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Craving of the Soul


Before I take up the assignment given to me on talking about the "Craving of the Soul", more as a dialogue with you than a monologue, I would like to, if it may be called so a digression from the theme of the training program. We met on the occasion of the training course as well as a part of the Janmastami celebrations that we are having. The Lord says "Manmanaa bhava madbhakto madyaajee maam namaskuru; Maamevaishyasi satyam te pratijaane priyo'si me." He assures "Manmanaa bhava" please be in my consciousness, be devoted to me - "madbhakto", "madyaajee maam namaskuru" - understand that you have got to offer your salutations to me, the Lord says so. Also he assures that you are dear to me - "priyo'si me" and our Great Master Babuji Maharaj echoes the same feeling. Without this idea of total surrender to the Great Master all the time getting ourselves oriented to his consciousness, being devoted to him and having the confidence that we are dear to him. He is dear to us most of us agree. Please recognize that he says that we are dear to him. There are other talks by other people where they will be talking about the concept of yawning towards the circumference where they will talk about the love of the Great Master.

I thought a few words may help you maintain the consciousness. I share with you.
O Love I give myself to thee thy never only thine to be.

O Love, not a Master here, we are calling him Love, we are dear to him, he is our lover, I give myself to Thee, thy never only thine to be. I am yours and forever yours. I remembered one more where a great seeker tells us, co-seekers
"Has thou not heard his silent steps he comes, comes ever comes".

My idea in telling this thought is, during meditation we know that he comes to you more consciously, more vividly, you are aware of the deep silence, the deep silence of love, the intimacy between only the lover and the beloved. The intimacy and silence is unique, individual and cannot be compared with anybody else because such comparisons have been made saying that so and so person is more blessed, so and so person is less blessed. All are blessed. God's love knows no limitations. While it is an individual relationship for us, for him it's a unique relationship with all. With these few thoughts on Srimad Bhagavad Gita, I move on to the subject "Craving of the Soul".

This is a message that was given almost at the fag end of the material existence of our Babuji Maharaj i.e on 30th April 1981. Before this, let me assure you, one small sentence which I shared just now with my brothers. When I talk about "O Master", I talk about the Master who has all the masters of the yore in him. This special personality has got in him all the past masters and there is no question of your trying to distinguish between the Master and Lord Krishna. A point that was made clearer in his letter to Dr. K. C. Varadachari when clarifications were sought on a dream of Lord Krishna. The mistake that you have done Varadachari, he says "I am ashamed to answer this question. Since you differentiated between me and him, Krishna disappeared". That is broadly, literally it is not that but that is the thought that was conveyed. The same thought I convey to you and I request you to not to differentiate between Lord Krishna and our Master just as it has been my request earlier not to differentiate between Lalaji Maharaj and Babuji Maharaj. Inspite of it, there are certain abhyasis who write to me saying that we feel more attached to Lalaji, some people write to me saying that we felt the grace of the Master coming from Lalaji. I think this type of psychological aberrations must be put down. They are chitta vaikalyam. We can't accept it, please come out of all these things and remember the one Master.

"Dear Brothers", this is what Master writes. Significantly there is omission of "Sisters" here I don't know why. I leave it to you to imagine. "Man is generally charmed so much by the environment as he has made for himself unconsciously, that he seldom thinks of rising above it". That is we generally say the environment is like this and all that but it is not the environment some abstract concept but that environment is what we have made. It is our making, "environment as he has made for himself unconsciously". He does not know that he is creating his own environment and he puts the question just as you and I would like to put. "How is it possible Sir that I should make such an environment like this?" "But how this is to be made possible? When we ponder over it, we find that we have set up in us a community of thoughts, feeding it with impulses, nurtured in the nursery of the brain, views from all corners resound the same note in their ears giving additional strength, and intensifying the effect of the environment further." Fairly a long sentence which has got enormous load. I would like to draw your attention to the thought "community of thoughts". We know the "community of men" do you know the "Community of thoughts"? Have you ever heard this expression? But then this was given in 1981 and today we are in 2001. For 20 years we did not think about it? I am not criticizing you. I am only trying to tell how seriously we view at the literature that has been passed onto us. What is this "community of Thoughts"? For your information, I again invite your attention to Lord Krishna who talked about a "pravritti" and a "nivritti". A daivi pravritti and an asuri pravritti - two things he talked. There are people who are God oriented, Godly in nature. There are people who are ungodly in nature. That's a community, a community of asuras. Do we belong to the community of asuras or do we have the thoughts which belong to the community of devas? That is the crux. Where do we live? "community of thoughts" What thoughts? Thoughts are not abstract concepts. Thoughts are what we are suffering from or enjoying, either way you can put it. You can say you are enjoying the thought or you are suffering the thought but then it is yours, it is a concrete thing, it is not an abstract idea. We tend to abstract because mathematics has taken enormous precedence in our head as a science of sciences, as the mother or the father or the grandfather of sciences. You can use any word you like. This attitude of trying to make things abstract in sadhana is what actually ails, is one of our problems. If you get to know what exactly is the thought you are suffering from perhaps you will definitely come out of it. Instead, all the abhyasis that I have come across, I ask several questions they will say "several thoughts have come Sir", I say "ok what are those thoughts? What is the nature of the thought? Were they divine, were they undivine, were they beastly, were they animalish or human or just some abstract concept of an Einstein's theory". I don't think we suffer from such concepts of Newton's theory or Einstein's theory or somebody else's theory when we meditate, they don't come. What we get is either an animal thought or a human thought or a divine thought or something like that but we don't want to classify that. We would like to classify it as "thoughts come Sir, disturbing Sir". I don't know what is it that is being disturbed. How balanced you were earlier to say that you are disturbed now? That also I do not know. I am now posing questions to you so that you may ask me in turn. I would not like to give an answer for this because I can be going on talking like this or as Babuji has written we can read the whole thing and then say we have understood but then have we understood this?

"When we ponder over it, we find that we have set up in us a community of thoughts, feeding it with impulses," we give weight for it, feeding it with impulses "nurtured in the nursery of the brain", that is yours, nobody else has given these thoughts. The asuri thought is yours, the daivi thought is yours, it is your making, it is your nursery. Had you put proper manures, had you put the proper seeds, you would have definitely got a beautiful flower, you would not have got a thorn. The much adored flower now a days, the rose, has got invariably certain thorns with it. I think it typically signifies what is the brain of a modern man. He has got some roses along with it he has got also thorns. It is necessary that we should remove these thorns before we offer it to God. Nobody offers the roses along with thorns in a garland, either for God or for men. It's our duty. If you are not capable of getting only flowers like a Jasmine without the thorns then I think you should be prepared to do the weeding job. If you are a fortunate one, ok happy.

"Views from all corners resound the same note", that is according to your nature of thoughts any view expressed by other is viewed from that context. An opportunity for spiritual growth, suppose we say, is there and you are having an asuric mind you would use it to manipulate others to make them think that you are a great guru. This has been done, I am not talking any abstract things. People tend to become demonical gurus, who would like to have other people as pashus. They don't have any difficulty in converting into a Guru Pashu as Babuji puts it, because you have nurtured your brain like that; your thoughts are like that, when some input comes to you, you view it from that angle only. Any input that you are looking at it, suppose you are looking at it negatively it means that you are already having such type of notions. You already have got negative attitude in your head. As Lalaji Maharaj puts it, he says "You cannot see a blemish in others unless you have got a blemish in you". It is impossible he says. The same concept is what is being explained here when he says that "Views from all corners resound the same note in their ears giving additional strength" so what does it do? When I get some input I try to use it either for my good or bad and it gives additional strength, either for the good or the bad "and intensifying the effect of the environment further". So the environment is something that is in your head but not outside, because it is a situation as viewed by you. We are not talking about the gross physical environments because the subject under consideration is one of thought, one of divinity and one of meditation. We are not talking about the amount of pollution that is available in a cement factory. That pollution is physical and it doesn't give a load in your head unless you have got an odd notion that cement itself is bad for the world. You can't help it, that production process has got that problem. A hospital throws a lot of pollution outside, all sorts of syringes and all sorts of dirty material is thrown out. That is a way of disposal that you are taught but you can't help it. Nobody thinks about that pollution when he sits in meditation. They are not part of our internal environment. They are part of the external environment. Most of us give excuses of these disturbing thoughts that we have got and then say "This helplessness of man may be treated as his defence". Most of us would argue "Sir, unfortunate fellow he is suffering from those thoughts", we try to talk on behalf of him and take a defense for him. Some people do that.

"But I would say, when once we have realised that these are the spoiling agents, it means some diversion has come in." That is, if you at least understand that these are the spoiling things some diversion has already happened. You are thinking in terms of how to get rid of it. You know that it is something bad, so when you know that it is a spoiling agent you would definitely try to come out of it. "This may be taken as the first step towards vairagya or renunciation". My question to most of you would be have you felt so? Is this so? When he says this is the first step of Vairagya and Vairagya is the first step in the path of Adhyatmika Yatra have you got at least this awareness that your mind is polluted, that it is giving you enormous problems and that you have to get out of it or are you enjoying that pollution? It becomes suffocating for me when some people use all sorts of deodorants (as they call it) on their body and in the room and then I say 'what is this suffocating experience I have got'. They enjoy it, I suffer from that. That we are capable of enjoying filth is something that you and I should honestly accept because most of your attachments are just that, but we enjoy it. Everybody knows eating a masala dosa gives a very bad stomach and perhaps a nuisance to others by his side, but then how many relish it. The filth is relished. I am sorry if there are any admirers of masala dosa here but definitely it is not something that is

      1. conducive for health,

      2. it is not conducive for the environment because you are going to make it foul

      3. your mouth smells bad and you cannot talk to a person nearby

and inspite of all this things you enjoy the filth, right or wrong? Don't think that Babuji's statement that we don't enjoy filth. We enjoy filth. Have you come to the conclusion that we should not enjoy filth? That is the first step of renunciation. We enjoy the pornographic material, we also enjoy the terror or the violence. We seem to have an inherent capacity of being a tiger or a lion and incapable of being so in reality, you would like to be so atleast virtually. Why people enjoy this type of terror pictures or terror stories is, they would like to be one such. Every person who is a great admirer of detective fiction is basically a person who is a criminal in mind and since he would not dare to become one because of the social constraints he becomes virtually one by reading that. This of course takes you to Freud - you better read Freud. I won't talk about it because that man has talked much better, more authoritatively he talked about it. There are basic instincts of "Eros and Thanatos" as he puts it, in love and death and then both these things are governing you. They are impulses, drives, you can't help it. That takes you to the concept of Kama and Krodha being accepted by Babuji as divine gifts. But once he says that it is a divine gift I think I have not come across a perverse sadhaka so far who would say that he would enjoy the gift given. I have not come across. I should not be surprised if I come across one because we are capable of such twistings. Babuji himself has said Sir that this is so, so I would like to be that. The devil quoting the scripture, it does it.

