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Seminar on "No doubt the world will be paradise, but for that we have to work very hard"

6. Sri. N.V. Madhava Rao

The topic of the seminar, “No doubt the world will be paradise, but for that we have to work very hard” depicts the very purpose of existence of the practicants of PAM.

Master in this sentence is addressing the confidence and the collective effort that is required in making this world a paradise.

Each person has an idea of a paradise. This idea changes from person to person based on his cultural back ground, his upbringing, his beliefs, his convictions, his dream/vision and apart from many other influences, his religious inclination.

The concept of paradise has to be understood first. Paradise is a plane where happiness is there. And we all know happiness is different from pleasure. It is common experience that everybody feels happy when he is contended, when he serves, when he shares with others etc. as the saying goes “Happiness is doubled and sorrow is halved, when shared”. The basis of happiness is contentment, service, sharing etc., which are spiritual qualities. It is only the spiritual base that can lead man to a state of happiness.

Master in this phrase is talking about the world that we all are a part of. He is saying that no doubt, it will be a paradise, it means that it is not so at the moment. This may raise a question, as how can God’s creation not be a paradise. There is nothing wrong with the creation but it is the use/misuse of it that has brought things to this pass. It was a paradise, but it is the use/misuse of the capacity of thought (which was endowed by God to man) for individual benefit rather than for the benefit of all, has brought about the downfall. It has the potential of becoming a paradise, nay it will be a paradise as long as we all work towards making it one.

The confidence that it will be a paradise is based on the fact that it is God’s creation and our beloved master Sri Ramchandraji Maharaj of Shahjahanpur is the personality restoring the balance that was lost. In his work Reality at dawn, Our beloved master states, “A type of civilization based on spiritualism will spring forth in India and it will, in due course, become the world civilization. No country or nation will survive without spirituality as its base” (DR-120,121). It is this civilization that will indicate that the world has indeed become a paradise.

Our beloved master is exhorting us to work hard in making this world a paradise. It is aimed at removing the myth “I don’t have to do anything with an explanation that everything has already been taken care by the master”.

There is a role for everybody without exception, more so for people practicing PAM as we have accepted the master, which means his mission.

The first step required on part of practicants of Pranahuti Aided meditation is living at upper level of consciousness where the principles of truth, Non-injury, Non-Covetousness, Non-stealing and living in consonance with the Divine are followed in thought, word and deed. These are values that can be followed by everybody and are universal.

From the upper level of consciousness, transform into the cosmic consciousness, then to the Para cosmic consciousness and ultimately into the Sri Ramchandra consciousness.

The effort put in transforming is with the intention of tilting the balance of collective consciousness towards Sri Ramchandra Consciousness, and also assisting the rest of the population move towards Sri Ramchandra consciousness.

The reason as why it is very hard work is that, we have segregated the spiritual from the worldly. And we see them as two separate entities. Actually both are integral. And since we spend most of our time in the worldly or say mundane, we have got into a habit of seeing everything from that angle only. Every lesson we learn in spirituality is to make us perform better in life and every lesson we learn in the worldly life is to help us grow spiritually.

Every injury has to renew our strength, every insult has to give us more confidence, every misery a more love, every loss has to enhance our faith, every success has to make us more humble, every reprimand a new resolve, every failure a new found zeal, every taunt and rebuke more nearness …. and every minute an opportunity in working towards the mission of the master.