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Rev.Lalaji Maharaj the Advent.

My salutations to all of you, the co-travelers on the path.

We have heard silence so far for about an hour; perhaps we would like to take something which disturbs the sweet through some salt, the words.

The ADVENT: Great men were born; they tried to talk to us about the need to improve our living conditions and to come out of the slavery from Britishers and others. There was the mutiny, in the language of Britishers of course, but it was not a mutiny but a freedom struggle. But there were none to restore the path to that eternal peace which we have been longing for. Every soul has been trying for it and continues try for it, if you remember Babuji Maharaj's sentences that, we are all are sailing towards for own Homeland and marching towards, but there is none to help us at that time. We find the advent of Lalaji Maharaj. His coming is really remarkable, those of you who had read the story of Lalaji Maharaj know that His mother who is a saint herself also thought that she should have children, I find here a great lesson there, she was not finding herself a fulfillment just in the Realisation of God or the devotion towards God but wanted an expression which would justify her existence before she departs. Her eke was communicated through some Avadhoot who came to prosthesis in his own language, the language which we have got to read into, because he simply said One, two and said murmuring one two he left. What is one and two he never explained then nor is it explained now unless you look into your heart .The two great souls, Lalaji Maharaj and his brother (Sri Raghubar Dayal) came, they got together. I find the greater service of the great saint, the brother of Lalaji Maharaj who seems to have just merged in his brother and that is all about him and just worked for him, just worked for him. Who ever thinks about a Rama invariably thinks about a Lakshmana that is how the tradition is. Whether Lakshmana is the one, if you ask, what has he done? There is nothing he has done except to be with his brother. So was this great man, the brother of Lalaji Maharaj.

About Lalaji Maharaj: When we think about our Grand Master, about whom we came to know only in 1973. Babuji Maharaj used to write that His Master is everything but nobody knew who that Master was, except the name that he was also one Sri Ramchandraji of Fatehgarh. The story of Lalaji Maharaj was written by Babuji Maharaj in the book Truth Eternal and for the first time we came to know some details about this great personality. Yesterday we had an occasion to remember many things that He (Lalaji Maharaj) said. But we find, here is a person who knew that He has to do something very early in his life. What is that something which He wanted to do? To please God, He must do something here. If you read that story written by Babuji Maharaj, where he writes," There cannot be more glorious object in creation than a human being replete with benevolence, meditating in what manner he may render himself most acceptable to the Creator by doing good to His creatures". This is how he describes in his own way Lalaji Maharaj's life, if only we take a lesson from that then see firstly whether our actions, our thoughts, our behavior brings credit to that great Creator, the cause of all, and two to our guide, to our Master, the beloved Babuji Maharaj. He did not spare any efforts to improve the quality of our life, spiritual life. Then you see, you become committed to yourself first to improve the quality of your own life first that it becomes something that God would appreciate. Naturally, I tend to do what my parents like most that is the minimal human dignity. If that dignity is there then sadhana gains a different meaning.

Making of Special Personality: And what did he think of? He thought that the world is suffering for the want of a method and a Guide who can help the persons realize the goal of their life. The point that was clear to him was that everyone is bounded by his desires, his wishes and it seemed to be that there is some limitation with everyone. So He thought 'if I can create a person without limitations, if I can create a person who has no wishes except the wish to please God then that would be the best job I can do here'. And he went about the job of structuring our Master. The task that he has taken is an interesting task from one angle and from another angle it is something unimaginable. Nobody dare to take such a task. Because we know what type of people we are. How much bound we are, we know. How much of a slave we are, we know. How much creatures of comfort we are, we know. From this to think about creating a person who will have no such bondage is an unimaginable objective so far as I am concerned. If we were to have such an idea at any point of time, we need not fulfill that. Even to entertain the thought, I do not think I have the courage.