"This may be taken as the first step towards vairagya or renunciation, and our thought is then set on something better and nobler." Once we want to get out of these things naturally our thought is the other side. "Our duty is to grasp it firmly." These suggestions come to you during your mediations that you should come out of it, you definitely get it and he says it is your duty to grasp it. Master is not going to grasp it for you. Master enables an environment in which such a thing is possible for you "and stick to it at all cost." No, "Sir, I know that I should get up early in the morning but I am not able to get up". That is, you have got the Viveka to know that you should get up, you know that your sloth is not going to help, you know the message is given and you have got the experience of the awareness of that much of Viveka, but you don't hold it, you don't want to stick to it at all cost. I must do sadhana for one hour, that much of awareness is there. Babuji says it should be one hour. He clearly says it is one hour. The reasons we have explained at other places as why it should be one hour, you also know that it should be one hour but still your body does not help. I have got certain abhyasis who will say that their physical body does not permit it, but then the ass must obey. The body does not permit is no excuse, the body is an ass and it should obey. It is a pashu. When I call it an ass I don't mean anything derogatory about it. Ass is one of the noblest of animals. It is a beast of burden; it does so much of work for others. The idea behind it is it carries. An ass is something that carries. It carries the burden of my soul therefore it is an ass. No derogatory statement involved, understand the meaning of the word ass. It's a beast of burden and it carries me and then it wants to misbehave and it says no I want rest. You say take rest after 15 minutes not now. It is only 45 minutes since you sat you, sit for another 15 minutes and then you will be given your feed, not now. No, no we get up. There are certain odd notions amongs the people because we say that you maintain the posture as far as possible, they say, 'Sir I had to forcibly change it'. Why are you so much vexed about that problem? If you have to change it, change and keep quiet. Why are you giving an idea to it? If the Ass gives a jolt we are not going to stop the journey is it not? If it gives a jolt, let it give; we are going, we will go further. Why are you obsessed about that jolt and then take it as an excuse to get up? You are throwing the blame on the ass, actually the blame is with you. So grasping it firmly is what we want.

"The renunciation develops automatically in our system" this is one of the highest of traps because Babuji puts it "It automatically happens" so 'it should automatically happen Sir'. All other things he has said early is forgotten and this sentence alone is taken. This is one of the traps, your mental traps. The sloth in you gives you the trap, the laziness in you gives you the trap, the animal in you gives you the trap, please note it. Here the point is, in our system what is being done is, there is a diversion of the flow from the lower to the upper as has been explained in the "Efficacy of Rajayoga" because of that this particular wisdom comes to you and he says the original impulse, you know, the first impulse that comes to you. "But I would say, when once we have realised that these are the spoiling agents, it means some diversion has come in." For this you don't have to do "Swaadhyaya Pravachanecha", for this you don't have to do sravana; for this you don't have to do manana. You don't have to know that it is wisdom to get up early in the morning and not to sleep further. It is wisdom to think about the permanency of God and impermanency of this material life. It is wisdom. For that we have been asked to read lot of literature in tradition so that every day you go on hearing that, understand the importance of that, and all that work has been done by the Master by the twist that is given to you, by the upliftment that is given to you in your heart from the lower portion to the upper portion as has been explained in the "Efficacy of Rajayoga." That is what is automatically happening, that is what the divine impulse does, not your development of Vairagya - that is your headache. You have to catch it, you have to live up to it. That is the owning up the condition. I hope I am clear if there is any difference of opinion on this, please kindly explain to me because I know this is one of the traps. Everybody would expect that he should develop the renunciation because it is a matter of gift from the divine. Gift from the divine is the diversion of the flow. It is your duty, once that flow is diverted, to stick on to that. It is a relay race, you have got to take the relay and then move on. If you miss the relay you wait for the next time. Any doubts please raise because it is Bodhyanti Parasparam for us. I am a sadhaka and I continue to be a sadhaka forever because I know what is the problem here. If you ask me how do you know, because I was also one. I also thought this will come but after sometime when I thought it has not come, I did not want to throw the blame on the system, but I thought about it and perhaps I am the person to be blamed. Every one of us know that we have not got certain things but then we would like to throw it on the inefficiency of the system itself rather than understand that there are lapses on our part. That is all the meaning of a person who shares. If we cannot be frank with each other I don't think we can have any Bodhayanti at all, Parasparam it will not happen. I can always give a lecture, people have given lectures and it has not helped anybody. We must share, we must understand that the other man has also gone through the same process, then you would like to go and talk to him but then if you want to always suffer in sloth nobody is going to help you. Come out of sloth, know that there is something like permanent and there is something like impermanent. Know there are certain values, know also there are pitfalls. Know that there is always somebody who is prepared to put a snarl around your neck and then drag you by it. Call that attachment to your wife or children, father or mother, grandfather or grand children it does not matter much. Money or otherwise, there is a snarl. You are a dog, you are an animal they put it on your head and then drag you by that. Are you prepared to say No? If you don't say no then nobody can help and that is what this sentence "Our duty", duty because our duty is to realize, our duty is to be free not to be bound. Bound by attachments, bound by other things you have no business to be bound. It is our duty to be free. How many of us understand it? People talk about it is right to be free. Right for freedom is what everybody talked about in politics, here we come across the Master who talks about a duty to be free, uty to realize. It is a primary duty of man to realize - that is what he says. It is our primary duty not only duty, but then have we understood it that way? Our primary duty is to beg. If I may be pardoned, that is the approach of majority of us. 'O Master grant me this, O Master save me from this' and Master says free yourself from the Master. Our ultimate aim is not to be bound by the Master also, free. "Swarajya Mapnnothi","Apnothi Manasaspathim" that is you become the Lord of your own mind, are we? Or are we are having thoughts which chain us all the time, bind us all the time, restrict our movement, constrict our path? Is this not what is happening to us? Is it anybody's making or our own? It is our own and since it is our own, it is our duty to get out of it, nobody has put us in bondage. When the process of meditation that we have got namely thinking that there is a divine light in your heart itself is putting divinity in a cage. Have you thought about this idea? Have you ever read seriously about that particular article? Divinity, which is unbound, unlimited, infinite, all pervasive, we are trying to put it in our heart. That means we are trying to put that into a cage and then he says it flutters and it wants to get out. He says it will definitely try to get out so you also get out along with it, he says and that is meditation, he says. Have you come across this type of thinking elsewhere? Does it not give you the courage to be free? Don't you understand that our right is to be free? Duty to be free, duty to be in the company of the divine? Our interdependency with the divine, is it not the truth? All these thoughts come to you during your mediation. We would like to be free; we would like to have the same calmness. Just now as I was reading Tagore's saying you see he comes, he comes and comes. He seems to be more in need of us than we of Him. The moments that we spend thinking about the Master during our meditation are less than the moments of silence that we enjoy. Can anyone of you deny? Your conscious attempts to remember the Master during meditation is less than the moments of silence that you have got. Is this is not a reassuring factor that God loves us more than we love him? Then why is it that we are not responsible to ourselves? Why is it that we are tending to forget our duty? These are all the basic Viveka that come to you from this Vairagya.

"The goal of life is easily reached if we are devoted to it, having idea of our Master all the way through." This is what I was driving at. "There are different ways of remembering Him constantly." Constant remembrance cannot be confused with bhajan. It is not something very difficult. Most of us are married here, perhaps some are not, so you change the analogy. May be you are one of those fortunate people who have got your spouse here itself, may be you are not. May be you are one of those fortunate people whose parents are here, may be you are not. Immediately directly before your eyes they are not there but the awareness of the spouse or the father or the mother or the children is there with you. You are constantly remembering them, it is not something that has missed your attention even for a second. You are still hearing me and I am still talking to you, the same position obtains in your office, the same position obtains while you go somewhere else. Similarly all the time Master can be remembered by us in whatever we do. Now, tradition as it has come to us with all the impurities that are available, that have been coated onto it, has taught us certain things, namely bhajan is a way of constant remembrance. You must be consciously aware of the divine is the talk or the vein of talk of many systems. Consciously remembering the divine may be an exercise but surely it is not constant remembrance. Everyone suffers from this, it is not your fault. That's one of the faults of the environment it has given you that type of thinking. The input is like that, making us blind to day-to-day experience that we remember our people constantly without uttering their names nor keeping their photographs before us, nor reading the letter that they might have sent you earlier, we remember them, naturally. Then why can't we remember the same way the Master? Here comes the problem, we say that we have to consciously remember the Master, so go on telling Babuji or Ramchandraji or call something else whatever you want and say we are now constantly remembering Him.

"By devotion to the Highest, we make a channel from us to Him that serves as a path to Him." Earlier occasion he has used another thing i.e. when you think about Him you are at one end of the phone and the other end Master is there, the channel is made. He gives this here. If there is a civil engineer here he will think in terms of an irrigation channel, suppose there were to be somebody else in the Net field he will say a channel. I don't know what channels mean, I know only one thing that there is a connection between two points - use any word you like. The moment the person who is devoted rings bell here it is automatically heard there, that's what he says in another occasion. There are 3 or 4 examples he gives only to tell you. Telegraph is one I have already mentioned, bell is another thing that is mentioned, channel is the third thing that you have got. I do not know whether there are any more. It will be left to the institute to go on doing the research as to what are the examples that he has given for the link. What do you mean by the link, let all of us think together, give me your reading in such and such place link is established like this Sir, he has explained this analogy. Then I think we can say when we use the word link this is all what Babuji means. We can give a series of things giving references. That is what an institute is supposed to do. Then only you can tell other person that here is another example given. Just as umpteen number of stories have been given by tradition by the name of Puranas, all the time trying to tell us that there is one God above, there is a superior being. The attempt of Bhagavata is what? only to make us think about the superior being, so many ways so many Puranas, so many good things all the time trying to drill in to our head that there is something more but then you don't have to do it because Pranahuti works all the time. Once you are introduced into the system Pranahuti works all the time. All that is required is just to be constantly aware of it not consciously, but constantly. If you are trying to do it consciously if you are a driver you will get into an accident, if you are a civil engineer you are likely to see that the building falls and if you were to be a surgeon, the patient is unfortunate in your hands. If you are trying to remember the Master when you are actually operating, the patient is unfortunate. You are very fortunate in remembering Him but then he becomes unfortunate, so don't do such things. Don't make a conscious attempt because many people have told this, we tried to be consciously aware of this Sir. You can't do that. The whole method of meditation itself is different, you are asked to suppose that there is a divine light and keep quiet, always allowing it to work in the sub conscious level. So the meditation itself is like that. How can it be different in the case of constant remembrance?

