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Seminar on "This and that have gone now"

5. Smt Sudha.C

Revered Sir and dear brothers and sisters,


According to my understanding I felt the seminar topic "This and that have gone now" is applicable in many areas and some of which I presented below.

The quest of people in having God resulted in different methods of worship according to one's own capacity and understanding but each method had its own demerits like if some saint comes and says one should start looking inside for an ordinary man it doesn't make sense and in the same way many of the preachings though they sound good to hear but again the same difficulty how to apply them in life, how to experince the conditions were all big question marks. So all these resulted in heaviness, frustrations, differences among different sects of people, now here comes our Master Rev. Babuji with the method of meditation on Divine light in the heart, which is the only method that gives the results in shortest possible time and says that one can safely ignore all other methods and rituals of the past.

This is indicating the state of "nothingness" one has to arrive at finally where everything is gone:no light --- no darkness, no pain --- no pleasure, no bliss --- no not bliss.

One who is born has to die, who is dead has to be born again whether in grosser or subtler form, this is the normal trend.To save humanity from this cycle of rebirths Master is saying that by following the methods of this system i.e. by completion of Bhog during morning meditation and getting rid of samskars during evening cleaning and importantly with the help of Prananhuti one can come out of this cycle of rebirths.

Any institute whether social, political or religious has failed in bringing about human transformation. Spirituality alone can bring real human transformation. Only spiritual service is the highest type of service. The method of evening cleaning and the help of Pranahuti enables an abhyasi to get rid of all types of impurities i.e. mala, vikshepa and avarana and as a result one becomes pure which is the real nature of God.

The only goal of any human being is complete oneness with God, all other goals whether pertaining to material world or spiritual world are only at much lower level when compared to real goal so they are of no value now.

Nishkama karma is what is to be arrived at. Where one is elated with the feeling of ego for achieveing something or feels low for not doing something are the results of owning up of the action which are all detrimental for spiritual progress. By following the methods of our system one arrives at balancedness and moderation.

Goal of life which is complete oneness with God also implies the oneness with all the human beings because of the commonality of the origin. The differences that we have at physical level based on caste,creed, gender, wealth, intelligence can be erased only when we experience the feelings of fraternity. The methods of the meditation especially the universal prayer enables one to get rid of all the feelings of hatred, jealousy, etc and when one understands the commonality of origin develops feelings of love and compassion and then only will be willing to sacrifice for, share with and serve other person at other planes.

This also talks about the attitude that we should have during bedtime prayer. All our petty petitions, demands, bargains and barter should be left and we should as Master says become real beggars at the door of the God unaware of what we are begging for. That is the real attitude. And this is the only real prayer for any spiritual pursuer and all other prayers which are actually flattery should be left. Thank you.