The more we try to see our self we become aware of how many difficulties we pass through in the whole process of negation i.e. self negation. Self negation means literally negation of our wishes, our desires, our drives and negation is not a mathematical or philosophical concept for us. We are trying to negate ourselves. What we are not trying to negate is the inner Divine spirit behind. We are only trying to negate what we have added to our selves. Consistently and very persistently we have been collecting dust for ages and ages. Such perseverance is something, when we look at ourselves we laugh at ourselves thinking, 'how on earth could I have thought of collecting so much of rubbish'. If we look at our wishes, if we look at our desires then we see what is the rubbish we have assiduously collected. Many times the dirt seems to be very pleasing. Think about eradication of these things which becomes a problem for us. And here is a person who thinks to structure another man to that extent. Naturally you cannot accomplish a thing which you are not yourself having. When he has taken that it goes without saying that he is already in that condition. Imagine a person who has negated all his desires, all his wishes, all his wants trying to structure another person who will be useful to Humanity. And that is the flower that he wanted to offer to that great Lord of all us, namely God. When we see so much work he has done then we understand how much loaded is that sentence of Rev.Babuji Maharaj that I mentioned earlier.

Whether he has succeeded or not, if you put that question, we know, he has succeeded, because we have got our Special Personality with us, a person who is serving us, who is ever willing to enter into our hearts just for asking. Think over, Think over what is the task he has done, then you will feel how much indebted we are to be to him. Now when you feel that much amount of indebtedness to him then that much amount of devotion to him would be swelling in our heart. Then would we like waste time talking these words and that is what was preventing me from talking in the beginning. Here, in spirituality the silence speaks, for that matter it roars.

Remembrance of Rev. Lalaji Maharaj's Life: We know his ancestors were so great in intellect that they could convince the Mughal emperor Akbar and get 555 villages of Jagir. And from stage to a stage of living in a small house, few of us have visited few years back is hard to imagine. That beats me, how a man can sacrifice that much, if you have been a Lord for 555 villages and then you find yourself placed in a small hut, how do you feel that? A small demotion in career would make us feel terribly bad, a person who does not get his promotion in turn feels something bad happened to him, something most miserable has happened to him in life while there is no such misery. It is an imaginary misery.

Rev.Babuji gives beautiful descriptions of his Master in this book. I was wondering why this gentleman was keeping quiet for all these years, from 1944 to 1972 who never thought of writing even one sentence about his Master anywhere all of a sudden comes forward with descriptions about his master, For first time when I read, I was bit annoyed also. Why should I be interested in a man who is not there? If he was available I could go and meet him but he is not there. He has left long back. He gives a graphic description of the hair of the person and he says how bewitching his eyes are. And if he said only one word "Accha "and it yielded the required relief. He talks about his manners, he talks about his voice, he talks about how he keeps company with his disciples, goes around for walks, trying to take them for some excursions, some bandaras. I was just wondering why he said all these things after so many years. Then perhaps I thought that he was asking us to tell our next generation something about that Great Personality.

Need to tell about Lalaji Maharaj to our posterity: After all we have descriptions of Lord Rama whom we have not seen. We have descriptions of Lord Krishna whom we have not seen. We have also descriptions of Rev. Lalaji Maharaj whom we have not seen. But a point of difference here, I do not know in my spiritual life how much Lord Rama has helped me. I do not know in my spiritual life how much Lord Krishna has helped me, but I know this much in my spiritual life I am given a guide by this great person. He is more relevant to me and his form is more relevant to me. I would like you co-aspirants to appreciate this angle and then pass on the stories of that great person. You may have to concoct. If saints have written about Lord Rama and Lord Krishna after about five thousand years or four thousand years whom they have not seen in their stories and described the incident of Sadhvi Ahalyas' liberation from a state of stupor in the form of a stone boulder as "Gundu rathiki kalu vacchi guna guna nadichen" is it because they saw that incident. Surely not. The poet found that as a very beautiful way of putting how Lord Rama was able to give relief to Ahalya. He hit a stone and somebody wrote a story and the poetry goes "Gundu rathiki kalu vacchi guna guna nadichen". Beautiful Telugu poetry. What is the difficulty for us to revel in such poetry with this Great Personality who has more meaning , more relevance, more significance. Why is it that literature is being not brought on this level? Why is it we are denying the most important aspect of our life, the emotion. The emotions that are now wasted on film stars, the Hollywood actors, the Bollywood actors, and the Tollywood actors who I do not know who they are. But then we are wasting our time on them, if not we our children are wasting their time, if not they their friends are wasting time.