"When the way is cleaned of all dirt and refuse, there will be no difficulty to tread on it." Note the word refuse. The channel that we have got, which we try to create between us, the link we have got, the line we have got, between us and the divine is having a lot of dirt. Ok, dirt is understood and He uses the word refuse. If you have read very seriously the diary sayings of last month you would have noted the word refuse was used in one of the days and that was referring to truth. Truth is a refuse of reality he puts it and this should make many people who are traditional shudder first. What is this concept? Satya being considered as refuse because the ultimate is not going to be confined to the word Satya. It is not going to be confined to the three adjectives of Sat, Chit and Ananda. He is out of this stretch and what is this? this is too heavy for him to hold and that reminds you of the abdomen too heavy to hold so get rid of it, refuse. The purity of God is such that it does not accept this impurity of Sat, Chit and Ananda. This is one of the greatest of statements made by the Master which, there are a quite a few here who have experienced and then they say yes it has gone by. Coming to truth, what is truth? What is refuse? Refuse is the heaviness we said and then what is truth which we consider as refuse? Truth is always with reference to something else. If I make the statement that this is a tumbler then it makes some sense. Truth by itself has no meaning, it is not an abstract concept; truth is a relative concept. A statement is true or false, there is nothing like a truth, per se. If you can identify God and then say this is God then he ceases to be God. So our mental modifications, our thoughts, our thought patterns or the community of thoughts that we have got which dictate most of these things to us, are the dirt and the refuse. And what is that community? Granting all of us are in the divine way, all of us are Daivi Pravritti because we are thinking in terms of the goal, there is a tendency towards the divine. I will not digress here to talk about the Asuric Pravritti which is the normal tenor and talk of all people who attend other religious discourses. I will not do that. Here is company of the divine people who want to move on the path of the Divinity. Now what is that dirt and refuse that we have got? Our notions of what God is, our notions of what is just, our notions of what ought to be the Master, our notions of what should be the experience in Pranahuti, our notions of what it is to be calm. These all are our notions, this is all our dirt, this is the Mala that we have got. Majority of us are suffering from these thoughts only because you have the experience of the silence or the deep calm within you and He comes, comes and comes to tell you that I am with you. Still you don't want to accept it because what is the dirt that is stopping it? your perception, your traditional knowledge which makes you think that it should be a Hari with "Shanka Chakra Gada Pane Dwaraka Nilaya Achhuta". These are the concepts you have got or he should be a "Nagabhushana", he should be residing in Kailas. Ideas which are very very odd, which are not experiences during any meditation of any person. They are the matters of religious literature, I do not deny the fact that they are the matters of religious literature. They are of very high value in understanding our mental states but only to that extent. They are not the real things that they have seen but what they felt. Here I have got a person, may be a few persons here are there who have given me the experiences of seeing a blue lotus. I am happy to note that. Blue lotus is something that is supposed to be available only in Manasarovar, nowhere else in the world. I think most of you know that lotuses are available only in India and blue lotus is available only in Manasarovar and he found it in the heart center, blossoming. Great experience, but that is dirt. Tradition would ask me to think that it's a very great experience but I know it is dirt, it is a refuse, it has to be left behind. Move forward, I can't get stuck to that. I can't get stuck to the HrudayaKamala however great it is, however beautiful it is, however enjoyable it is because these words I have used now. Beauty, connected with your awareness and esthetic sense. Enjoyable is something connected to pleasure. These are the things that give them the value. When I say I have to go beyond the sensory organs then where is the question of beauty, where is the question of pleasant? It is neither pleasant nor unpleasant that's what the Master says when you come to reality it is that, so it is God. God is neither pleasant nor unpleasant and those of you who would like to be more ethical than most perhaps may disagree with me when I say he is neither good nor bad. Good or bad are appropriate or inappropriate situations that we come across or we face in our day-to-day life. They are given by one Manu and not by God. Manusmrithi granted and Ambedkar Smrithi also granted, I have no objection. What does it matter? Somebody gives some code, but they are codes of social behaviour, good and bad, legal and illegal. From the absolute point of view, when you come to the stage of Neti-Neti, ethical propositions lose their value, it's also dirt. Can we therefore apply the concept that it is dirt in a social behavior, surely not, and that is what Babuji Maharaj and Lalaji Maharaj say that in a society you follow the rules of the society. If you go to a place behave as people who go to that place behave. If you go to a Smasan, even when you have got the greatest of the Vairagya that the body is something that is perishable don't laugh there, try to put the feeling of feeling sorrow. Don't say that I am a realized fellow, I know this body is perishable, there is no need for you to worry. Don't try to tell the slokas of Gita, "na 'nusocanti panditah". If you are a panditah, be a panditah in your home not in the Smasan. If you go to the smasan behave as a person who should behave like that. If you go to a temple behave like a person who goes to the temple. If you have got to do certain things in some places, go to a club, ok go to the club and behave according to the rules of the club. When you come to the meditation class, do the meditation properly don't try to tell something else here. There is some etiquette, there are certain rules of behavior which should be followed but ultimately if you look at it from your angle and then go deep into these things then you will know that these things will not have any value and what is the advantage of that feeling? Tolerance. You develop Tolerance, you develop "Titiksha", you develop "Uparati" because of that. If you go to the higher states of consciousness this is what we find and as a victim of some strong notions I can tell you I had occasions of quite a few altercations with my Master on the behavioral patterns of others. I had no patience for that. I was impatient to rectify. Then he used to say no, no, you please wait, it will become alright. I used to say to him that you are a funny person who is trying to compromise all sorts of things, then he said yes I am that only, you will also come to know that what it is. He had his own way of telling. I used to fret and fume many times. The behavior of some people was such odd, obnoxious, even today I will not go back on those words but I have developed tolerance for that obnoxious behavior. On that day I had no tolerance for it, I was impatient. That there is something wrong from a particular point of view or inappropriate from a particular point of view does not cease to be inappropriate at a later date. It continues to be inappropriate but we develop tolerance. If we go to the higher angle to the angle of 'Sub specie aeternitatis', as my father would like to put it, the point of the center when you go to that angle then no angles exist, no angularities of vision exist. So the dirt and refuse will continue to be with you till the last moment and we have to go on. When the way is clear there will be no difficulty to tread on it.

"The path is cleaner in proportion to our devotion." Your devotion means what? Flattery? Trying to keep one photograph of Master before us, whatever posture that we like Put a garland over it, some incense sticks then take a Harathi, if necessary. Those days are not far off because I understand that there are now certain moulds of Master's physical body available. We were having all these days the photographs, may be soon we will be having some sculptures also. Each man will make and the poor Ganesha as I understand has got now other forms than what was originally granted in tradition. He has got so many heads. I don't know whether there is any great Ganesha bhakta here and whether you would object it to the faces that are there and if there were to be a perverse fellow like me he will put some ass's face also along with other faces and then say worship it. What is wrong about it? It is a very very dutiful animal it has been the best one which carried the Great Jesus, you should remember all that. What is wrong about it? If Garuda can be worshipped then ass can also be worshipped. Garuda carried Vishnu, ass carried Jesus, so what? If you can't take these view of things, you are not going to become free. You are going to be bond by the ideas. Get liberated, be prepared to put the most ridiculous preposition on. It does not matter whether it is Babuji also. Problem is one of Devotion. Devotion to what? Devotion to our goal. Devotion not to any person, devotion to the goal. What is your last condition? To be devout. Read "Reality at Dawn" again, read "Efficacy of Rajayoga" again. Then you will understand what is the last stage. Is that to be confused with flattery? Is that to be confused with rituals? Is that to be confused with rites? He is a very devoted person Sir, he attends the satsangh that are conducted regularly. Does it make him more devoted? He comes for all the celebrations of the Master, I have regularly been attending 30 celebrations or 40 celebrations. So what? Even the contractor who sells coffee there has been regularly attending that, has he not been? People have been to Shahjahanpur, the same fellow has been having the stalls there I know that. Has he not been regularly coming? Does it make him spiritually progress? These are all peculiar ideas. Bondages of ideas, community of thoughts we have got, which are detrimental to our progress. Nothing can bind us, nothing shall bind us. So the devotion that we are talking about is the devotion to the goal and if that is there, you will not get stuck by anything else. Then the path can be cleared. If it is something other than that, something that is penultimate as my father would like to put it then you are getting stuck up at that penultimate. That penultimate may be Narayana, that penultimate may be Maha Vishnu, that may be Shankara, that may be Vigneswara, that may be a Nagesha. It does not matter much. What does it matter? At which level you get stuck up what does it matter? We get stuck up. Your heart is very pure, it is as good as a golden cage, would God still reside there? He would flutter and fly. He will not accept your golden cage. I am the most pure being Sir you ought to be staying here only all the time and he will say, sorry gentlemen I have got to go if you want you come with me. We can fly with him.

"You receive a push from the heart, while meditating on Him, to impel you on the way." Is it not a fact? But are we treading the path? Don't we get the push; don't you feel certain amount of release? Is it not felt by some of us as jerks, which makes them move this way or that way? It impels according to the need. Some people feel it light, some people feel it strongly. The same person feels certain times light certain times very strongly. If the resistance is more the push is more if the resistance is less the push is normal. Suppose if you are up the incline you definitely push the cart up, with a firm push.

