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Seminar on "This and that have gone now"

3. Smt Bh.Devasena

I would like to present this paper in two parts. The first part is, What is that I could understand from the message of Master. Second part is, Having understood the message, do I have a role to play in it? If so what is it.

Master said when we were born into this world for the first time we were pure because the source from which we have descended or come down is purity. The time went on and in our innumerable births we have gathered around us different types of grossness by our actions. The original purity has been reduced to a faint glimmer and that is often scarcely perceptible. All memory of our original source or homeland is now forgotten. We have now come to the stage where we have become disgusted with the present existence but yet we have no memory of that pleasant and pure state which is our real existence.

Master in his message “Spiritual Destiny” delivered at Shahjahanpur on 30.1.1982 on the occasion of “Basant panchami Utsav” mentioned that “we are all Brethren connected intellectually morally and spiritually.” Yes. This is our true state. But the state prevailing in the world today is totally contrary to it. All of us got separated on the basis of religion, caste, creed, sex etc. Universal love the very fundamental basis of religion have disappeared altogether, the religion, which was generally considered to be a link between man and GOD, has now become a barrier instead. Capacity for broader vision and free thinking have been lost. Sectional jealousies have become the main cause of the downfall of our civilization.The whole society is thus proceeding towards disintegration, feelings of hatred, jealousies, prejudice, competition have cropped up gradually and are now surcharged in the atmosphere. Various conceptions of God have come up. He is been confined to certain form or rituals and within the fold of a particular religion or sect. Man has lost the power of discrimination and remained far away from reality.

In such a situation we had the advent of ‘SPECIAL PERSONALITY’ in the form of Mahatma Sri Ramchandraji Maharaj of Shahjahanpur who gave us a practical and scientific method called PAM through which one can restore the original purity. Master had made all of us feel that God is simple and can be achieved by simple means. He is beyond senses and can be felt in one’s heart only.

Master said This and That have gone now. There remains the purity alone in all His work and environment.” By this, I understand that various religions, rituals, superstitions, wrong notions, beliefs, complexities, caste. Creed etc. that had separated from man to man and become a barrier between man and God, which had lead to unhappiness in the world, have gone and PURITY alone remains. This is the DIVINE WILL made by the “Special Personality”. The clear evidence to this statement of Master is offering of His Prana, the Pranasya Prana “Pranahuti” the pure consciousness of Sri Ramchandra which can purify, everything and anything and restore the original purity i.e. Divine. The limitless number of transmissions offered by our Master through our trainers for continuous purification of the persons for bringing out the hidden beauty of Divinity in them by removing inner complexities accumulated in the form of grossness is seen by all of us today. Master has fixed no quota to anyone for offering Pranahuti. He is never tired of this because His Will is to keep Purity alone. The Pranahuti, which was very rarely gifted to Rishis in earlier days by undergoing a tough penance, is now made very easily available by our Master. Master again and again purifies us through Pranahuti without minding and hesitating the impurities we accumulate on us. This indicates His Vastalya towards humanity as a cow mother shows to its calf by licking the dirt accumulated on it. Master says “The door of Sahaj Marg is open to the entire humanity.” Everybody is welcome to experience it. He is only asking for two things i.e. WILLINGNESS AND CO-OPERATION. These two things are essential enabling Master to carry out His work of transforming a person from animality to humanity and then to Divinity. This willingness and co-operation are required throughout our spiritual journey. Unless a person is willing to change he cannot be changed.

Having understood the mission of the Master, it is for us to analyse the role we have to play in it.

We say “O! Master, Thou art the real goal of Human Life.” It means Master is our Goal. When Master is our Goal then automatically His mission becomes our mission too. Hence all of us have a definite role and responsibility for fulfilling the mission of Master. We all should co-operate with Him in this regard.

Every disciple of Sri Ramchandra should become an instrument to spread the message of Master in its purity content and practice. This is possible only when we can maintain the purity gained through the influx of Pranahuti. Apart from following the method, the following practical hints given by Sir are helping us a lot in maintaining the purity bestowed by Master.

Owning up of the conditions given during sittings, by continuous manana of the Imperience we had during such occasions.

Cut down unnecessary relations, places and bondages and clearly demark our limitations for discharging our legitimate responsibilities.

We should open our heart to Master and allow Him to remove This and That i.e. anything detrimental to our spiritual progress.

Maintain Satsangh with like-minded persons.

Attend Seminars, Workshops and other training programmes to have more clarity on the system.

Participate in the service of the Master, to whatever extent possible.

Attend Satsanghs and bandharas regularly to improve individually and also help in improving the overall environment.

Breed good thoughts always.

Having positive approach always.

Read the literature of Master as much as possible in a prayerful mood.

Try to contemplate on the sayings of the Master.

Observe our behavior in day-to-day dealings and analyse the weaknesses if any in following the 9th commandment.

Try to identify our thoughts and feelings and openly discuss with our trainers for any correction and improvement.

Regulary practicing point “A” and “B” meditation.

Even though we look busily participating in our worldly responsibilities, internally we should be restless to reach our Goal.

Listen to the voices of our Masters through CD’s and cassettes for inspiration and motivation.

Maintaining Diary.

Finally we should be confident in reaching our Goal. In every thought, word and deed Master should be expressed. All of us can take part in conveying the message of our Master according to our purity levels and level of understanding with firm conviction.

As Sir said we should become infectious.

We all should join hands in this Divine endeavor and co-operate with each other.

Master says this is the time for you all to join together to make the most of the opportunity. Divine grace is flowing with full force. Such a time as it is today may not be repeated again during the course of thousands of years. Even a little sacrifice today may count much in bringing forth the greatest results.

Today we can see the younger generations already getting attracted to the system and following it with ease. From the above message of the Master, which is the topic of the Seminar today, I could get the following clarity.

WE ARE ALL BROTHERS CONNECTED INTELLECTUALLY, MORALLY, AND SPIRITUALLY THE MAIN GOAL OF HUMAN LIFE- This is the TRUTH. We the practicants of Sri Ramchandra’s Raja yoga should be confident in feeling and expressing this truth. The main goal of human life is the Master ie., the ULTIMATE, through whom all of us are connected to each other.
THIS AND THAT HAVE GONE NOW This means everything other than purity have gone. Everyone of us should have such a positive will.
THERE REMAINS THE PURITY ALONE IN ALL HIS WORK AND ENVIRONMENT WHICH WEAVES THE SPIRITUAL DESTINY OF THE PERSONS WITH THE ULTIMATE Purity alone can take us to our spiritual destination i.e. our origin from where we all have come down. Master is continuously guiding the spiritual destinies of the whole of humanity. He is an embodiment of love and has laid a foundation for a new world order grounded in spirituality. He has laid down a path towards Infinity through a practicable, dynamic and scientific system. We should co-operate with Master in this regard and relentlessly work for His cause.