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Seminar on "The demolition of the past is a chapter in Natural Path"

2. Sri. Atul Mishra

Pujya Sir and Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Today, I would like to share my humble thoughts on the topic of the seminar, “The demolition of the past is a chapter in Natural Path”, as understood by me, to the best of my little comprehension. Most of the material presented herein is compiled from the messages and talks of Master and Pujya Sir.

Talking of the past, in the beginning of the message, Master says, “Man is generally charmed so much by the environment as he has made for himself unconsciously, that he seldom thinks of rising above it”. To explain such happening, continuing further in message, He elaborates and draws attention towards our attachments for our notions, beliefs and ideologies which makes us see ourselves only in terms of limited self and rejoice in the narrowness of it. The sole view apparent to our eyes stays limited to attachments to our own people, our desires, our self claimed achievements, intellect and judgmental prejudices. We continue to strengthen these by inputs coming from like minded corners and stay oblivious to whole situation. All this culminates into a pile of Samskaras (impressions) which is our past.

He further says, “When once we have realized that these are the spoiling agents, it means some diversion has come in.” And He asks us to take steps towards vairagya or renunciation. Commonly understood we associate renunciation with getting rid of attachment with material possessions but fail to appreciate the fact that Master here is asking us to renounce the attachments to what is being nurtured in the nursery of brain. Many of us proclaim external detachment with material objects and worldly relationships in the name of renunciation but continue to cling to past belief systems and ideologies. They continue to carry this weight of their past samskaras and instead of seeing the present through the lens of Master they see Master through their own past lenses.

He further explains, what is the one and only obstacle which doesn’t let this weight go that easily or keeps one blinded to Reality, is the presence of “I” consciousness i.e. our Ego. As explained by Pujya Sir in another article this emotional knot in our consciousness keeps the sense of separateness in the life and we remain attached to our bag of samskaras. This small minded narcissism keeps us away from following Master’s commandments 5, 6 & 7, in spirit, which are essentially meant to give us right attitude and states of mind to bring demolition to our past. Only to be able to understand our true nature as void/nothingness, oneness with all and accepting the just pruning could help us to go through the field of Bhog created by nature to wipe off the impressions of our past thoughts and actions. To resist is futile. To go through it with lion heartedness is the right attitude but it is possible only when one has unconditional FAITH in the Master. Trust and obedience alone may lead to questioning attitude and we will fail in following the commandments correctly. Certain recent events at workplace led me to a situation where I personally experienced my own unprepared ness and protested. Only by kind words of guidance from Pujya Sir, I could slowly move forward.

We by our Master’s Grace and support have opportunity to demolish the past and advance on the path to reach the main goal of human life. We have to do our duty to get back to the original state, which is possible if we follow the path with faith and devotion remembering our Master all the while. We need to mould our actions and thoughts so that our dealings are in consonance with the spiritual way of living, which Master suggests. We should have basic morality & self discipline to practice the virtues & attributes like truth-telling, non-harming, non-covetousness, non-jealousy, peace-making, balancing, showing generosity and to be able to share & selflessly serve. The path seems difficult for our due preparation is not there. But when we make a conscious effort to make our being become spiritualized, making sure that all opportunities we get we adopt proper action and right behavior, which is in tune with divine way of living. Further we can grow from subtle to subtlest with His support.

Only when, by the kind grace of Master, we move on the path of negation, applying our self efforts, annihilating our individual creation all the time, letting go every “This and That”, submitting ourselves truly onto the Holy feet of Master, we help in the process of demolition of past and move towards divine realms where exists purity and purity alone. These realms help us realize our true nature - which knows no boundaries – and we feel this seamless connection with the whole humanity. This is where Master says when Divinity dawns, any negativity disappears from our lives and process of demolition of the past initiates.

However, He has described it as a chapter only. It is not the complete story. The journey, which He rightly puts as “beyond and beyond”, is a way of living and our sadhna is to continue to live through it by following Master’s commandments. Many of us, instead of finishing the Bhog of our past, add more than we clean and end up forming our future. To avoid the addition of this chapter (future) in the journey, Master has suggested how to develop the attitude of trusteeship, look everything as divine duty and carry out the task in His thought. This will stop the formation of samskaras and no future will be formed.

I have understood Master’s system as a way of living, a continuous process, where living through it, by continue to follow His commandments, as to continue to bring demolition to our past and not create a new “one”, is the key than to think of an end where we may reach one day. All along while continue to live through it we can see how we can bring others to this process and share the journey with like minded people.