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Seminar on "No doubt the world will be paradise, but for that we have to work very hard"

2. Smt Bh Devasena

In the present day situation the world is filled with unrest and disorder. There are tensions and commotions prevailing everywhere. There is not even a single day which passes off peacefully. Every minute there is news of terrorist activities in some parts of the world where several people are getting killed. There is no safety and security of the people to live peacefully.

People are trying their best to bring in peace in the world at national and international levels by adopting different ways and means. Despite the stern methods adopted by the people and the government, it is becoming impossible to bring in peace as expected since the severity of the situation is beyond our control.

In this context Revered Master in his message “Spiritual way of life” mentioned that “world peace is closely related with the peace of the individual for which one has to take into account the inner state of one’s mind. If man’s mind is brought to the state of peace and order everything in the outside world will get into order in the same colour” (extract page 18-SDG)

He also said “… As it is, individual minds which themselves lack peace and tranquility are trying to establish peace in the world. Isn’t it ridiculous? The only way open to mankind is to take to the spiritual way of life which is unfortunately absent today leading to all this chaos…” (extract of page 19-SDG)

For making the world a paradise we need to bring peace into the world. Revered Master had said that we have to work very hard. It means we cannot attain peace very easily.

Revered Master had mentioned “ What we have to do is only to have a strong grip always on Divinity”(extract page 159-SDG) How can we have grip always on Divinity? It is only by our total dependence on God which is our true nature. Our original nature of depending on God has slowly got drifted over a period of time and we have become independent exhibiting of our own greatness of expression, our capabilities to create and destroy. This has lead to narrow mindedness, confining to oneself loosing access to a broader vision, developing feelings of prejudice, hatred, jealousies etc. This evil thinking has made a person egoistic. The irregular tendencies of mind is the cause of all these. To bring about regulation in an individual mind one has to take to a spiritual way of life. But however it is difficult to practice a spiritual method by self-effort. One certainly requires continuous support of a capable Master.

To the fortune of the humanity we have a capable Master Sri Ramchandraji Maharaj of Shahjahanpur who has bestowed humanity with the Natural path by which an individual can get transformed to a perfect human being. Master’s continuous support through Pranahuti is assured.

Even though the method is simple it is not easy. Lot of determination is required to practice the method. That is why Master had said we have to work very hard. Revered Master says” We have to gird our loins to sacrifice our pleasures and shake off idleness, so that all of us can rise as sun of spirituality. (Sparkles and Flashes) The commandments given by our Revered Master have to be practiced and over a period of time, they should become natural as our way of living. In the course of sadhana there are ups and downs and many times there are situations of disappointments, which hamper our movement further. In the message, “ Love Him who loves all”, Revered Master had mentioned that, “ I never felt disappointed and worked single handed and the result is before us all. I have full confidence in myself with the Masters hand at my back and it has always worked. The same thing I want from all of you.”

Many times we are not confident about ourselves and also of the Master’s support, not having confidence in one self is because of the reason that our original nature of dependence on God is still not understood. We think we are the doers. When we yield to the Master as a ‘bandha’ we can never get disappointed of His support or loose confidence in ourselves. Regular sadhana alone makes us understand the dependency on Master and strengthen our faith in Him.

Only when there is confidence in ourselves, which is backed by the support of Master, we can offer prayer for the betterment of others. 9’O clock prayer becomes meaningful only then. We should offer prayer without anticipation of results. Earlier there was a misconception in my mind that persons will join the system as a result of my prayer which is true but later I could understand the ego and doer-ship behind the prayer, now gradually I am able to come out of it. Now prayer is offered with confidence in Master and without anticipation of results. Master has mentioned that we should work very hard meaning thereby that we should be persistent. Tolerance and patience are required to achieve the desired result. We should relentlessly work without loosing the hope. Revered Master had taught us to always have positive attitudes and negative thinking is never accepted.

The attractions in the world are so much that many times they pull us down and we get drifted away from the path. Sadhana aided by individual sittings from the trainers and satsangs alone keep us on the path and enable us to move steadily.

Revered Master says “I want capable men and women to help me in the task ahead”. (Page 159 SDG). Yes, I am sure all of us are ready to participate in the Master’s task of making the world a paradise by individual transformation and thereby restoring peace in the world. Each one of us have a definite role to play in this endeavor of spreading the message of Master. Maintaining purity is a must in this regard. We have to own up conditions given by our trainers only then it becomes possible to convey the message of Master in an effective manner.

Revered Master had said “I am hoping that a day will come when spirituality will run after all of us if our trainers are so willing to have the idea for the betterment of the people in all respects.” (Page159 SDG). By this I understand that our transformation into selfless beings will enable us to play our role in the betterment of the people in all respects for which, willingness is a prerequisite. We should serve the society. The Sahaj Seva Samasthan formed by the disciples of Sri Ramchandra is aiming to do such selfless service to our fellow beings in the fields of education, medical care etc.

When the services are rendered in these fields selflessly then the society will soon gain confidence that the values, which were lost, are regained back and they also will definitely understand that this is possible only by spiritual way of living. In this respect also, the disciples of Sri Ramchandra have to work hard by willing to sacrifice their pleasures, time and develop an attitude of service etc. To start with one must develop sharing little amount of earnings for a noble cause (selfless act). This becomes natural when we move to upper plane of consciousness. However there should be a beginning by every one of us.

Following system of PAM is helping all of us to lead a happy and peaceful life under all circumstances. Balance is getting restored. There is contentment in life and further enabling us to think as to what best we can do for the good and happiness of others also. Feelings of disappointments are coming down and courage is getting boosted day by day by developing faith and confidence in Revered Master.

The sentence of Revered Master “Love Him who loves all” is reverberating in our hearts always.

Thank you.