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Seminar on: When we are out of Reality we become Satan


15. Sri Avadhani Vangala

When we are out of reality we become Satan.

As master mentioned it is our birth right to be Saint. The reality is man’s thinking should be in tune with nature and he should live as an expression of the divine.

Unfortunately, Society bindings (feeling that we will be out of society if we do not follow what others follow). Religion barriers (sticking to the fanatic ideas leaving the flexibility of moving towards the real goal and falling into old methods out of fear). Attachments towards materialsm (attachment towards property and expectations beyond the need). Continuous influx of misguided spiritualism (Attending and believing the methods which do not have any purpose and goal except materialism and cannot help us to understand our true self). some of the many reasons as mentioned above making the man to think more and more grosser and move towards the tendencies of asuric loosing the noble qualities of his true self.

As stated by Master if we are out of light we fall in darkness, if we are out of wisdom we become fools and IF WE ARE OUT OF REALITY WE BECOME SATAN.