"The dirt and refuse are our conflicting ideas." People have been asking the question what is Mala? And he has answered, the conflicting ideas. What is conflicting? What do you mean by conflicting here? We seemed to have understood the word conflict but have we? Can any one of you help me in understanding what is this conflicting ideas? "Anukulasya Sankalpa, Pratikulasya Varjanam". Well said. We want to own only that "Anukulasya" and whatever is the "Pratikulasya" we want to get rid off it but we seem to be helplessly facing between this and then the conflict is going on and that is the dirt and that can be got rid of only by your constantly remembering the presence of the Divine which you have experienced during the meditation. This point I tried to make it in my centenary article on 'meditation'. I was trying to stress this point, namely please be aware of the divine call. This morning also I was telling. He is coming is the one positive indication for us to stick on to the path of righteousness and then with a firm grip throw the other one. The negative aspect definitely clings onto you, you have got to throw it out. It's a "Pratikulasya Varjanam" That is a will that has to be done. O Master please help me to come out of this. No, please it is yours. I can only say that I am with you. The Great Krishna said to Partha I am with you, it is for you to have the battle. He never said that I will battle for you. He will never do that. God will never fight your battle it is your headache. He will give the company, give the assurance that the righteousness will win. God is just, He is a Samavarthi. Please note that righteousness will always win. Your difficulty is the negative aspect of it seems to be more attractive in terms of mundane matters. I have to do something for the good of others. I have to sacrifice, not give alms. Giving alms is what some religions talk about. I don't talk about that because Babuji asked you to sacrifice. Sacrifice means giving more than what you can afford. The misfortune is we don't want to give what we can afford also. Even alms we are not free. The only reason is the pressure that you get from the people to whom you are attached, they are the pulling factors. It can be the husband or the wife it does not matter much, or the father or the son. Who stops you from sacrificing? It is they who stop you from sacrifice. It is these attachments that will not allow you to sacrifice. These attachments are temporary. You have got that wisdom already but then still you don't. If you know that I am always with you, please note that I am here to help you, get out of these things and you will still say that Sir I have got a mind which is disturbed because you still as you said it you don't want to choose God and do not know whether you should not choose men. You have not made up your mind and that is the reason for the conflict. The conflict situation is not something that is external to us, it is internal to us. A Shibi could be a Shibi, a Bali could be a Bali because they were prepared to ignore the advises of the well wishers, their alleged well wishers. They said shut up your mouth. "Kare Rajulu", have they not been kings. We are not emperors, we are not Shibis, we are not Balis. We are very very small people having very very small properties but none of us are prepared to leave it for the good of others. Are we? Put a question for yourself. I don't ask anybody to leave as Babuji also does not ask but have that attitude, if it goes don't worry too much. You don't have to give but if it goes are you just prepared to keep quiet? No, you can't help the situation but your mind is just restless because of the attachment and lack of determination on our part. You don't have to sacrifice, sacrifice the attachment at least, that is my request. Don't sacrifice anything, sacrifice the attachment. First leave these attachments. That gives you peace of mind. My approach is not social justice, my approach is not ethical, I am just talking about purely spirituality. If you want to have high quality of meditation the best thing is to leave attachment to these things then where is the conflict? I will give you the right to rule the kingdom, forget for a moment that God who is helping you O Jesus and Jesus said No I will not. I Accept God, I don't want your kingdom because He knows who should be the king or whether he is the king or not. Are we prepared to do that? Don't you think that you want to be all that and have there not been perverse and very odd interpretations of 'flying with both the wings' of the Master, a theory which has been terribly perverted. Can you fly without a skew? Can you ever think of flying high? If the skew is towards the earth you go down to the matter. If the skew is towards the sky you go up. Flying with the both wings means straight fly that means you will only be cruising just like a car, at whatever level you are, at whatever plane you are in. Has this not been one of the most misinterpreted messages of the Master? So these conflicting thoughts that we are talking about are the dirt and refuse. We must get rid of it, without it the road to divinity is not clear, you cannot go.

"While meditating, if you secure even a temporary lull, that means you have gone a step further on the path. You will find the conflicting ideas disappearing, when you are on your way to the path. When you acquire a state of permanency in your meditation, touching the innermost plane, the idea of the Ultimate or God becomes quite near you." This is what I wanted you to remember when I started the talk I gave you this. He comes to us it's a matter of our experience. The deep silence is a matter of experience and not an assertion of somebody. Not a possibility but a real experience of all the people who have gathered here. Every one of us has gone through that and that shows that we are on the path and the divinity is giving its helping hand. If you want to lose that hand it is your choice but if you hold to it firmly you will definitely get rid of the attachments, but here you seem to be having a tug of war. One hand this side another hand other this side you don't know where to go. Have the wisdom to leave it because anyway it will cling. Simply if you say that I have no attachment to wife and children they are not going to go away from you. They are going to be there either you are attached or you are not attached they are going to be there with you. Whatever your attitude they will still be with you. "Rnanubhanda Rupena Bhandu Mitra Suta Daraalayaha". The subject is over. So long as the Rna is there they will be there. They will not be there even one minute afterwards, they will not go one minute earlier. Then why stick to it? They are anyway sticking to us, then why should we stick to it? It is wisdom. They will stick to you. What will they do? I don't care for the kingdom, I don't care for my wife, I don't care for my son but then the kingdom stayed on for some time, the wife stayed on for some time, the son also stayed on for some time, till finally Harischandra got rid of all. One stayed on up to sometime only and afterwards the other connection continued till it is also lost. This happens. If we don't like that example we will think about Dharmaraja in the Mahaprasthana. All the six went together and one after another they dropped and nobody stopped for the other. If they were happen to be the weak souls as we are, they would have simply stopped all sticking together along with their Dhara namely Draupadi and not one step forward afterwards. The wisdom of those souls were that they moved on. Ok, sentimentally it appeals to you something is odd that what is this, this man is talking like this when somebody goes we should move on. What else will you do? Am I not talking any existential proposition? Somebody goes, what else are you going to do. Anyway this is what you are going to do. I am only asking you to have the wisdom that's what you are going to do. I am not asking anything unnatural. If you have to retire, you will retire. Nobody is going to ask you to stay for one minute more. Ok, if he grants you an extension, lease, another one year you will stay afterwards you go. When the time comes you go. Who is going to stop that? No sir, I have got so much of responsibility, I have to clear it off. If this fellow retires me today what am I to do. Whatever you have do you do but that fellow is going to ask you to get out. This is what is going to happen. Ok, it is not so, come to the hospital, you know that person cannot be cured anymore you are going to discharge him. Whether he likes it or not you are going to discharge him. What will happen to me Sir I am like this? If I go home nobody is there to care for me I will stay here. You say no the bed has to be vacated some better patient is there perhaps he will get cured, nobody can save you, you better go home. Is that not what you say? Can you hold onto a place more than the required time? more than the just time? you will not be asked to stay. You can fool yourself thinking that you can have an eternal existence. Be prepared for the day when you should say good-bye. It gives us momentary happiness saying that you are on the path and still we are not determined. We are not determined to leave the filth, the dirt, and the negative forces. Why? Why does it happen?

"While meditating, if you secure even a temporary lull, that means you have gone a step further on the path." This I would request all the brothers and sisters here to kindly remember that the Master's company is there and is assuring you that we are on the path because this temporary lull is something that is a matter of common experience. Is it very peculiar to our system? My answer is Yes. I have read literature where they said "Can you not grant me at least a moment of silence, peace? Can I not have that vision even for a second?" There are people who have sung "I had that vision for a fraction of a second or for one minute that is enough for me for my entire life to carry on". Have they not said it? Granted, that is also not very acceptable to you. Have you not heard the song of Annamacharya who says "Ippuditu Kalaganti" he was more than happy with one dream where he saw the Lord and then said this is enough. This is enough experience for me. What happened to our civilization? Have we lost our gratitude? Those great saints, those great people who had momentary experiences of the Divine were grateful for that particular one second or two seconds of experience that they remembered it through their life, made that a sheer anchor of faith and why is it we require everyday so many moments of calmness. Is this not a repeated experience that we have got? And have we developed that much of faith in God? I would request you as sadhakas to answer me this question. Don't answer me, answer yourself, answer God. Gratefulness seems to be something that seems to have been lost in the process of modernization. Civilization seems to have taught us how to be ungrateful. The Divine is telling us every second that I am with you and we ought to be grateful but then we are not. Are you firm? The answer is deep in your heart, it says Yes!. That is the craving of the soul. I attract your attention to another message of the Master where he says "We are moving towards the home land". One of the first messages that is given in our CD is that. It says we are moving towards our homeland. Every one of us is moving towards our homeland. The cry is there, that is the craving of the soul. The matter is what is binding us. With our imaginary and illusionary attachments we are trying to say no to the permanent attachment that the Divine is telling I am always with you, I am inseparable from you, you and I are one, you are my best friend. "Priyosi'me", you are my best friend, you are most dear to me. We say, no my wife is more dear to me than you and that is the problem. My money is more important than you, my property is more important than you, my son is more important than you. Is this not our answer to our God? Has it not been our fate? Is this not ungratefulness on our part, in this system particularly. I do not know about other systems but in this system where we are repeatedly being told, "I am with you, I am here, please hear me" we say wait for some time I will attend to somebody else and the poor man patiently waits for the next day when you may perhaps sit in meditation, poor man he has to wait.

"While referring to this path to the Ultimate, saints have said `beyond and beyond'." To this path he says. That is the path we are following "Beyond and beyond". Never is the stage that this is the ultimate that I have reached. Ultimate is an ever-receding one. Don't be satisfied with any condition because that itself is a refuse, that itself is dirt. Satisfaction is a mental state, agreed? You can't deny that. If you are satisfied with a condition that means you are enjoying the dirt. Don't be satisfied with your condition, don't be ungrateful. Be grateful to Master every day for the ever new approaches that he is granting you on the path. Don't say at any point of time that I have reached. You will never reach and that is the title "Towards Infinity" of one of his books. Those people who think about a Dhamam, that is a "Vaikunta Dhamam" or a "Goloka" or a "Kailasa" it does not matter much, are people who are talking about static goals, a path that is fixed. They are not thinking of going beyond. Beyond and beyond is the way of meditation. Religion talks about something else for its own purposes. I won't say they are bad. I won't say that religion is bad, it has got it's own purpose.

"When we speak thus, it sounds very well." Yes, sounds very well, beyond and beyond "But when we try to do it, things become a bit difficult, for due preparation is not there." As I hinted just now the concept of satisfiedness is the problem. Due preparation is not there. We want the condition of being satisfied. We are imposing a condition on experience. It is not an unconditional preparedness for whatever that is given. That which is given, should be satisfying to me. This is the reason why majority of our abhyasis write to us "Sir yesterday's meditation was very good, today's is not good". Whatever is given to you, you better take it. You move on, move on and on. No, sir that day I had an experience that experience is not coming to me again sir. It will not come. In a static path that is possible. If you are going to be stagnant it is possible. If you are moving eternally, if you are moving continuously, if you are in a system that is dynamic can you repeat the experience? Will you be standing at the station of Nagpur on your way to Delhi unless you end your journey there or some break down of the train is there? You will move on. No, we want the same experience. Last Basanth it was very good Sir, this Basanth it is not good. How can Basanth be good at some time and how can it be bad at some other time is not a question at all for us. That was satisfying to me, this is not satisfying to me. Yesterday it was a good sitting Sir, today it is not a good sitting Sir. Yesterday I was not aware of the mosquitoes Sir, today I am aware of the mosquitoes Sir. What to do? What to do with this type of approach? Now that is what he tells next.

