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Every one wants to have a lot of everything. We all want a lot of love, a lot of money, a lot of success, a lot of spirituality etc. We will often meet people who have a lot of everything and we also meet people who don't have a lot and who struggling just to get enough of what they need.

When we closely look at these two groups of people it is found that the people who don't have enough and who are struggling just to get what they need share a few things in common - they all have a negative and limiting thought patterns. They also are not focused and don't stick to any one thing for very long. There's a sense of desperateness that they say causes them to give up any thing they attempt too often and too soon because they feel they are in such a tight situation. They want to change things immediately and as they say they want immediate results. In short things have become so bad that they say they can't afford to waste time trying something and waiting for results. Unfortunately this kind of thinking usually makes things worse.

As our main concern is spirituality I shall try to share how we can be more spiritual avoiding the pitfalls that arise out of greed and impatience. Let us focus on what we can do to attract abundance into our life, so that we begin having the abundance we want. We must learn that no matter how bad things are, they rarely change immediately, not withstanding how hard we try.

For achieving success in our life we need to understand two basic principles that are always applicable in all situations. The first principle is what is called the law of attraction and this simply states that we are a magnet for what we think. That is essentially what we think is what we attract. Our thoughts create a field of energy around us that attracts people, situations and circumstances that are in alignment with what we are thinking. Any thought that is repeated with emotion will bring to us people, ideas, opportunities, situations and circumstances that represent those thoughts. It doesn't matter whether these thoughts are positive or negative; we will attract what we think.

This is the main reason our beloved Master wants us to have confidence or faith in our capacity to reach the goal. He wants us to think we will reach the goal and throws out of the windows the idea that a Grhastha cannot reach the state of realisation. Because we think so we attract situations, ideas and people that will make it easier for us to reach the goal.

We need to focus our efforts in the direction of achieving abundance in spiritual life. When we focus our mind on something we are making it a priority. When we constantly think about the goal and persist in our efforts on finding ways to succeed, we really succeed. This happens because our mind is in constant motion and focused on making something happen and at the same time it is constantly directing the subconscious to create situations, attract people and ideas to make something happen. So if reaching the goal is important, we should make it a priority item in our life and keep our mind focused on realisation. We then listen to people related to this subject who enter our life, pay attention to the ideas that come from them and insist on making it all happen and it will. Goal clarity is thus very important. We have to have a clear idea of what our goal is, we have to hold it in our mind continuously so that our subconscious mind can attract the people, situations and circumstances that we need in order to achieve our goal.

The importance of the subconscious mind is what our Master stresses when he has given us the method of meditation. The suggestion of divine light given with firm conviction and the will to reach the goal works, he assures in the subconscious mind all through despite very many thoughts and ideas that seem to crowd our minds during meditations. All the serious aspirants whom I have met and who have moved far into the realm of Divinity and whom may be considered as successful in sadhana are those who work with their mind and subconscious mind to create what they want. If realisation is not a priority, it means it is not important enough and if it's not important enough our subconscious will not act on it. When something is a priority we think about it but we have to think about finding ways to make it a reality. That is constant remembrance. Constant remembrance is not worrying about the reality. Worrying never works; it only saps our energy. Nor complaining about circumstances can give us a solution. We need to focus on finding a solution, focus on attracting spiritual abundance and that's what we will get.

The next principle is to understand that our reality is a reflection of our thoughts and beliefs; that what we think is what we have and what we will continue to get in our life. Our reality is not just a reflection of our daily thoughts; it is also a reflection of what is in our subconscious mind. Everything that is taking place in our reality is a mirror of something that is going on within our mind and subconscious mind. So if we are struggling to have faith in the Master or the method it is necessary that we examine the thoughts and beliefs that we have about the concept of Master and methods and see if they are a part of our convictions. If we find that they are priority convictions then we need to change those thoughts and beliefs to achieve our goal.

This can be done if we start by getting our mind to focus on what we want and by training it to send the right messages to our subconscious mind; so that we attract an abundance of resources to reach the goal.

Our reality will always represent what is going on in our mind and subconscious mind. Our attitude will be reflected back to us by the attitude of those close to and around us. If we are positive and optimistic, we will have positive and optimistic people around us. We can also look at our relationships to better understand what is going on internally. If we have happy, loving and harmonious relationships, then we will find that we are happy, loving and peaceful at various levels. If we have negative, difficult, unsettling relationships then we will find that we are negative, difficult and unsettled.

Next it may be worth while to note how our devotion to the cause of realisation is. If we find that we are getting easily unsettled and lose our attitude of devotion to the goal for very trivial matters that would mean our sadhana has not been focused. As a matter of fact this is due to a part of ours being focused on lack and not abundance of faith in the Master. It shows that internally we have not prepared for realisation and success in our endeavour.

Because of this we need not get upset and get angry. We can change this by controlling our thoughts and beliefs. It may appear strange but the truth is that the only area where we are in complete control of, is our mind. Only we can control our mind. If we get our mind and subconscious mind focused on the goal we are sure to start attracting the opportunities into our life.

If we want to achieve our goal we should naturally start paying more attention to our thoughts. We need to take a look at the thoughts we have regularly and start feeding our mind with positive thoughts that enable us to achieve the goal. We need to get our mind to focus on what we want and make things that are important a priority. We need to stay focused with the help of constant remembrance. We need to keep our mind fresh by reminding the imperience we have during meditations. When faced with problems we need to reassure ourselves of the help from the Master and the efficacy of the system instead of complaining or thinking about the limitations. Above all we should not allow the feeling that we are too small for the task. We should take charge of our mind and direct our subconscious mind to create the situations we want. We should have faith in ourselves and should live the life want and should not tolerate any negative thoughts.

However if we want lasting results we have to exercise more patience. Change in priorities does not happen overnight because when we send our subconscious mind a message, it does create opportunities for us but they are not what we expect. We need to examine the opportunities presented to us. Often I have associates telling me they need things to change immediately. They in fact get started, they are presented with opportunities some of them is not what they had expected or certain times even below their standards. But they are blind to them and they refuse to examine them. They expect everything to fall into their lap which however does not happen. If we don't follow up on the opportunities presented then we are denying a chance at changing our situation. We should also understand that the subconscious has to have time to go to work and generate these opportunities. It usually doesn't take very long but patience is essential because we want to be on the right track. So if we want things to happen now it might happen quickly: but we have to be open-minded and not insist on our solutions to the problems as right. The blessings come in different ways some of them really challenging and many times they come from quarters totally unexpected. And that is the essence of Grace.