do sadhana. It is not want of time but only our sloth that does not permit us to attend to our spiritual needs.

But please note that one has to learn to be grateful to Master for the moments of Nothingness and Void that is granted to us during meditation, that is the intimation of the Divine that He is with us. On this only sadhana should revolve.

Irrevocable determination is the only way to progress in the path. Master is ever willing to help us, but that cannot and should not be the reason for taking sadhana easy.

It is necessary that sadhana has to be assiduously practiced. That does not mean we should always be doing the same. Balanced life is the goal of life. All our spiritual and material efforts should be such as to assist us in reaching that condition.

It is good you feel peaceful and calm during meditation. This alone is the main motivating factor in sadhana.

Master used to tell me that women have lot of responsibilities and it may not be possible for them to sadhana strictly as prescribed but they should always remember Him in everything they do and think.

I feel that Sadhana is not for knowledge, but for wisdom to live in total harmony with Nature of which we are but a part.

Discrimination to study and learn is required in sadhana and it is not necessary to spoon feed every aspect.

Q) After coming back from Hyderabad, I had slipped in my sadhana a little bit, I am not sure how it happened but it did.

A) After an intense exposure to the spiritual atmosphere, it generally happens we tend to take some less interest in sadhana. This was our experience whenever we went to Master/Basant Celebrations etc., and came back. So there is nothing special for you to worry about.