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Seminar on: When we are out of Reality we become Satan


9. Sri Raja Ratna Sai

When we feel Divine is with us and we are basically Divine we are not feeling disturbed.

When I perceive things get attached to things I feel the desire irritation ,sorrow all feelings I get .Fear when I get attached to some things mind mends the ways to get it and I become satan in that moment. When I start accepting what ever is happening as per His plan and when things happen I develop an inner feeling that let me not mend it to get maximum satisfaction and also not to neglect what is happening for my good only, then I am away satanity. As Sir said when ever lower thought come in mind and try to take over I feel the Master inside then these thoughts bid good-bye and dissipate themselves. Basically I am convinced that I am divine by nature and due to some attractions other than divine I suffer, I am not falling into prey of satan. A vigilant mind always makes one to be beware of this and the necessary strength is given by the Master for the same.