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Seminar on "No doubt the world will be paradise, but for that we have to work very hard"

1. Dr. A. Subba Rao

The topic of today’s Seminar “No doubt the world will be paradise, but for that we have to work very hard” is straight, direct and instructive. The sentence has been taken from the message delivered by Master at Delhi during the year 1980 titled “Love Him Who Loves All” (SDG – pg.159).

Before proceeding to the topic proper, I feel that we need to have a cognizance of similar sentences from the Master in other messages to have a comprehensive understanding of the subject.

1.“No doubt the world is in us and we are in the world, but we have to search out who is behind the scene” (SDG- pg.155).

2. “Man is a bipolar being. It has got its root nearest to the base and the other end towards the world” (SDG- pg.13).

3. “The world today is in state of unrest and disorder. Everybody seemed to be crying for peace. But all efforts for bringing about peace appeared to end in failure. The reason is that all efforts are merely external, touching only the outer surface. In fact, the problem is far from being related to the world in general, really it is the problem of the individual first and society afterwards. As such it needs to be tackled in that order………………….” (SDG- pg.18).

It is a matter of experience of us that restless tendencies of mind are due to various urges, desires, wishes, temptations, selfishness and consequent impulsive nature leading to confusion, dejection, despair and chaos. This state of mind influences the thought environment in and around and has a cumulative and collective dimension spoiling the atmosphere on a larger scale. Therefore it is most essential that the individual consciousness has to evolve and grow into Cosmic (Brahmand) consciousness so that one is not only happy with himself but also gets the capacity to radiate that happiness in and around progressively to the whole world.

The Great Master says, “ World peace is closely related with the peace of the individual of which one has to take into account the inner state of one’s mind. If man’s mind is brought to the state of peace and order, every thing in the outside world will get into order in the same colour. But it is sad that the world has lost its real basis, and for its reestablishment, it is necessary to adopt means, which promote the feeling of peace and calmness of mind of the individual man. What we have to do for the purpose is to introduce proper adjustment in the mental tendencies of the individual, which is in effect is the proper moulding and regulation of mind (SDG- pg.18).

So, happiness (Paradise) is the basic premise to work upon - for in that disposition of mind only the optimal growth and development is possible to be had and expressed as the Master puts “ God has created the world so that every flower may grow in its right standard” (SDG- pg.36).

It is a matter of our experience ‘that’ the humane nature has become ‘alien’ to the species ‘Homo Sapiens’ and man is overburdened with ‘animal consciousness’, which in any case already exists in everyone. The onslaught of T.V. and other media is adding fuel to the fire and is causing havoc. The qualities of aggression, impulsiveness, jealousy, greed and so on in the minds of people in general and the atmosphere are well known to us.

As the Master puts “ Mankind is groping in the darkness of materialism. Fear, greed and jealousy have gripped the man and every sense of value is lost. Only the torch of Spirituality can remove the oppressing gloom and restore the real man” (SDG- pg.123).

In order to restore the “real man” there is the advent of a new era in spirituality with the birth of Revered Lalaji Maharaj on 02 Feb1873 (SDG - pg.9) and Sri Ramchandraji Maharaj perfected the system and the methods. He made available to humanity all his works and researches. The Special Personality has said, “Spiritual renaissance has already commenced, and India shall again lead the world, no matter how long a time it may take. The world will soon realize that no nation on the surface of the earth can survive without spirituality as its base …”(SDG- pg 84).

We find similar thoughts expressed by Dr.K.C.Varadachari, the Master of the Order “NATURE DEMANDS THAT UNIVERSAL BROTHERHOOD BECOMES A FACT BEFORE IT TAKES UP THE WORK OF DIVINISATION OF MAN. (Capitals not in original). The thought of brotherhood, which was one of essential sharing in the tribal cultures to the concept of tolerance of others views in the modern world, is by itself an interesting study in the evolution of Man. But his destiny is far beyond, almost a journey to the infinite. The Divine will to find its expression of its Glory in Nature has but found so far little success. Human being with its meal of ‘selfishness’ has been obstructing the expression of Divinity in him and so of Nature. NATURE IS JUST IMPATIENT AND THE DIVINE PERSONALITY (REV, BABUJI – AUTHOR) IS EQUALLY INTERESTED TO EXPEDITE THE DIVINISATION OF MAN – THE HOPE OF GOD – WHO CREATED HIM IN HIS IMAGE- meaning thereby that he is granted the original thought – the kingly aspect in Man and Nature.