"'I' consciousness remains far and near, and it disappears also, if we do our abhyas devotedly." I awareness, 'I' consciousness, Ahamta. That is I am experiencing something. I am having this, I am not having that, is the 'I' consciousness. This should not be confused with the concept of ego. That is why immediately next sentence he says "There is a common error almost everywhere, that they think `I' as an enemy." Here he uses the word 'I' earlier he uses the word 'I' consciousness please note the difference. 'I' consciousness is "Ahamta". "I" is ego, identity, individuality. It is bound to be there. Expecting something for me is 'I' consciousness including the ecstatic state of bliss during meditation. Is it not true Sir that you said this morning that "Thou art the ocean of Bliss" should I not experience it? Yes, he is an ocean of Bliss, you need not experience that. If he wants to give you that experience he will give you, if he does not want to give you he will not give you. You have no business to expect that. That expectancy is the problem, that is the 'I' consciousness. I hope you understand what I am trying to tell here a subtle difference between 'I' consciousness and 'I', a common error of all philosophy students and pseudo philosophy students. 'I' is different from 'I consciousness'. I should get recognition for the meditation that I do. I have done so much work for the institute therefore I should be recognized is 'I' consciousness. I have given sittings to so many people and therefore they should be grateful to me for all the work that I have done on them is 'I' consciousness. I have been regular to abhyas therefore I should get this stage is 'I' consciousness. Meditation is a process of having, not expecting. What God gives you, you take, don't expect something. May be the surprise is much more dearer to you than what you thought of. You might have asked for a small thing perhaps you get a better thing than that. Why do you want to restrict the choice of the grace of God by saying this is the condition that I want. Not only you are putting a condition on the grace of God, you are also trying to limit yourself to that goal. By asking a condition you are limiting yourself to that goal. That is why this paragraph first starts "Beyond and beyond". If beyond and beyond is not in your mind, you will definitely ask for a stage. It is not some unconnected word. Please note that Master's logic is always perfect. It is just likely that most of us think that we know better english than him or better language than him or better spirituality than him but all that is an illusion. He knows more precisely as to what to say and what not to say.

"There is a common error almost everywhere, that they think `I' as an enemy. That is a negative attachment, which makes it hard and impossible." Basically this is another question that I have received from many abhyasis "Sir, I have been having this awareness, I feel like going for something, I must achieve this, this has become a barrier". What difficulties you are talking about? In the beginning we talked about negative thoughts. We thought anything that is connected with an aspiration is also an attachment and therefore is a barrier. Aspiration is an attachment surely but definitely not a barrier. Aspiration to reach a state beyond and beyond is surely an attachment to the concept of beyond and beyond but it is not a barrier. For nothing they will be going on worrying that 'I have got this problem, Sir. I have got that problem Sir'. There is no problem as such. They think that the 'I' itself is an enemy and he says once you develop this type of attitude it is impossible to get rid of it and that is the problem of majority of the people who go by the name good. This leads to their behavior of saying that extraordinary expressions of humility. No humility, very very humble ways they have got. The humbleness is the cloak in which their 'I' is hidden. It's a cloak, it's a negative attachment, negative attachment to the concept of humility. They would not like to be normal. "Ativinayam Dhoortha Lakshanam". So there is nothing new here, Babuji is only telling that. It's a negative attachment and it is very difficult to get rid of it because that is something socially very acceptable. Everyone thinks that he is very very humble and that increases his ego. He is a very humble man sir. There is another category of people who live very austere life. 'He is a person practicing very austere life, Sir'. It is only his miserliness that makes him austere. He is not prepared to give one paise to somebody else. He is surely austere but does not want to give one paise to others. He will not sacrifice anything and such people go and say, "He is very austere, very good man sir". So you can think and meditate further on this.

"When we think of `I', it becomes stronger by our own thought force, brought about by concentration. Try to forget the `I', it will help a good deal". One of the most significant spiritual truths comes now in the next sentence. "Once Divinity dawns, the negative attitude to life goes far away". In the first paragraph we have referred to the concept of Vairagya, which we generally think is a negative concept of life,everybody thinks so. Christian missionaries have done their best to propagate this idea that we are all negativist type. We are all fellows who are condemning ourselves to the karma theory, all that talk they have made. They are very good at it because they do good exercise, home work they do. So we are prone to believe what they say. They think that we are negativists, defeatists, condemning ourselves to what they call as fate, a word which we have not used. We have got a karma to which we say that we are bound by it, not a fate. Fate is a Christian concept, fate is not our concept. It is a borrowed concept from the West. Karma is something that is there, "Samavarthi" is the concept of God that we have got. We don't condemn ourselves saying that we are condemned to this. There are 3 types of karma - Prarabdha, Sanchita and Agami. Karma has been defined very well. We have got always a possibility to better ourselves. We are not condemned to the burial ground waiting for the great savior to come on the doomsday to certify that I am his man. We are not condemned to that fate. We have got a choice of a rebirth. We can come again, improve ourselves and then say yes we deserve God. Ours is a positive way.

"Once Divinity dawns" and divinity has dawned, because the momentary calmness that you have got, the momentary silence tells you that you are on the path, the divinity has dawned. "The negative attitude to life goes far away." We do not think all these things are negative aspects. We always take it as divine blessings and get attached more and more to the Divinity. So the Divinity dawns and the negative attitude to life goes. Please kindly note it. It does not permit you to be gloomy. Master warns you elsewhere gloominess is bad for spirituality. Depression is bad for spirituality. Don't get depressed, don't get gloomy. You have no right to become gloomy, under whatever circumstance we have got to do our duty and he immediately adds, "The demolition of the past is a chapter in Natural Path." The past karmas I have done, the demolition of that is this. How? We have explained it in detail in "Ten Commandments". How we should take what is coming to you in life and how we should go through our meditation process accepting everything as a divine gift and moving on it is a chapter. Not something that comes to you saying that 'Master will definitely give me relief, Sir'. He has said that it is a chapter. Chapter means that we have got an exercise to do, something to learn, some exercise to complete. Then it becomes a chapter if I am right. Let there not be this cowardice to say that 'no, no everything we will try to duck it under the Master' and say that he will take care of it. No such assurance is there, because he is assuring you the companionship. Just as Arjuna was assured of the companionship of God. He had to fight his battle, we fight our battle. He is there with us and the demolition of the past happens. All that the past that has happened in the Bharat before the war - demolished, God demolished. Attachment to gurus, attachments to ancestors, attachment to kith, attachment to Kin, attachment to everything was demolished. Unless these attachments are demolished you are not going to become free. So demolition of the past is a chapter here and about the present, you go through the past actions and about the future we don't create. There is another chapter in our system that the future is not created by us. If you do not form your samskaras, you do not create the future. How not to develop these samskaras has been written by Babuji when he said that think that all action is mine, do everything that as I do, do not own up your action, do not own up your thought, do not own up your knowledge, everything is that of the divine and when you take such an attitude, no samskara is formed and no future is created and as he puts it 50% of the problem is solved. That is "Reality at Dawn", read the concerned chapter.

"When we think of the goal, its longing brings the distance in view, because we have become used to such sort of thinking." Because when we talk about the ultimate when you say beyond and beyond then the distance comes and say this is not something that I can do, because we are accustomed to think like that. Tradition has gone on imprinting on our head that this is not an ordinary matter for grihastas, only some people can get it and after many lives they can get it, it is not possible in one life, you are condemned, all these things. The distance comes to our view.

"In the beginning we enter what is behind the matter, and we touch only the ground and not the Reality" that is, when you start thinking, you are just behind the matter and then you are seeing the depths and not the Reality.

"The echo of voice diminishes when it travels a long distance, and then there is silence all around." Persist in the path and you will find that particular noise, which was there, doesn't echo further. You are accustomed for certain type of thinking, persist in the path, you go a distance then the echo is not there disturbing you. If you don't go much then the echo is always there, then we start thinking it is not possible for us. It is all right for some Karana Janmulu. I have got my good friend who told me once 'Sir you are a Karana Janmulu'. I said everyone is a Karana Janma. Then he asked me why? Because there is a karma, karma is a karana for which I am born and you are also born like that so who is not a Karana Janma? You tell me that. I asked him. He is a very sincere abhyasi but still this question he put because he thought that the progress which he thinks that I have made in spirituality is something that he cannot make. I said no, every one of us is entitled for the ultimate, that is our birthright and Master says I will take you there. All that is required is your preparedness to move along with Him, not with me. Let there be no illusion amongst any one of us that here we are going to take anybody else. We have been telling you that it is the Master and Master alone who takes you. It is his company that you should know. It is the calmness that assures you of his presence. How do you know that he is there with you? The calmness tells you. The calmness is an indication of the presence of the Divine in your heart and it tells you all the time that I am with you. 'No sir I am getting only conflicting ideas. My problems of my daughter is in my head, problems of my son-in-law is in my head, and problems my son is in my head'. That is because of your attachment sir. This attachment is something that is temporary, a part of this life, which itself is a Rna of the past, which is a consequence of past actions and you have got to go through that. Am I condemned to this Sir? Surely, that is what you wanted. If you want to use the word condemned, that's what I would say. I would other way say that we seemed to be condemned to the presence of the Divinity to reach the ultimate. How do you like this? You can't deny the company of the Divine. You can deny the company of others. The Divinity is not prepared to leave you under any circumstances. You are condemned to His presence. This is the problem; he is all the time telling you as your conscience that what you do is something that is inappropriate. You better understand what is appropriate. He is reminding you day in and day out and that is what you don't want. That echo of the divine is what you want to kill. You would be most happy if you can kill it. 99% of the human population have been doing it by taking resort to drugs, alcohol, other habits, kill the conscience somehow. Kill it, kill the Divine, kill the awareness of the Divine itself if you can't kill the Divine. One point formula of the modern world is, kill the awareness of the Divine in you. Don't promote it because it is likely to make you most inconvenient, it will make you miserable. It will make you feel the worst fellow in this world is yourself and who wants that certificate? It is a sadhaka who wants it so that he may know what are the things that he should drop off but the moment you are told that this is an unnecessary load that you have got, 'no, Sir I am prepared to pay some luggage fees extra please allow me to carry this. Can I carry some extra luggage Sir?' Yes, you can in the train, but not in the Ultimate, then like a Trishanku you will be thrown out. Even if there were to be some person to give you a pass to go to heaven the authorities in heaven are not likely to receive you. They will say the pass given to you is invalid, better get down, get lost. They will throw all your baggage lock, stock and barrel out. So don't try to carry the luggage, travel light. Read the article "Travel Light". See the linkages, see how Master views his thoughts.

"The echo of the voice diminishes when it travels a long distance, and then there is silence all around. I believe that this is a clue to remind us that we can get into a better state." When the calmness that comes to you, here he talks about the silence, another word for it, it is a clue to remind that we can get into a better state. "If we enter into the life, from which silence starts." Here he says silence tells you that there is a life of silence. Here there is a life of noise, in the beginning that's what we started with, the life of noise. The life of silence is there. Those of you who have reading one of my articles called "Working in silence" will understand how you can work in silence. If we don't know how to work in silence we need not talk about spirituality at all and you and I have to work in silence. That's why we say you please meditate early in the hours of the day, it is silent, try to make your mind calm, try to feel the presence of the Divine, work with it.

