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The following work is a compilation of the talks and articles of Revered Sri K.C.Narayana one of the most ardent and illustrious disciples of the great master. This is the ninth volume in the continuing series of articles and talks of Sri K.C. Narayana. The articles and talks in this volume have been delivered over a period of the last two years and show his continuous spiritual development and dynamic approach towards the subject. Sri K.C.Narayana has been helping the aspirants in the path of Pranahuti Aided Meditation over the past four decades.

He has been a source of inspiration to many aspirants as he enabled them to develop spiritual discipline and disciplined them himself.

Sri K.C. Narayana's presentation of the system has always been extremely practical with high emphasis on the usage of the system of Pranahuti Aided Meditation in daily life rather than on the philosophical or the vedantic interpretations.

This quality of presentation is amply evident in all the talks and articles in this publication. There are quite a large number of practical hints which have been given for the benefit of the ardent aspirants of the system in this book and the author does not waste time dwelling on unimportant aspects of the system of Pranahuti Aided Meditation in this volume.

I do hope the readers find glimpses of his love and stern appeals in the articles and speeches now published in a cohesive from we hope will enable the aspirants to have a more clear perception of the Great Masters Rajayoga.

We would like to offer our thanks to Imperience and Bro. K.C. Srikrishna for having compiled the articles and having made it available for publication.