The New Darshana is for those who participate in the Divine Work of Divinising Man- rather than those who seek individual transformation. The assurance of Master that He is taking care of every abhyasi and that every abhyasi should spread the message means that everyone should actively participate in bringing about simplicity, purity and fraternal feeling in all, not worrying about his own realization. It is not therefore meant that one should not have the craving. It is a must, it is the promise and it is the beginning. But that it is not the work of the Master nor is it His mission. (Complete Works of Dr. K.C.V.-Vol-1 pg-583, 1st edition)

Therefore to make the world ‘a Paradise’ the Supreme Personality came into Being at the end of the year 1944. In the words of Sri K.C. Narayana “In order to achieve His objective the Supreme Personality had to totally efface Himself and allow only His consciousness to work. The form and name of the Personality has really no significance. It is a great experiment where the fundamentals of the concept of personality itself is transcended. Any personality can be understood only with a name and form. In this novel example the Divine has made it possible for a human being to transcend these limits and It has expressed itself in all its nobility and grandeur in Revered Babuji. That is why often the Master used to say “search for me where I am”. The Upanishadic statement “Ishavasyam idam sarvam” has become real in the case of this human being and He was spread through the Universe and is to be experienced in every atom and its sub particles. The Divine has shown through the possibilities of the human consciousness to become synchronomous with the Divine. The task of the Supreme Personality is to make the animal man, man first and then transform him into a Divine being who is the real man. Such a transformation is possible only when the flow of thought and consciousness in the human is diverted from the animal and bestial instincts to the Divine. This task He has commenced and is carrying on. The call to the Human is clear and transformation is bound to happen.

He has also taken upon Himself the responsibility of the dire necessity to cleanse the sky of human consciousness of the diseases of greed, jealousy and avarice. He has also taken upon Himself the task of cleansing the atmosphere of the physical, vital, mental and spiritual impurities and the effect of the same is already visible.” (Path Of Grace-1st edition –pg. 96-98).

The Master exhorts in this sentence of seminar topic “but for that we have to work very hard”, so that one can have greater harmony and happiness in all walks of life. A life of Contentment and total dedication to express the Divine Resource is had through growth and transformation and successfully participate in the Divine endeavour.

All of us are aware that the system of Natural Path has two vital components.

1. Role of the abhyasi: - Practicing the methods of meditation (including the meditations on Point ‘A’ and Point ‘B’) and purification together with implicit practice of Ten Commandments.

The attitudes that are essential to be developed are: 1. Due attachment 2. Trusteeship 3. Sacrifice. 4.Sharing. 5. Co-operation. 6. Non-prejudicial and non-judgmental nature 7. Positive outlook. 8. Confidence. 9. Kindness .10. Empathy 11. Contentment 12. Moderation 13. Balance. There are many more also to be developed.

2. Master’s support through Pranahuti: - The influxes of Pranahuti are most essential and can be had only during individual sittings with the trainers, during the Satsangs (group meditations) and during annual congregations (Bhandaras).

The trainer has got an onerous responsibility in this Divine endeavour of transformation of man by commitedly working for Master as a humble servant of His as a fraternal duty towards the aspirants. This is the most sacred transaction that is available in the system of Natural Path. The essentials for trainer are known to them. The work demands –

1. Diversion of flow from Lower heart to Upper heart.

2. Diversion of consciousness towards Atman Point.

3. Awakening of spiritual states after cleaning of chakras and through yatra.

4. As the Master puts “That is, first of all, the teacher should destroy the old edifice, then erect a new edifice without bricks and mortar. This is the help that the grown-up child should be given under such surroundings”. (SDG - pg.45) And Moulding is Preceptors Business. (SDG -pg.54)

5. Owning of the conditions is most essential for the work to be effective and all trainers have to work hard on themselves and also on those coming for training. The Master says that, “This can be best introduced by those who have imbibed the real characteristic within their own centres: who know how to draw in the power and piety from the higher centres to the lower ones, and who can transmit the effect into the abhyasi so that they may adopt the same character………”(SDG- pg.58). The abhyasi has to cooperate willingly and as the Great Master puts “… if anybody wants that he should get benefited, he should encourage himself to cultivate right faith, right cognition and right morals.” (SDG-pg.65)

We, the travelers on the Natural Path are aware of the progressive refinement of our consciousness by practicing the methods given under the system and the impact of the unique Pranahuti influxes into our hearts. We are able to lead contented, happy and balanced lives with eagerness to serve the Master as He wants us to. All of us are striving to mould our lives in the spirit of the 9th Commandment of the Master. Still a long way to go. Let us continue to be humble servants of Divine forever and beyond the corridors of time. In the words of Revered Dr. K.C.V. “ ….The Ten Commandments, the practice of meditation are but uniforms that the sadhaka has to wear. No doubt they are to be pure and perfectly ironed. But that is only a preparation. The individual elevation in consciousness is but a step in the greater task of Divinisation of Man. If every abhyasi really believes in the Master, he has the onerous responsibility of shedding through his actions and behaviour the Radiance of the Divine Personality deeply imbedded in him. He should be conscious of the fact that he is a walking temple, in as much as Master is present in his heart.” (Complete Works of Dr. K.C.V.- Vol.1-1st edition-pg.584)

So my dear brothers and sisters let us work hard on ourselves under the guidance of the Master, Pray at 9 P.M. with confidence and courage. The theory of Parallelism is the scientific basis for that faith and confidence. Then as the Master puts it “No doubt, the world would be Paradise, but for that we have to work very hard”, becomes real through our participation in this Divine endeavour.