"When we dive deep then we bring pearls out of it", an obvious sentence. But are we prepared to dive or are we prepared to swim? Is it more happy to swim than to dive or is it more happy to dive than to swim? Swimmers may answer. I don't know, I don't know swimming. "The wisdom of man is that he should make the unfavourable things favourable." He is talking about the earlier things because your problems are unfavourable things, you think it is not favourable to you, but in reality they are favourable. A burden, an attachment, it is a disgust you get after sometime. With every attachment you get a disgust, every person feels this, you get a disgust, you do not know what to do with it, then recluse comes. Don't become a recluse. Let the disgust get transformed into belief in the Divine, and then you get a pearl. If you don't go into the problem and try to put it under the carpet saying that everything is alright, you are only swimming, you are not diving deep. Go into the problem, try to see which is it that is holding you, you get perhaps an answer there. "In other words, we should try to succeed in converting the whole of the material force into spirituality: and it so happens in our Sahaj Marg system, if we get a competent master." Now the problem comes. Here it is put in capitals. I am cent percent sure that it is a small one because the Master is one as we have said in the beginning itself "O Master" becomes always our Master, the Master for all of us. So here you require a person who has moved on the path. A person who has got a degree in science, Master of Science, he is not a scientist. He is not an originator of any new theory. He did not discover all the things that have been taught in science, but he knows. A man who has moved in the path who knows something about it can tell you. If you get such a person he will tell how to convert an inconvenient situation to a convenient one but his words are likely to be bitter, unpalatable because due preparation is not there as Babuji puts it. Due preparation is required for that. An expectancy of a miraculous solution to a mundane problem is the level of a tribal consciousness, the beginnings of human life. The preparedness to face the consequences of my earlier action and face the adverse circumstances now, taking it as a justice of a just God is rational and human but we tend to lapse into tattles and totems to save us, talismans, you have got umpteen. The irrationality seems to have a more powerful effect on our mind than the rationality. It's only a rational mind that can accept the concept 'Yes if I have done something wrong I should take the punishment for it'. If I have done something right I should get a reward for it but you come to know in life this it is not necessarily true therefore you are left with no other alternative except to believe or accept the existence of a just God, a Samavarthi. He will not do anything wrong, He cannot do anything wrong. Those of you who know a bit of astrology know that the Tula, the balance symbol in the zodiac, the person who is exalted is Saturn and he knows what is just, and Saturn, you know how he behaves, but nobody is prepared for such an interpretation because it is not astrology nor is it mysticism, that is my madness but I am prepared to share it with you, because I see a certain amount of reason behind it, a rationality behind it, because we see the circumstances in life as something that is not good. 'I need not have been done this dishonor, I need not have been shown this disrespect, and I ought not to have received this punishment'. These are words which have no faith in God. A person who has got a faith in God cannot say these things. If you are devout you cannot say that. That we say it is a fact and a sadhaka has to rethink there. Does he accept the Master as just or is he one who would simply gives some alms to people who beg? That is the notion which everybody seems to accept. 'He is capable of giving anything to me Sir'. Yes, he is capable of giving anything to you but are you capable of receiving it is the question. In a funny way once I asked Master, in 1961, he said in a wink of an eye I can take a person to realization. I said why not you do that for me. Then he said you can't take it. I did not understand much of it. I seem to understand something of it now. He may be prepared to give but are we prepared to take? Are we ready to take? Are we capable of holding power? Don't you think majority of us would like to wield power rather than hold it? Don't we like to suffer from the 'I' consciousness saying that I am capable of doing this, I am capable of doing that?. Is that not 'I' consciousness that suffers? Have we not in that process killed the silence in which we are supposed to be? If you remain yourself in the state of silence, God knows how to work through you and Babuji asserts in my system every abhyasi I make use of him and many miracles do happen because of me. He says it but then are there abhyasis? Have we allowed ourselves to be as dead bodies or corpses in the hands of the Master? Have we surrendered? Have we become that devout? Put these questions, aspire for that condition. I am sure the company of the Divine will grant you that. I am not a negativist. I am a confirmed optimist, I am a rabid optimist if I can put it. My faith in others always goes, every day, the more I fail the more I succeed in having my optimism. Every failure makes me feel that we can still work better. The deficiency is mine, we can always try to better it because you have been taught a lesson where you fail. So succeed, learn the lesson, don't find fault with others.

"All the fibers of our being become spiritualised, and Reality begins to radiate." Now the most optimistic statement of the Master "I am preparing such souls." We are not left. He has not said to us that you are a set of useless stuff, you have no aspiration, you are good for nothing fellows, you don't do your sadhana properly. He knows all that. He knows that we don't do our sadhana properly He knows better. There have been other occasions when he has pointed out that, asking us to gird up, exhorting us but here you find "I am preparing such souls that they may have the full benefit of my services." Such souls have to deserve the benefit of his services, please note it.

A digression from the topic, some of you may not agree, some of you make take it as bad, still I have got to make the remark since I have made a note long back. This is a statement that was made in 1981 and he says I am preparing. If the successor to the Master as he claims or as they claim have come into existence in 1974, was there a necessity for this statement in 1981? Those of you who want to think rationally may think further. This gives me an added strength to believe that my Master is eternal. He is there guiding our destinies. It is not a preparation that is restricted to 1981. It is a preparation that may continue for years and centuries because such men are required. I don't think human transformation has taken place, though it is about 50 years or 55 years. There has been an inclination towards the divine more and more, that we don't like it because there are temples is a separate issue. We don't have to go on finding faults with somebody saying that they are inferior to us. Nobody is inferior to us and nobody is superior to us. We accept only one superior person and that is our Master and so far as others are concerned all are equal. If this attitude is not maintained we need not talk about spirituality. There is a stream, when it rains umpteen number of streams flow from the mountains. Some are big, some are small, some become rivers, some just end as a stream and so are the several temples and mosques and churches that are coming today. They are in the process of merging into the big river of spirituality that is flowing. They will merge, they will have to merge. Not now, ok, they will merge one day. There is no other alternative, there is no alternative to spiritual way of living. Religion is a bondage both on us and on God. When we say that Lord Venkateswara is the God, you are confining him to that place. When we say that Kaaba is the only place where we should go, you are confining him to that place. Then how is he liberated? He seems to be in chains and how can he help me? I want liberation,I want freedom. How can a person who is already chained liberate me? This is a rational question, a question raised by Master. At one end you are chained already the man who is trying to help, then how is he going to help? He will make me go round and round. We will become Ganugeddu along with him. He will be one bull and we can be other bulls behind him. On this auspicious day I again tell you that this sentence that "I am preparing such souls" should be taken by every one of us as the most optimistic statement ever made because if he is going to make the great souls from out of us, our views about ourselves we know, nobody need tell us. We don't have the courage to grant for ourselves a certificate. If we are honest, I don't think we will grant for ourselves. If such is the stuff from which he is going to prepare such souls, what a great optimism. Now coming back to our assessment about other abhyasis saying that 'he is no good', is it justified? While the appeal for improving the quality of the meditation of the abhyasis cannot be given up, I do not think we should err judging others. Allow each man to be guided by the great Master himself. As he puts it, your job ends with introducing a person. Tell the message, pass on the message to others. It is for the Master to sink into the hearts of the abhyasis. These are all the things that help us. give a very positive and constructive approach to the problem of life we have got. The craving of the soul, each soul, every one of us is a soul here, we need not confuse ourselves with the bodies that we have got. Every one is a soul, the title of the message is that. We crave, every one of us is trying to move towards the divine. We have so many impediments. Each one has his own bondages. How can you say one set of bondages is superior or inferior to others? We should always like brothers give a helping hand to other person to come out of his problem. Yes, in the process we may say that you are deep into mire you please make an effort to come up, I am also trying to pull up. If the other man tries to pull you down, you have got to tell him that he has got no business to pull you down, you better come up. Our aspiration is to make great souls, our aspiration is not to sink into the levels of the dirty souls. In the name of help let us not sink because that is what exactly is happening every day. You ask somebody in your house to follow the system they will say no, you please avoid the system. If you don't go for meditation today, what is it that is lost? Have we not got some better assignment today? Is there no better appointment for us today? Is this something more important? Don't you think such and such a cinema is much more attractive in the TV? Why are you going to waste your time in meditation? Let us sit, give company for me so that we can enjoy together. Have you not been talking like this? Don't fall, don't fall a prey to that, don't try to keep company with people who are definitely trying to pull you down. If possible try to give them company to get up, pull them up if you can. If you can't, be at least safe.

"There is every sense in living", now after having made the positive statement that he is making such souls. People say "What is there in life, Sir. The whole thing is rubbish. What is the use of this life? I got defeated, demoted, disgraced or they say I have reached the pinnacle Sir what is there more. I have reached the best place there is nothing more to get." Both ways are there. "Not only in living but achieving the highest." You must achieve the highest because he again tells you there is a duty. It is your duty to reach the highest, not something high, not something higher but the highest. It is a superlative side. 'I am satisfied with my condition Sir', I have come across many such abhyasis who when pulled up saying that you are trying to fall or you have fallen or you are tending to fall, please note please watch your condition, they don't like it. 'I am happy with my condition Sir please don't pester me'. Ok I say because I don't pester them. I don't pester them consciously but I serve them unconsciously. I continue, I continue my service because that is my commitment that I have given to my Master when he said you please pass on my message and please note that everyone of you have said it. When you said that you want to be an abhyasi you already said that you are going to spread the message of the Master because when you are moulding your life so as to rouse a feeling of love and piety in others, its a promise that you have made. Keep it up.