So there is a very very important aspect of our life namely the emotional aspect of it which is being ignored. We cannot deny it .There is no point in denying it. Now what is the sublimation that is possible, what is the way in which we can make our Masters relevant to us and our children in that plane of emotion? Okay. So far as we are concerned, we think we have something to do with Ananda maya kosa only, or we are seeking something beyond that. But then that is not relevant to our grand children, they want something, why is it we have been just keeping quiet for ages. This has been the question that was there with me for a long time, I think this is the first time I am openly expressing my feeling. Because I am not a poet, I have good imagination but I don't think I can express it in words to make it very pleasant for other people's ears. Perhaps I sing in my bathroom, but I am not a singer but there must be several singers here, there must be several artists here, there must be some poets here, there must be some novelists here. In this context I must mention one Sri Narasimha Rao, who is no more. He was a perfect gentleman and was a Dt.Judge ( I think I am correct). He and his wife whose name I do not know had a common pen name as Binadevi - Telugu novelist and writer. They did mention about the Pranahuti in their writings. Their understanding of Pranahuti may be different from ours. They could weave it into their stories. I am not aware of other things. But it is possible for us to weave stories and novels on these great Masters because our commitment is there to the coming generations just as Rev. Lalaji Maharaj thought of his commitment to humanity at large and structured a personality like

Rev. Babuji Maharaj. We are surely not capable of such accomplishments as his as I have already submitted, but we are capable of doing this type of small service.

When we think about the great work that he has done, there should also be some great words to express it. Great words which can attract all people, not the dry words of sunya, nothingness, or void, it makes no sense to the children. It does not make any sense to many sadhakas also. Can we not write something about his stroll in the banks of Ganges? If we could think about a Lord Krishna playing in the banks of Yamuna, we can surely think in terms of this Great Person moving along with his disciples along banks of Ganges from where he was. Because when we ask you to think about the Great Master, it becomes very difficult for you to close your eyes all the time and try to visualize void.

Express Gratitude to the spiritual condition bestowed: I am sure I am disturbing all of you with this talk, a task which I don't want to do. But somebody wants me to do, so I do it. Because after a good meditation, one would like to be in that meditative mood as far as possible, through the day, perhaps through the year, perhaps through the life. One incident like this was enough for people to contemplate during their entire life time as we find in the lives of some of the great saints. One small experience, they have got and that was enough to carry them on the path. Why? It has never carried them anywhere and they remained in that condition. But here in this system of Rev.Babuji we are filled in, and carried forward every second. Every second we are moving on the path so we do not dwell in any one condition but we move on. If I try to make you understand the changes in the condition that we are going to have, still nothing prevents us from being grateful to the conditions that are blessed. Every spiritual stage has to be acknowledged and gratefulness expressed. Of course we try to offer our hearts as the Prasad. We have all accepted this nobler and spiritual method, otherwise we know after the Basanth morning meditation we used to have only some sweet food as Prasad at a very physical level. Sure it used to taste well. But then the type of Prasad we are trying to offer now is not a Prasad in which we can partake because we are asking Him to partake in that Prasad. What is that we can give to God except our tiny heart and that is what we have done for the past one hour? That is what we have done and we are grateful for it. We know what we have done. We are also grateful for the Master for having given the capacity to do that. That is his capacity. It is a gift to us. Left to ourselves we would have kept our hearts as I told you on so many other things. It is where our hearts go and it is to the hearts liking. I do not like it. It is something I can use but I don't like it. Liking is for what? For the silliest things we seem to be loosing our heart. Having known such stupidity, we have taken a decision to offer our hearts to our Master. Who would be interested to say that we have given our heart to that ice cream not that we don't like that or taste of that. It is not our option, it is not our priority. Priorities are decided on needs. What is the need we feel, on that priority is decided.

