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Seminar on "Mind can be known by Mind & Divinity can be known by Divinity"

2. Bh.Devasena

Dear Brothers and sisters,

Hearty Pranams.

Revered Master in his message at Chennapatna on 20-02-1972 gives an advice to the seekers that Mind can be known by mind and Divinity can be known by Divinity. Or in other words we should use the Divine power for the sake of the Divinity.

In the above message, Master mentions that the present question before the world is how to lead a happy life? The general understanding of the people is that materialistic success gives happiness in life which is not true. Here the meaning of success is not clear. Eg., when we take any family, a person wants to become either a Doctor, Engineer, Dancer, Actor, Musician etc. Then he seeks for a good job to earn money. Then he wants to have a good family life. Then children, their education, their career etc. The cycle of success in life goes on in this way and it does not end till the end of the life. Lot of disappointments and despair are also there in life. Life ends without contentment or taste of the Real happiness. Every person can introspect on this point and all will definitely agree to the point mentioned by our Master that “When we move forward backing towards the sun the intellectuality work in its own sphere “. By this I understand that the sun that is the God or the Light which we have to face and take support. This is ignored and instead we are moving backward towards the darker side i.e materialistic side totally. That is the reason why any amount of materialistic success i.e money, name, fame etc. does not give us real happiness because it is not having the light. In this context our Master always stresses the point that everyone should maintain a harmonious existence which is the expression of real happiness in the Divine lila.

Revered Master says we have to open ourselves to embrace to Reality i.e the real way of living, which is possible only when the boundary of things is crossed. Here the meaning of boundary means our limited self extended to some extent to our own kith and kin, close family members etc. We are not concerned about others thinking that they are separate from us and have no link with them. This thought of limited self has developed the qualities of selfishness, prejudices, hatred etc. Revered Master says we have to open ourselves from this limited self to be embraced to Reality. The Reality is that we are children of God connected to each other. We are never independent from others. We have lost sight of oneness due to the defective moulding of the mind tilting towards material, selfish and self centered and that has led to the present state of degradation. In reality we are limitless. Our consciousness can grow infinitely. Master says when you begin to embrace the reality it echoes towards you also. For this we have to open ourselves willingly. However for getting this kind of experience of reality, Master says the dogmas will do you no good, they will attach you to their own narrow sphere. I understand the dogmas are the superstitions we have towards the worship of God. Worship of God should enable us to gain freedom from all our bondages and experience our limitless condition which is our true nature. The practicants of PAM are fortunate to have this experience several times during the sessions of Pranahuti and no amount of talking can convince others.

Revered Master says scriptures will give you the clue to Reality. But you will have to proceed yourself. That is the reason why ISRC has made prerequisites to join the system as: Willingness to practice the system by yielding to Master, to participate in the Divine endeavor, willingness to grow and transform and spare time for practicing the method. Inspite of Divine support we cannot proceed on the path or get transformed without our willingness.

Our Master further mentions that “ The process they should seek which may be the subtlest for the subtlest and that can be Yoga alone. Our system which we call Natural Path stands for it. There is no other way except Rajyoga that can lead us to the subtlest”. Revered Master says “It is very easy to talk about the creation but as to what part we have to play in it remains always silent”. Yes we hear everybody talking about God’s creation, some enjoying the beauty of His creation, some blaming God for the miseries in the world. But generally we never think as to what is our role in this creation. Each one tries to blame the other for the present chaos in the world but none feels the responsibility. Each one is responsible for distortion of God’s creation because we have formed a network of individual creation with our wrong thinking, wrong notions and wrong suggestions given to the mind. Revered Master says “The human brain is responsible for creation of complexities after complexities and they must destroy their own creation so that world may become again glittering and shining”.