"The craving of the soul can be satisfied best, while one is living and existing." Please note it. You must reach the highest condition now. If you don't, I had an occasion earlier to point out that you will be lingering somewhere in the realms of the Divine and perhaps nobody is going to take you there unless you come down and you will not come down and that is a separate chapter about which I would not like to talk now. Freedom from rebirth is not the same thing as realization. Freedom from rebirth is not an assurance in the system for all by which I mean not for all who do not practice or practicing. It is for people who have accepted the Master in toto, not in words, by following every sentence of his, by following the commandments assiduously and by practicing as he has asked us to practice, then such people can definitely be sure they will not come down because he has told me when I asked him "Master we say that this is our method, which is going to give a freedom from rebirth. Is it true in case of all?" And he said "Yes, provided they accept me" and in toto it means, "Sarvadharmaan parityajya maamekam sharanam vraja; Aham twaa sarvapaapebhyo mokshayishyaami maa shuchah." That is the promise of this Master also who is no different from Krishna, he is continuing the message but then it is only for people who are prepared to get lost in the conscious of SriRamchandra, all the time trying to express the Divinity, all the time trying to show the Master. Elsewhere both the Masters have said that Divinity has hidden inside and exposed you, you please hide inside and expose the Divine. The Divine is the Master who is always with us. He is there in the heart. Allow it to be seen by others. By seeing us let the other people see here is the disciple of SriRamchandra. Let them be reminded about our Master so that they also would get an inclination to move towards the Divine. Don't get into your sloth, don't get into your laziness, don't get into your attachment for money, property, women and men and status or otherwise. Let there be only one attachment and that attachment to SriRamchandra and if you have that, you are not going to come back. If you don't have it, you are going to come back. It is for you to decide. 'I cannot leave my attachment to money Sir'. Ok, come back, you will learn in next life, nothing wrong. What is wrong? What is wrong with this world? It's a beautiful world created by God, we can enjoy here, as some people have said it "Let me come back again and again atleast to be a devotee of Thee, O Master." Yes, saints have sung like that and Master makes a funny statement about it in "Reality at Dawn". He says I don't understand such saints who say that they will come again and again to be bhaktas. The minimum goal should be liberation from rebirth. He makes that statement but then, is that our goal? Let us not talk about realization. Is this atleast our goal? I remind you again that Ahimsa, Satya, Asteya, Aparigraha and Brahmacharya are the five things that have been considered as the most essential to be a human being. Note the sentence there. "Thou art the real Goal of human life" Are we humans? Put the question to yourself. Are we beasts? If you are a human, you should be having all these qualities and you know your lapses in all five. I know, you know, everybody knows but we have accepted a Master who said if you accept me I will save you. If you are a human being and live like that for seven lives then you have a scope for liberation is what the tradition said and here is the Master who says believe me, surrender to me, accept what I say, do what I say. Think that whatever you do as what I do; think all your ideas are mine, don't have the "Kartrutva Bhavana", "Jnatrutva Bhavana" or the "Bhoktrutva Bhavana". You are not anybody here, it is I who is enjoying. Accept me, accept me in toto, I liberate you. A promise which I would like to recall again and again to the minds of the people and also warn that do not think simply because you have come here you get that, without doing your duty. Do your duty. They are very simple, total put together it is only about one and half hours or two hours, at certain fixed times. If you are not prepared to do it, don't do it. Be prepared to come again, what is wrong? enjoy, what is wrong about this? Unless you have already experienced disgust in life, you will not feel that but are you not disgusted with the way in which things are happening? Would you like to come back to the society which is filthy, which stinks to the core? Is there one amongst us who is happy with the circumstances here? Is the environment oppressive? Would you still like to come? Do you have the courage to come and better it? I wish you all the best. I am not a defeatist, I will say, yes try but note in Kaliyuga it has been stated that dharma will go on decreasing. We are only in the first pada of Kaliyuga. Only 5000 years have gone. All virtues have been given a good bye. No Niyathi, our life is something that is not governed by any principle. Relationships have lost their value - social, personal, family, everything. We don't tend to live with a feeling that we are united, we don't feel the origin, we feel we are independent. The one word that I am yet to understand in my life. I will be too happy if somebody can help me on that. I seem to be terribly dependent upon so many things, I don't know how people say they are independent. Some people talk that they will stand on their legs. I have never seen one standing on the head so far. What is this that is going on? What is this extreme individual appeasement psychology? You want to appease all the time yourself? Have we not come to the disgraceful condition of not sharing your own food with your children? I can tell you one wonderful example from my service. There was one gentleman, he had 14 children. His salary naturally was limited and he was a good man so he does not know what to do. So he was taking gruel along with all his children all the time all the days. But on the 1st he will get all the sweets and eat. Then I asked him 'why are you eating here why don't you take home?' Then he said 'if I take home there will be nothing for me to eat', that is the position. That is the genuine position of the person I can pity him but then is that not the same thing with majority of us? Would you not like to have whatever dish you want by going to such and such restaurant as you think fit. Is it not true? Am I telling anything that is not true. Ok at best you will add your spouse but the third person we don't want. No brother-in-law in picture, no father-in-law in the field no mother-in-law in the field, no daughter in the field, am I right or wrong? What is the expansion of your consciousness? People talk to me, in meditation 'there is an expansion of consciousness Sir'. What is that expansion? I would like to know. How far is it expanded? They confuse the relative states of calmness that they get with expansion because at that time you are lost. You think 'I have got a great expansion'. That is nothing to do with expansion. You have to expand. your heart must expand. You should fly along with the Divine because he is not prepared to be in that cage, as he says it flutters and it flies and you fly along with it. Let the frontiers of your body be broken, let the boundaries of the family be broken so that you expand but are we prepared for it? Are there no constraints for it? Are you all that free? That's one angle. Are you prepared? Are you ready? One is the individual approach. At least this portion we must be prepared. Yes I am prepared, I am ready, the constraints are something different. I can understand that. We cannot grow even if we want to. Our boundaries cannot be extended beyond a limit but are you prepared? Are you prepared to argue for that case? Even if there were to be many others at your home who would not like you to do that, would you be prepared? Would you argue? But on the other hand we will say 'I have yielded to that Sir.' You don't have even the courage to say I differ, lest certain bestial pleasures be denied to you. Am I right? If I were to talk to you as a sadhaka? Is it not the real question? Why do you compromise? Is it not for some bestial appeasement? For some physical needs, some psychological needs, compromises on spiritual planes are made because of bondages at the lower plane. "Swarajya Mapnoti" How? How do you get? You can get only when the Master of this type is available to you who is prepared to take you. At least yield to him, follow what he says. That is the reason why he has not touched the much disgusting aspect of the bestial existence all the time argued in tradition. 'You can never come out of your Kama, you can never come out of your Krodha unless you leave the family you must become a recluse. you should behave like this you should behave like that'. Babuji refuses to talk about that. His commandments don't talk about that. Understand. His commandments do not talk about these things. The two vexed problems of life he does not talk. He says it is there. I will see to it that you mould. Meditate on point 'A', meditate on point 'B', I will do the remaining work. All that you have got to do is to hold it when the wisdom comes. No, you allow it to lapse. Every day he tells you, every day he gives you an experience of wisdom, every day we allow it to go. Sink, back into earth. So there is nothing wrong about our living or existing. Everything is happy here, know the path, move on.

"Nobody knows the shore", again he tells you the same thing, beyond and beyond. He tells you again don't think this is the end. You have got to go far.

"The beauty of the training of my Master is that spiritual life runs parallel to the life in the world, with ever increasing efficiency." As I told you, much abused concept of our system is the parallelity. They think that both these things are equal. I do not know if there are many scientists here who can correct me. The two wings of the plane are parallel or straight I do not know, when it takes a skew what happens? These two wings are there. Are they parallel or are they in a straight line, they are in the same plane. Would it mean something that is not parallel? I leave it there because flying with both the wings is another concept, and when we talk about parallelism here we say that the line of divinity which goes and then the line of humanity goes. The line of humanity is parallel to the other. Parallels - are they real or are they illusion is another question which you people have to answer. They merge in infinite, they say. So what happens there? From my point of view parallelism is an illusion. You have got to have a belief that the Divine is along with you. The Divinity is in your heart and you are there also in the body, matter also is there. There is a parallelism in that sense of togetherness. Anyway, I leave it there.

"Once you have decided to attach yourself with a system, where regulation of mind is the responsibility of the Master, please give a fair trial, and have your own experience after sometime." This is another most misunderstood sentence of the Master because regulation of mind is the responsibility of the Master, therefore, I go on flirting with my ideas of the basest thoughts that are available in this world. I would like to flirt with it. This is what has happened. People do not think that this is an assistance that is coming to you, when he says it is my responsibility you do your best and I will do the remaining things. He is only telling you that the diversion of flow of consciousness is my job. I will try to do that, you do your sadhana. On the other hand our way of understanding it is, it is the duty of the Master. Therefore what shall I do. I read detective fiction, I read pornographic literature, I go to the cinema, I read news papers which are worthless, I see a TV program, I read anything other than that of the Master's works almost with a determined effort. If I can put it, that seems to be the most determined effort that you have got, not to read the Master's books. As I told you, please do not misunderstand me. I am an optimist. What I am trying to tell you is, this is the lapse you have got, please come out of this pitfall. Lock, stock and barrel throw them out. They might have been collected at very expensive prices, the filthy literature I mean, the raddi fellow will be too happy to take it. If you give it free to him that may be an indication of sacrifice that you are doing at least of dirt because I am cent percent sure majority of the people would expect something in turn from raddiwala. If you want to throw the paper, it is a raddi, it's a useless thing for you still you would like to collect some money from that. The attachment to money "Dhaneshana" is a very peculiar thing. Atleast gift it. If you cannot gift noble things, gift at least dirty things. It may appear a bit odd that I talk like this but is it not true that your attics are filled with this? Is it not true that your library is filled with these books, with these types of videotapes, with these types of audiotapes, is it not true? It's a pungent remark that I have got but then is it true or not? Control of mind is possible only when your mind is treading on the Divine. I repeat Master's article on "Control of Mind" one of the messages at Madras, it is the nature of mind to be in tune with Divinity that is the parallelism that you are referring to in the previous line. Mind is in tune with Divine and anything other than the Divine it throws out, it's a refuse. If you have got to control your mind, you must read only divine literature. If your mind is confused it is because you are reading rubbish. Then why read rubbish and then complain that your mind is confused or is having conflicting ideas? Why don't you read only noble literature? Why don't you read only things, which are divine? Why don't you make it more and more pure by effort? 'No, Master said Sir that he would do that job'. Here the Master refers again to the Divinity. Divine expels your rubbish, it does its duty, it controls your mind. Please note the Divine controls your mind. That is why it is throwing out rubbish continuously. Whatever you are trying to put, it throws out. The help of the Master is always there. The Divinity is as I told you, our best friend who is trying to clear off from our head all rubbish. The control of the mind is really the Divine task, he is doing that. All that you have got to do is don't throw rubbish there, you don't do the job of collecting the rubbish in the name of inquisitiveness, knowledge gaining, to be in tune with the latest general knowledge, for whatever reason it may be. These are all ideas. How we collect filth is a chapter in psychology by itself. You can go on writing how we collect filth and having collected all these things you say that you have not helped me. It is Divine duty to expel but the poor man has been working in your head trying to throw it out all the time but then he is over taxed. God is over worked, He does not get any extra wages for it. Overtime work he is doing. Daytime he does it, nighttime dreams also he does it and inspite of it the filth is not removed. Very poor worker, he does not foot the bill. We are capable of making the head so dirty, such a big dustbin, he can't clean it. So give a trial atleast he says.