Character, Customs and Society: We all seem to feeling the need to realize ourselves and to see our relevance to human existence. I may and can be relevant to my Master only when I do what he wants me to do. That is the excellent character that we have got to build up because that is what he wanted. That is what Rev. Lalaji Maharaj has shown in his life. He was uncompromising on that. When read His story we will find that he is uncompromising with regard to character. He insisted every person should have very great character. He held that even if we are having any amount of spirituality without character then we have nothing to boast about. And character is a very big word and that is where society has got it's a role. You cannot say 'that this particular convention that is there, I will care for it, because it is not right for me'. Customs were built not by one man but it has come about through several generations. None of us have got any business to demolish such an edifice carefully constructed but we can modify it. You have every right to modify it. You have got every right to paint over it. But you have got no business to destroy. It may be that the religion has got solidified and in spiritually they may not be relevant. That is why many great saints who have come out of it still had respect for it. That is why Rev. Lalaji Maharaj says 'I don't care for a spirituality devoid of respect for tradition and character'. It is not that spirituality can co exist with such type of religious and fundamentalist aberrations. Beyond certain limit, that statement of Rev. Lalaji Maharaj, I don't recognize. You see the meaning behind it. No permission is given to choose a different path. There are others, some others do partake in it. He was not prepared to wear silken clothes and you find a contrast in Lord Krishna who seems to be one reveling in silken clothes, He is Pitambaradhari. We do not know whether anybody has seen Him in Pithambara or not but then the poets have described Him so. I was also wondering whether the influence of Chinese was there 6000 years back because that is the time when Lord Krishna lived. I am not sure because we were told that only from the Mauryan period there were visitors from across the Himalayan borders from China. We do not seem to know about the culture of wearing the silken clothes prior to that. What an amount of ahimsa it is? What an amount of aesthetics it is? How many worms were killed for it. What for? To satisfy the Chinese? Even now we have got so many electronic goods with us, to satisfy the Chinese? Chinese always seem to be doing some trading with us in a peculiar way. I am not against them. At the moment I have neither a friend nor a foe. I do not know any one of them. Pitambaradhari is something concocted by somebody because there seems to be no evidence whether such clothes were there in Vedic times and Lord Krishna was a Vedic personality. Why I am trying to tell all this is that such poetical additions have been made into the stories of the great Masters and we also can do it.

Simplicity in Rev. Lalaji Maharaj's Life: Similarly we can write something about Rev. Lalaji Maharaj but one thing we know, that we will be never be in a position to describe Rev. Lalaji Maharaj wearing silken clothes because that is distortion of facts. A few chapattis or rotis along with some dhal and chatni was good enough for Him and He never took breakfast leave alone coffee. That is the simplicity of his life. If you look at his simple living , you can see to what extent he can go to be simple and plain and we know it is not because he could not afford . He could surely afford. There were days when he could afford and there were days he could not afford. He was always not in poverty but there were days of poverty. Ten rupees for us is a very an insignificant amount and in those days of 1900's it was something phenomenal. Otherwise his salary of ten rupees would not have been mentioned in his story. Let us not look at ten rupees from our angle. Look at the ten rupees from an angle when we are told that a sovereign of gold was six rupees in 1910's. So ten rupees was a good amount, he could eat whatever he wanted but he was not prepared for it. That amount of restraint is required.

