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Seminar on "This and that have gone now"

4. Smt I .Madhavi

With the blessings of the Master and the guidance from within this is my understanding on the given topic for seminar “We are all brethren connected intellectually, morally and spiritually — the main goal of human life. This and that have gone now. There remains the purity alone in all His work and environment which weaves the spiritual destiny of the persons with the Ultimate.”

Knowing the commonality of our origin is our real destiny and that is the goal of human life. When we say we have fixed Him as our Goal it then becomes our bounden duty that we should be devoted to every expression of His. This is possible only if we can remember our common parentage. Therefore it is love that binds all of us together and can have no hatred. This we know but then this should become the inner knowledge or Imperience.

When Master asserts ‘We are all brethren’ it confirms and reminds us of our common origin and natural relationship with every creation of His. We may not have been born as saha-udaras but there is a commonality that we share with everyone i.e Divinity. It is a connection by natural inheritance.

It is during meditations we come closer to Reality and this experience which gives us the understanding that it is one and not two. The meditators in the system of Pam during meditations generally experience a feeling of non-duality which seem to happen suddenly as if you are lifted into that condition without the effort of the individual. It is my conviction that we are enabled to have such states of meditations by the Grace of our Great Master Shri Ramchandraji Maharaj.

Everyone of us partake Sri Ramchandra Consciousness during Pranahuti. A Consciousness, which has no boundaries, knows no differences and above all it is integrative in nature. As a result of which it strengthens the existing part whole relationship thereby enabling one to naturally practice Fraternity which is through natural inheritance. We should not only derive great courage from the word inheritance to practice fraternity but should also own up the great responsibility of living and spreading the message of the Master through cooperation. Compassion and love are the basis for cooperation. Due to the integrative nature of Pranahuti, we all feel the love overflowing from each and every heart after the meditations. Here one doesn’t struggle to practice fraternity for that is something very natural. It is a common experience of all the sadhakas especially during bhandaras.

From this we can say with certainty that if we dwell in the consciousness of the Master we are sure to think and live in fraternal realms. However it should not be misconstrued that we have no role to play. But our duty is to develop the deservancy to imbibe the Grace through assiduous practice of Points A & B meditation. When we talk of compassion, cooperation, love and service etc., we are only detailing the components of fraternity. This is felt more vividly when one traverses in the ‘Second Knot’. The wisdom that comes here enables us to understand and focus on the aspect of Interdependency. It is the basis to the Universal Consciousness. The prayer offered by one who is in Universal Consciousness is selfless and Real. As a result of which is the Prayer at 9 ‘O clock becomes natural and effective. Any activity, which is selfless, is Purity. The Prayer we do at 9’ 0 clock is one of the most selfless prayers that has been blessed to us by our Master and it is one of total purity. Therefore the prayer is bound to work and Reality of fraternity will be the truth sooner than later. The purity of the prayer can best be attained if we avoid the doership. If we have to overcome the difficulties of doership we have to be clear in two concepts. First we are all the expression of the Divine, second there is no superiority or inferiority amongst us. This can be practiced by adopting an attitude that I am doing the duty entrusted to me by the Master, hence we can never fall prey to the feelings that I am trying to uplift or serve other fellow beings.

To conclude I would like to put forward that It is through Shri Ramchandra Consciousness (Pranahuti) we can understand the fraternal consciousness.

Through Points A & B meditations we develop the capacity to live in the fraternal consciousness.

By maintaining the purity in our Universal Prayer we can live up to the expectations of the Divine which is the main Goal of Human Life.