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Seminar on "Love is the Inner Awakening to Reality"

3. Dr.V.Krishna Yaji

It requires more than 40 muscles to express anger or other emotions where as it requires only less than 18 muscles to express happiness. Our happiness lies in others’ happiness. Surely they are happy when they are loved. This requires lot of practice just like practicing violin. When one is happy he will be aware of so many things, which will aid him to proceed in right direction confidently. If not happy, he will be confined to his viewpoint only, resulting in more agony.

I was told by our guide to practice loving myself with all the blemishes and also not to be too harsh to self for the same. But it was very difficult for me to follow and not at all palatable earlier. In due course of time I learnt that then only I will be able to accept others and start loving others.

The amount of steam liberated from ice block depends on the degree and duration of heat applied. Similarly, the extent of awakening depends on the intensity and duration of heat of love from within, assisted by Him.

Dew melts away with onset of sunshine. Non-love feelings wither away with emergence of love. We might have seen people struggling in life and living miserably, who change their attitudes on exposure to love. The extent of change will be proportional to the exposed intensity of love. Initially there may be resistance from the recipient to accept it. In sittings we are being exposed to it unconditionally despite the fact that we are not living up to mark.

Primary colors are blue, green and red, though white light is the expression. If we look through one colored glass, some objects are seen as of same color and some as of different color. So also primary feeling is love alone though it varies in expression depending on the temperament of the person (sides of same coin / cube). If approach is with love, instead of other feelings, results are encouraging. Memory is dependent on the state of mind. i.e. happy events are memorized without effort when we are happy and unhappy events when we are unhappy and so on. Thus love prevents veiling of the pure consciousness by other feelings.

Love breaks the separateness and thus dissolves the barriers between the people or nations. It will be surprising and pleasant to see opponents, fighting for decades, behave as friends for some common cause. Also it will be painful to see friends revenging each other under influence of misdirection.

Awakening is awareness of the innermost feeling. It indicates already existing feeling in dormant mode. Seeds have some water innately but require proper soil, light and sufficient watering regularly for full growth. Similarly we require watering (love), which is happening everyday in PAM by His grace. If watering is neglected, dehydration retards growth. Similarly if we are not getting regular sittings, dehydration of love occurs. Master’s method of training includes only positive approach.

Meditation is not enough…. love is also required for desired results. When we are out of reality, we become Satan… love therapy is the only remedy. When a Satan is flooded with love he comes to reality.

Suffering is the root, results are flowers… love enables one enduring it without much pain This and that have gone now…. love does not know exclusion or discrimination. Even animals may be found feeding kids of other species.

Later is better than Never. It is obvious that we don’t want to return again and again for our cause. ‘Love Him’ is the only solution.