Spiritual Duty: So when we think about a Great Personality of that type, we think about what exactly made Him a Great Personality. His only job was how to structure a person in such a way that there is nothing of his is left. That he could complete, but not during his life time. The Special Personality came into existence in 1944 clearly after 13 years of his passing out of the mortal coil. In this context I invite your attention to the interesting statement he made in his death bed that, "I am happy that I have got few liberated souls around me that means that the time has come for me to go". So when can we go? When we have prepared some people like us who can guide others. So to keep a spiritual representative who can guide others on the spiritual path is the duty to be done before one leaves the mortal coil. What a noble idea. Have you ever thought about it? We are thinking about whether we are going to save something for our grand son or great grand son or his great grand son. We hear 'I have finished my entire responsibilities sir!' What are they? Marriages of daughters, all sons are employed. All my children are settled and now I can part. Is it the time to go? NO. For a spiritual man that is not the time to go. For a spiritual man, the time is when he has kept a man in the service of others and who can help others. If he has been helping others in spirituality he shall find another person who can help others. Now you see the sweetness of the heart of our Master. Rev. Lalaji Maharaj seems to be a person who stated that there were so many liberated around and allowed them to know their duty. Here is a person who comes forward and says now that you please say whether you are prepared to work in this direction and equip yourselves. Let it be in such a way that you can do such a service. And for the first time in the history spirituality you find what is called as the institution of preceptors coming out in the field of spirituality. These are the guides to whom we go; the Guru is the same for all. He has kept several people who can help others to come to his path. We are not here just trying to tell about the great system of Rev. Babuji Maharaj or Rev. Lalaji Maharaj. But here we are seeking to help them practically in the path, a claim that is only permissible in the case of Rev. Babuji Maharaj. No other saint and no other Avatar have ever done that. There have been greater saints perhaps. There are many saints here. Yes. There are many saints here. Agreed. But then there is no greater Master than ours because he could create a method of doing things for ever where you will find somebody to help you. Whether we are discharging that duty or not is a matter for each person who has been given that responsibility or who have chosen that responsibility to decide. But I am cent percent sure that this new method that he has created will have its own difficulties. Any new thing will have its own difficulties because it is something new. It is not some accustomed pattern of doing things. It not a known route, it is a tough job. The duty assigned is entirely different.

Mergence in Master: That is where we say and insist that none of the persons here is a guru. There are some people who can help, assist very actively in your sadhana but none can be a guru except the Master, Rev. Babuji Maharaj. When I talk about Rev. Babuji Maharaj, I also mean by implication the Great Grand Master, what ever word you may use for Rev. Lalaji Maharaj. Because their mergence is something Rev. Babuji said has happened. When we say that there is a mergence, what exactly do we mean? Rev. Lalaji merged in me means that I am equally prepared like him to create zeros. He created one zero in me and I will equally prepared to create a zero in you. That is the real meaning of mergence. There was no physical mergence. There was no mental mergence. But there is one spiritual mergence namely, the spiritual commitment to create perfect human beings. When are we perfect? Only when you become zero. That is the only time when you can serve others without any motive., without any interest. That is selflessness, that means the demand is for nothingness, nothing of you and everything of Master. Every one of us is asked to become that. That is the call and if you see today's message, you will find one of a call to get rid of our bondages, self created bondages. Who created those bondages? We created them.

The point I like to stress is that we have become slaves by choice, we are bound by our choice, and this message is one of the most important aspects of his writings. Tradition has always said that we are formed of samskaras, agreed. There is lot of literature on that sanchita, agami and prarabda. Have I become wiser by using the Sanskrit words? We try to tell the other man that I am more educated, more scholarly and more wise than you. Except for the words we never knew what they were and how we have acquired them. Rev. Babuji says you have become bounded by our own option, self imposed and self acquired. Therefore he comes forward with the theory to get rid off it through our own will. We have acquired them through our will and get shall get rid off them through our will. But then when all these things are removed and you become Zero to the extent that is possible, because perfect vacuum as every one of us know is not possible: when that is the position, then what shall we do? Your only task is to serve the Master. In what manner? Trying to take a photograph, garland it, offer some Prasad, construct a temple may be in villages, may be in some towns or may be in some cities. Is it what the service is? NO. Your job is to structure similar persons like you. Once you come to a stage when you may say that I am nominal self, you will be in a position to structure others. Why all these? Then only it is service, the real service and the only means to be happy. Happiness is the goal. Happiness is what God wants. No parent would want his son or children to be suffering, least of all God. God is never unkind. God wants us to be happy, only thing is we are not clear what is happiness and what pleasure is. Secondly we seem to have odd notions of what happiness should be.

Negation: But then we know there can be a flow of consciousness that brings in abiding calm in us and a state of peace in us and that is Happiness. Happiness gains a different meaning. There has been something within all and can be shared only when we have negated ourselves. So what type of personality shall we become? We shall be the same type of personality as our Masters. That is what he meant when he said that I make masters. These are all not the people who will be sitting in some Gaddi and having some big danda and go on telling people that you should do this and you should not do this, and all the while not practicing anything himself. This is not the master that he was talking about. But a person who is a master of one's own drives and desires. And one who knows where to put full stop to any action and says this is about this and no more than this. Can you say that? Then you can say you are the master.

