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Seminar on "When we are out of Reality we become Satan"


1. Sri V. Sreekanth Reddy

“The end of religion is the beginning of spirituality; the end of spirituality is the beginning of Reality and the end of Reality is the real Bliss.” (DR 6)

The above statement of the Master, viewed from the topic of the seminar ‘When we are out of Reality we become Satan’ has shown the scope of satanical influence one faces in ones journey towards the Infinity.

Satanical forces or influences are nothing but our own notions or wrong attitudes or ideas or illusions or delusions etc. Becoming Satan is nothing but being under the influence of the notions. Notions of any nature will make us being away from the Reality. Questions like whether I am eligible for practicing the system, am I deserving, can I follow the commandments given by the Master etc. are also nothing but notions which are based on our wrong thinking or wrong guidance. From a practical stand point I can tell that all these kind of notions and many more like these are dispelled by my trainer through guidance and explaining the efficacy of the system and the benefits one can reap by following it in Toto rather than thinking that everything will be taken care by the Master and how one can be away from Satan and nearer to the Reality by adhering to what Master asked us to do. It is not out of context to quote Master’s words here about these kind of notions and expectations of us. “People follow what they want and do as they desire but expect the result to be as I want it and which is so dear to them and to me. The result is that a sort of block is formed. I find this in many hearts. This hides the Reality and keeps it out of the sight of the Abhyasi. If I am to be held responsible, I will request you to follow what I say.” (SDG 53)

Commandments given by the Master for our way of living revolves around Reality and how they help us to abide in Reality is what understood by this insignificant being. Any non -compliance or following of these commandments to the best of one’s ability and perfection is only an indication of one being still in the satanical influence. Excuses of any nature to follow these commandments are only one’s notions about one’s inability. One needs to understand that Masters will never ask us to follow any thing that can not be followed. They may be difficult but not impossible.

Living in the consciousness of the Master means living for the cause of the Master which is nothing but the universal good or happiness of the humanity and human transformation. One can not live in that consciousness by being in the influence of the Satan. Only when one negates oneself by knowing one’s insignificance and nothingness and lives for the good of the humanity by understanding, following and practicing the commandments of the Master, one can be out of the clutches of the Satan, is what the saints of the Order had shown and showing to the world.

Nothingness is the Reality – is the imperience we have experienced during our meditations. Having imperienced this reality, craving for name, fame, glory, significance etc. are only making us to be away from that Reality which is nothing but being in the company of Satan or becoming Satan or succumbing to the satanical forces. Enormity of the Goal is what is being indicated in all these.

How to be out of these notions or misconceived ideas is the question one faces. The guidance given by Shri K C Narayana that there are only verbs, no nouns while explaining the Dr K C V Spiritual Order of ISRC has got immense value for the above question. The extract of that is produced here. “Beej- Dagdh has to happen in all. We can have nothing but ash. Identities have to be created each time based on work. Actually identities are to be created by us for work and this is the reason why we say that there are only Verbs, no Nouns. Nouns are non-existent. Verbs alone exist. According to the Verb a Noun takes shape; for a particular work to be done a particular form takes shape. Every action demands a particular type of instrument or body and that body has to be structured for that work. (Dr. K.C.V.Spiritual Order of ISRC – K. C. Narayana)

While this approach is accepted and tried to follow one may have a notion of different kind i.e. one’s own self effort is enough, there is no need for the help from the trainer or the Master. The following extracts from the messages of the Master may help us in knowing the need of the trainer and to come out of this kind of notions.

“That is, first of all, the teacher should destroy the old edifice, then erect a new edifice without bricks and mortar.” “Then everything is destroyed, the people may think what will come after. Nothing but purity, which has been defined as Reality.” (SDG 38, 39)

“In short the help of the Master, who has himself travelled the entire distance and has developed in himself the Divine force, is therefore of immense value. It is then alone that the Divine force begins to flow into the abhyasi from the Divine centres. This subtle force is very strong, so much so that in higher regions even if an abhyasi attempts to go up he is pushed down by the effect of this strong flow of the force. In that case it is only the Master's dynamic force that pulls him up through the flow and enables him to have a view of Reality.” (SDG 83)

As long as we have body the flow of energy to the lower portion of the heart is going to be there, whatever may be the advancement or progress of the abhyasi is what the masters of the Order have stated or explained on various occasions. This must make us aware of the fact that we are at a striking distance from satanical influence and must make us understand the possibility of the fall at all times and at all places if we are not on our guard. At the same time it shall not deter our efforts to be true to our nature which is Divine.

Constant remembrance as a practice has led to the state of constant remembrance and paved the way to become only a verb, not a noun wherein one is in close proximity or in touch with the Reality or abiding in Reality, is what we have observed in a few cases. By example they have shown how to be in the fold of Reality and not to be under the influence of the Satan, thereby inspiring all of us to become verbs, no nouns, by following the system in Toto.