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Seminar on: When we are out of Reality we become Satan


11. Sri A. JayaPrakash

Our Great Master said that ‘when we are away from Reality, we become Satan’. He said this while discussing on the ideas and practices being followed by various religions and protagonists of spiritual systems prevalent in the world. Since the spiritual realization means living with the Reality or Divinity, the concepts, ideas and practices must be in consonance with the nature of Reality itself. Master has mentioned that the means we adopt must closely resemble to the nature of the Goal to be successful in our endeavor.

Subtleness and Simplicity are the characteristics of the Reality revealed by Him. In this context, Master said that the degenerated religious practices and dogmas have assumed lot of grossness and complexities and therefore are not capable of taking us to the Reality. The thoughts and deeds generally gather these characteristics of grossness and complexities when they deviate from the real goal. When Reality is not the goal, and if any other goal is accepted for realizing, selfishness or self-centeredness would be the nature of such goals however pious the intention behind it could be, as they are taking birth from the intellectual or emotional spheres of the mind and not from the Reality.

Since the nature of Reality is simplicity and subtleness, it cannot accommodate any idea generated from the self for the self as they are gross and do not conform to it. This also leads to the understanding that anything that do not conform to a principle would eventually prove to be working contrary to that principle. Now, when any idea or practice work contrary to the Reality, it practically amounts to living away from the Reality and also by the same reason works against the rhythm of the nature. Any one whose actions are contrary to the rhythm of nature or disturbing the nature, is working against the Divine Purpose or Reality. A Satan represents this force. Therefore, Master said that when we are away from Reality, we become Satan. The selfish, pleasure seeking and egotistic thoughts, ideas and deeds produce vibrations contrary to this rhythm polluting the atmosphere and disturbing the harmonious existence of Divine Creations. Thus we become Satan.

Satan revels in darkness and we remain away from the Divine Light. Various religious practices and ideas are not leading us to this Divine Light but for realizing the wishes in the material sphere or utilizing the spiritual power for fulfilling wishes making us vulnerable to superstitions and darkness. In this darkness the wisdom is lost, as the existence of another sphere is not visible. Thus ‘away from wisdom, we become fools’. We while away the precious human life, the Divine Gift indulging in activities aimed at pleasure seeking or amassing wealth, disturbing the rhythm of nature, living away from the Reality and ending up as a Satan.

Our Great Master has therefore given us a system of Sadhana, consisting of practices very closely resembling to the Reality and brought the Divine help in the form of Pranahuti. When we learn to yield to the Master, we get the capability to practise constant remembrance enabling us to moderate the activities in the ordinary life and leading to enlightenment and living with the Reality as enshrined in Ten Commandments. Our Master’s definition of morality is actualization of such a life where there is no room for selfish or self-centered thoughts and actions but only the Reality.