Master is one who can do and can undo. If I want I can eat and if I don't want I will not eat. Apply this with respect to other drives and is it the condition in which we are. That you can say only when you do not have odd notions. Certainly you cannot say you are a master because you are a born slave and God has made you so in the two realms of Kama (desire) and Krodha (anger). That is why humanity is bound to be there so long as animal is there all the time. That is what Rev. Babuji has said. Please note there will be some deficiencies. Do not get guided by people who have read philosophies and who say they have got out of it. They have not got out of it and there is no such case. It is a bluff of the greatest variety propagated by pseudo vedantins. But in the texts of Vedanta or the Vedas we do not see this type of bluff. If you want to see the relevance or understand Vedas in sadhana in the correct perspective please read Rev. Lalaji Maharaj's articles in the book called 'Truth Eternal". Then you will find an entirely new perspective of what Vedas mean. And he says it is no book or no scripture, It is Sruti and if you know that is another word for Vedas, used in tradition. Sruti comes to me, comes to you and comes to all. It has some how happened that it was expressed in that language because that was the language spoken on that day by learned people. But then we know a small fact that it is in Sanskrit, samskrtam means refined. That means there was some thing which was unrefined earlier. So it is not that language in which it has come and that is the language into which it was converted. That is my point and that is point of Rev. Lalaji Maharaj also. This will be shocking for many and you cannot accept it but the word (Sanskrit) says so. The original thing is a Sruti, a vibration that has been converted into some language. There was an insinuation from some speaker that it is nowhere written that it is Apourusheya. Apourusheya it is because it has come from the source that is non personal, not because it has not identified the source. It is only the later day writers and poets who always write their name in their writings lest their insignificant self is forgotten. If the last makutam of Vemana satakam is removed then I liked it most because even otherwise Vemana satakam is sensible. Viswadabhirama vinura Vema, we need have one Abhirama nor create one Abhirama. They have created one, he is supposed to be an associate of Vemana, this is a fiction. We don't require that. The last line is not required at all. The first three are sufficient. What does it matter who gave it? If it is not Vemana it could be some other, what does it matter. Similarly Vedas will be Vedas even otherwise. If we all know that these things have been collected, compiled much later; to tell that this particular version is right, that particular version is wrong is not correct. When they say it is Apourusheya, it means where ever it is, it is true, it is not limited to a person. These are correct not because of the alleged origin but because it is the valid experience of the person and you are to see whether it is relevant to you.

TAM - Discovery of Rev. Lalaji Maharaj: What a very beautiful way of bringing that cosmic interdependency into the Ten Commandments. If you see that from commandment 1 to commandment 10 it has been linked up to the cosmic phenomenon .You can't change as you like. People talk so much about Savitri supposed to be longest poem written by Sri Aurobindo. I find greater Savitri in the first Commandment, Why I am referring these two is, it is where we are directly acknowledging the research of Rev. Lalaji Maharaj about the state of TAM. The state of TAM was something that was pointed out in the first Commandment of the Master, discovered by Rev. Lalaji Maharaj and stated simply THAT IS WHAT IT IS. That is the central region. He immediately stated that it is not to be confused with Tam or Tamas of the Trigunas. Except trying to bring in some Greek mythology into Savitri, what is the great thing about Sri Aurobindian work is a question that any serious and practical aspirant will ask. I went through that big poem long back as a student and I know a bit of what it is. Lot of images, lot of English, lot of Latin, lot of Greek, I do not want to talk about further on that work. What ever is there is there. Because, It does not throw up any frontier which was unknown to us earlier its practical significance in sadhana is little. As a piece of poetry it has its merits and I am least competent to talk of that.

