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Seminar on: When we are out of Reality we become Satan


4. Dr. K. Madhava

This sentence of Rev Babuji Maharaj tells us emphatically that when we are not in touch with Divinity we become satan.

Satan stands for pain,misery,suffering, depression, darkness,conceit,jealousy,envy,fear and is the essence of cause of unhappiness. It represents the force of materialism and anyone who is attracted towards material comforts, sensual pleasures is attracted towards materialism and darkness which certainly causes suffering, pain and afflictions.

In this context I will quote Rev Babuji, for better understanding of the above concept [taken from page 3 of SDG] ‘Let us now consider for a while how one makes or mars himself [i.e make oneself divine or make oneself satan ] The world is composed of the finest paramanus [sub atomic particles] which are dense and dark, but in between there exists a faint glow also. That confirms the idea of the presence of both prakruti and purusha side by side. The wise and the prudent, inclined towards divinity, take into view the brighter portion and get profited by it. On the other hand those held up by the charms for material objects get themselves linked with the darker paramanus and go on contacting the grosser effects thereof, which get solidified by the effect of their continual thinking. Thoughts create impressions which go on growing stronger forming coverings. They offer a fertile ground for the mayavic effect to settle in. The effect thus cast upon the particles of the body, being thereby focused on the membrane, is reflected upon the centre of the brain .This leads to the formation of samskaras,which having deepened make him easily susceptible, making his mind all the more rigidly adhere to environment and association which tend to support his evil tendencies . Thus he goes on from bad to worse. At this stage it may only be the power of the Master that can save him and help in the transformation of his darkened inner states.

Now if we study his preceding two sentences from the article superstition and spirituality When we are out of light we fall in darkness when we are out of wisdom we become fools it becomes clear that we have a choice to be in light, wisdom and reality.

If we do not make a right choice of living in his consciousness then the two general tendency of mind to get itself attached to sense organs of matter takes hold and becomes satan resisting the powerful and alluring influence of satan and choose to be with the master in the game we have to play successfully in our lives . We may temporarily fall down but we have to get up determined to reach our goal.

To take another analogy if we are going on a scooter up the ghat road on the hills till we reach the top where there is no further gradient, we have to continuously accelerate to maintain momentum .if we reduce the momentum or remain static we slide down and sliding down or riding down is easy. Sustained and persistent effort is required to reach the top or till the goal is achieved otherwise satan is ready to pull us down.

Ego which I may say is another form of satan is described as “love denying obsession with separateness “and is a delusion of the insignificant self.

And as per our Rev.K.C.N he says it require s enormous efforts like rationalization intellectual efforts and struggle to maintain the delusion and it is easy ,natural , simple and normal to be in reality ,wisdom , and light which is Sri Ram Chandra Consciousness