Under the system of PAM, the regulation of the mind is the job of the Master and not the abhyasi himself. If somehow the individual mind gets moulded towards the cosmic mind it begins to appear in its true colours. Having understood the advice of the Master given in the above message that we should use the Divine power for the sake of Divinity, we, the practicants of PAM have a definite role to play in the mission of our Master. By practicing the method sincerely every abhyasi will definitely improve the levels of purity.

Regular exposures to the sessions of Pranahuti during Individual sittings, Satsangs and Bhandaras give us lot of purity and enable us to maintain it. This purity is the Divine power that all of us have, may be at different levels. This can be utilized for the good of others by regularly attending to 9.00 P.M prayer and attending to point ‘A’ meditation. The more number of abhyasis attending the satsangs not only help themselves grow individually but also spread purity in the atmosphere thereby gradually reducing the impure thought pollution filled in the atmosphere. Thus we help Nature and slowly people start turning towards the sun instead of moving backward. Every abhyasi is responsible for bringing this change in the atmosphere and thereby have a definite role to play. Thus we all have to Gird up our loins and make a firm determination to practice the method sincerely and seriously.

Revered Master says the main feature of this system is that we get plenty of help from Master. Inspite of so much help many times we slip down yielding to lower tendencies of the mind, slow down in sadhana forgetting our responsibilities. According to my practical experience during such situations Individual sittings and taking inspiration from co-travellers on the path is of immense help. Time and tide waits for no man therefore it is we who have to make our life meaningful and purposeful. With the support of the Master, we are confident and courageous to play our role and we are proud to be the disciples of Sri Ramchandra. We take it as a matter of fortune to serve others, the quality which has been taught by our Master. Our experience is every work we do gives us happiness because it is Master’s work. Our efforts to practice Ten Commandments given by our Great Master as a way of living always make us yield to the Great Divine because it is not possible to practice them without His support. It is a continuous endeavour though we struggle in the beginning. The practice of these commandments can only enable others to think of a Real Man.

As a clue to Reality Revered Master says “Mind can be known by Mind and Divinity can be known by Divinity”. In the book ‘Reality at Dawn’ Master clearly explains that Man possesses the basic characteristic of the first mind, the primary stir or the kshob. With this characteristic of mind he started making his own creation and developed the tendencies of fickleness and restlessness, layers of grossness are formed due to unending desires and wishes. The purity which the original mind had has been lost or in other words been lost sight or touch. The link between the Godly mind and the individual got feeble. By meditation on the Divine Light without luminosity which is the object of our meditation, the first thing that happens is, mind gets into a state of peace and calmness. Master in His greatest discovery found that when mind gets absorbed in the thought of the Divine which is sacred, it experiences peace and calmness then the restless tendencies and activities of mind gets regulated and are moulded to be in tune with the Divine. By offering Pranahuti Master enables the mind to get diverted towards the Divinity weakening its baser or lower tendencies. This is how the unregulated mind gets restored to its original state gradually which is a matter of experience of the practicants of PAM.

Divinity can be known by Divinity. This is because only things of similar nature join together. Divine mind can be known by human mind only and Divine consciousness can be known or felt by the Divine in our own self. Pranahuti gives us this experience because we are the sakshis of ourselves. Finally Master says “The sun is there but the over cloudiness you will have to remove yourself to have its full luster. For this the method which directly touches the core of the Being is necessary”. The sun is our Great Master Sri Ramchandra which is clearly depicted in our emblem. The over cloudiness you will have to remove yourself means, I understand that the layers of grossness which we have accumulated with our intentional consciousness [many times explained by our Revered Sir.] have to be got rid off by using our own Will. For this the purification method, meditations on points ‘A’ and ‘B’ along with other practices of our system are very effective. Yielding to Master and willing to get moulded are very essential in this regard. The method of PAM as advocated by Sri Ramchandra is the only way to achieve our Goal and that is the only method which directly touches the core of the Being.

On behalf of all my brothers and sisters and on by own behalf express my sincere gratitude to our beloved Master for having blessed us with such a system. It is my earnest prayer to enable us to be at His feet always.