Sandhya is nothing new to us; we have known its value in practice. But when we come across Rev. Babuji's interpretation of that in the first commandment, actually we are asked to also think about the concept of TAM which was brought in that context. That is what it is. You can reach only when you start your meditation at dawn and not at any time you like. Not in the way in which you want. There is no rigidity but it is a necessity. It is an imperative. Between rigidity and necessity we must understand the difference. It is imperative that you must meditate at that time of Dawn. People take exemptions unwarrantedly and give excuses. Don't try to justify your lapses. It is good to know your lapses. Lapses are there and are bound to be there. If you know that perhaps you should take recourse to the 10th Commandment. There is no question of saying that it is unjustified Commandment. I am not going to say that we are not following the Commandments. Because, I am sure from the light I have seen from your hearts this morning that you all must be practicing in your own way. It is not perhaps the way in which I perhaps seek. I cannot question your love for the Master nor can I question your commitment to the Master.

PAM: It is always there, each one of us is trying to do in our own way and in this another angle you would appreciate Rev. Lalaji Maharaj. Several people went to him from several levels. For each one he taught them in their own way. Rev. Babuji has not done that. Rev. Babuji has not chosen that path of trying to tell several ways of doing things. Every one of us is given the same method of training. But it true that Rev. Babuji Maharaj also used to say to us at a particular time to do a particular practice, but then it depends upon the amount of faith you had in him. But what is absolute bare minimum he has made it clear and on this there is no doubt about it. We all meditate in the heart. That is where you are going to find the relevance of Rev. Lalaji Maharaj. He said the path to Reality is through meditation in the heart not through other methods. There is a reference why Rev. Lalaji Maharaj came into being in the story of Lalaji Maharaj, which is relevant now and so in future also. It says something like"The mushroom growth of rites and rituals forms and formalities, dominated the religious sphere of India." And to solve the problem then he was born. I think it is more true now after the independence. Previously there were religious wars and along with it some political struggles were there. But once we got the political freedom, we were too eager to get an economic freedom. While going for what we call the economic freedom we seem to have thrown aboard almost every conceivable value. We have nothing in our mind except economic criteria and that meant the slavery again to the same people who ruled over us for centuries depriving us of our riches, culture, tradition, customs and beliefs and to use not a good phrase which however was literally true in the past few centuries 'licking the boots of foreign rulers.' The slavery of the worst type we have chosen again after independence. How are we trying to solve that problem of slavery now? It is through rite and rituals, ceremonies and festivals of all types and concoctions. You will find Ganeshas by the dozen in every street. In every street you have got one and no one worships it. All worship their wishes. If you worship your wishes and find a tool that works it is immediately deified. The tool however works only now and then. It is not reliable and alternatives are not wanting. But the misfortune is the tool is non existent and therefore it is fraud. If it is a real tool it will work. How do you explain? So much of degradation in the religious institutions, the endowment departments and one is fed up with the complaints from trusts. You fill find today every where and in every street corner one mahatma and perhaps one Samartha guru in every town and some other better word for every city. The situation is pathetic.

Let us try to negate ourselves and let us try to become as much zero as possible allowing the Divine to function through us rather than our trying to function on our own. Once you try to become zero then God knows what to do with you, you don't have to do anything. But there is always that desire that I must do something and that is ego, nothing else. Doership is the worst thing that you can ever have. We are not the doers. But every one of us tries to tinker here and there. Iimitation is the worst offshoot of humanity. We try to tinker some nut here and some bolt there. You will find Rev. Lalaji Maharaj tried to train people of different varieties, But Rev. Babuji found that the whole variety seems to be only one, the greedy type. There is only one type now and he has written in a Preceptors circular where he said, greedy people are there in his group also. We may note that material greed is there but spiritual greed is much worse. He wrote but we are not even ready to accept that defect. If greed is our problem then one Master and method is enough.

But meditation in the heart is the method that the Master has given. Rev. Lalaji Maharaj gave the method of meditation in the heart and then said you are not all that handicapped and there are people to help you provided you know where to go. And where to go will depend upon what you want to have.

The day, like this should not be wasted like this instead I would ask you , excuse me for this and also for bringing to your notice that sentence of Master , where he said," This is the time when we should get ourselves drenched and try to be in Master alone." Try to be as much as possible in the thought of the Master but surely not from our greedy angle and surely not from our selfish angle but from an angle that considers how can we please the Master and how can we be nearer to him. How can we be nearer to Him, by only pleasing Him. Hope you will find the solution by the day.

Thank you