"There cannot be any breakdown in spirituality, if faith and desire for the Ultimate is there." Those of us who stop our meditation in between and then say Sir I have not found the progress. They cannot think that they have been let off by God. He is such a cantankerous friend that he never leaves you. Once you made some friendship with Him, he is not prepared to leave you. Do whatever you want; he is there along with you. He does not leave us. He always tells us damn fellow you have to do something better. 'You leave me for a moment I have collected so much of filth you get lost in that filth', He says 'no I will try to expel it and then I am there with you. I will somehow make my presence felt. You can't help my presence, you can't get rid of me'. Can there be a better approach to spirituality than this? Once you start the introduction properly you can't help his presence and I am happy about it atleast, provided proper introductions are done, otherwise there is always a God, "Antaryami" is always there.

"Physical or mental troubles do not tell upon spirituality." Is it so? It is an assurance here, Babuji says don't bother too much. They are bound to be there. It does not affect your spiritual condition. Once you have got a spiritual condition you will not lose it because of this trouble or that trouble temporarily you may forget. Previous sentence and this sentence if you read together then you know temporarily if you stop it because of your physical or mental trouble. I have now a personal way of looking at it also. I will tell you one example. One gentleman has reached a very high condition of Prapannagati long back almost, but then the problems at home were so bad he forgot, he could not. He was in a confused state all the time doing his routine if possible and if not possible leaving that also. Another gentleman who came much later once made a statement about the other person talking some platitudes to him. Then I said please don't talk to him like that, he knows more. I had to say this because his spiritual condition was such that he knew that but temporarily he is in cloud. We should not make such judgments that easily and make judgments without knowing his condition is not correct also. Spirituality will not go, don't judge a person by that. I don't know whether my friend is here when the introduction was done or the course was started his report made me feel that he is an advanced person. Then I said I will personally try to look to him. I went to him, I found him as an advanced person. I said you are already at that plane it would be easy to practice provided you accept the Master. Traditionally bound, he had his own reservations, he took his own time. Now he is there with us. Why I am saying this is whatever you have gained in this life will not go a waste in the next. What you have gained in the last life will not go a waste now and every one of us have made some progress in our past lives otherwise we will not meet here. This system is so pure that nobody would walk into the system that easily because it is easier to go to some temple, some darga, some church or do some japam, some tapam, catch hold of some mantra, yantra, tantra whatever it is we can do but here this is pure spirituality. You don't walk in here and stay here for sometime unless there is already a good Karma behind. There is something like the past that comes with us.

"My Master unequivocally declares: `Spirituality is my responsibility, as practice is your responsibility'." So don't try to give excuses for practice saying that Master will do the practice. You better do the practice, he will take care of spirituality.

"Religion is really the signpost on way to God realization, but you will have to pave the right way for yourself." Those of you who have seen a sign post must be thinking that the road also is neat afterwards. It need not necessarily be so if you have moved in the interior villages of India or the mountains where several holy places are marked saying that this is the way to Jabali theertham, umpteen number of religious places are there in the Himalayas, you go this way you will get this, you go that way you will get that. You walk about 15 miles, 20 miles, 25 miles, 30 miles on a rough terrain you have to go. Signpost only tells you if you go this way you will get it. It does not assure you that the path is something that is clearly paved and then you can walk on that. They are very much like our Indian roads. We should be happy about that. Atleast one thing on which we should acknowledge our indebtedness to the government is, the bad roads that are there after the signposts because signposts will give you good roads elsewhere, in our country we are fortunate fellows, we don't know where it will lead. Here he says it's a sign post to God realization but you will have to pave the right path yourself. It tells you this is wisdom to get out of all these things beyond that it serves no purpose. People who would like to cling to the signposts are welcome. Instead of moving on the path if they would like to cling to the sign post, that is a good way of being religious. Go with certain amount of humour also within this, that makes you lighter.

"Problems are so many with all humanity; and as such as one remains attentive to a problem, it becomes a stumbling block for him." This is precisely a point that you should note. Problems are there for us but why should we stick on to it all the time? The problem is not going to be solved by thinking about it here and on another place again, kindly some of you who search the books kindly note there is one statement- instead of thinking about the problem if you can think about me at that time the problem will be solved and your purpose also will be served. Why don't you do that he says. We think about the problem and he says you think about me the problem may get solved and you will also be bettering yourselves. Why do you think about a problem which you cannot solve? I cannot tell you where exactly it is but I have read that sentence.

"Disappointments make us cowards." That is true. If you have got a problem and go on worrying about it, disappointed about it that makes us cowards. That means it makes you go to the religion and then 'O God grant me this I will give you in turn this. You marry my daughter I will marry you to a concert that you have got already, again and again I will do that job'. It does not matter much on the same day somebody else is also marrying you but I will marry you also. Hundred people join together to marry the same person, to the same consort, in the same venue and that is the joke of religion. Laugh at it if you can if you cannot laugh keep quiet but I laugh, I laugh at the whole thing. It is such a ridiculous preposition I cannot even think that such things can be accepted. I don't mind if he is marrying every day, one person doing the marriage to one person. The same marriage is being performed by 100 people, 1000 people and each one of them is vying with each other, is it a big kalyanam or a small kalyanam. How can there be a big kalyanam or a small kalyanam I don't know. I come from the temple town so I am amused at the whole fun. For your information I have never performed one, I will never perform one because he is always happy, let me not try to divorce him from his consort and then marry him again. It is a regular daily exercise poor man he is being denied his consort and then somebody takes her out and somebody brings her in and again takes her out. 100 people perform the marriage so who is the kanyadata, who is the person who is doing this marriage? Nobody knows. People who are highly devoted to Lord Venkateswara even like me may feel offended but I have got a better understanding about that Venkateswara than others, that's a matter not to be discussed now, but my point is simple. It is such a ridiculous exercise, every day it is going on and what is this big and small we don't know. How can there be a big Kalyanam and a small kalyanam for the same person at the same time? All that matters is the prasadam that I get. 10 laddus here and 20 laddus for somebody else. So we can have some fun with religion. They may get annoyed but then amusement certain times makes some people annoyed and it makes us cowards Babuji said, because cowardice makes you think in terms of a solution which is not rational, which is not based on some principles of equity. You have done something wrong, you have got a problem, you better get out of it. 'No, I would like to go to such and such a temple. If I visit such and such a temple they say that the problem that I have got will be lost'.

"If somehow we remove the prefix 'dis', 'appointment' remains. That means we have been appointed for something; and when appointment for certain job has been made, we can never think that we are unable to do it. That means a sort of a wave is working smoothly, and you are carrying on with it." That is, I am there, once I have given an appointment to you, once I said that I have accepted you as an abhyasi, once I say that the Divinity will work through you then Divine flow is working behind you. Don't think that you are an incompetent person. Don't get into that state of saying that I am not able to do this, I am not able to do that. You will be in a position to do it. All that is required is certain amount of will.

"In that case, there is no idea either of the past or of the future." You need not worry about the past which brings you all the problems of your life. That is all karmaphala that you are having. You need not worry about the future because you are following my system and you are not going to have those karmas. So neither the past is there nor the future is there and you are a person who is going to be free.

"Be like a tiger in the realm of God, and progress is assured." He says don't be cowards. If we yield to a particular thing, if we feel disappointment, we become cowards. Don't feel disappointed, you are appointed, you wanted that, you got it or Divine wants it therefore you got it. In either case you accept it. Accept everything as Divine gratitude.

"The main purpose of our Mission is to install spirituality in the place of prevailing non-spirituality, through Sahaj Marg, pronouncing Master's message: `Awake, O sleepers, It's the hour of the dawn'." I don't think it requires any further clarification, it's a very simple thing awake O sleeper's, we are sleeping for what? We are sleeping to the presence of the Divinity that is expressing himself here. It is the hour of the dawn, the first few years of His life, which is going to extend to a millennium. It is hour of the dawn still and we had the courage to say that the Sun has already come. The institute has got the emblem to say, yes here is the Master. It is no more the hour of dawn for me because 50 years is sufficiently long, we are facing the Master. We are having him. Now there is no point in sleeping even after the Sun has risen up. If it is the hour of the dawn and if you don't get up there is an appeal but what right have we to sleep now when he has already come up. It is ignoring the presence of the Divinity, of the Master here that makes you sleep, that makes you slothful, that makes you disrespect his commandments. Every commandment has to be followed and if you don't follow it please note that it is disrespect to the Master. It is disobedience to the Master. "The change, of course cannot come overnight." The beast in us is not going to yield that easily. Our habits die hard, our attachments are too much. Even if I want to get rid of somebody else they don't want to get rid of me. I asked my father, once as how would you summarize renunciation? Then he said when you come to a stage, there comes a stage, when you can say that I have nothing to do with the society, with all the people in and around I have got detached. You are perfectly renounced when they tend to neglect you totally. When your existence or otherwise is not a matter of consequence to others then you are renounced. That was how he was telling me. So that particular attitude will take a long way even if you want to be out others will always cling to you. They will try to pull you down all the time. Have they forgotten you as a useless fellow who will not hear? 'You seem to have your own way' either they are condemned to follow you or they will definitely condemn themselves by leaving us. It is left to them but have you that determination?

"The aim of our Mission, will, however, certainly be achieved, if its members work with love, patience and co-operation." I can only appeal to you on his behalf, apart from what He has done, that let us have this. Love we should have for our Master, patience with ourselves we should have first and co-operation with others is also required. Patience is not so much with others. Many people think patience is with others. You must be patient to other people. No you ought to be patient with yourself. You know how wretched fellow you are everyday sinking back to the same position again and again. Don't give up the task, follow it, repeat it, persevere, persevere in the path, develop the patience. Fortitude may be something connected with others but patience is with ourselves.

"I need such persons in our organization, who may shine out like the sun. People themselves will be attracted when they know that our method is correct." This is the appeal, this is the appeal of the Master. He says behave; behave properly so that other people get attracted to this path. You will be the persons who will help others, you will be serving others.

"One lion is better than a hundred sheep." Because what is required is courage, earlier he used the word tiger. Earlier to that he used the word coward and now he uses the word lion, the king of animals, most courageous one and then he says one lion is better than 100 sheep.

"But we should try as human beings to do spiritual good to others." That is the logic he gives. People themselves will be attracted when they know that our method is correct. If you have got to live like that you have got to be a lion. Why? To better others. What if they don't come? You are true. One lion is better than 100 sheep, but nothing wrong in trying to serve others.

"We should try as human beings to do spiritual good to others". This will enable many of the abhyasis and trainers who feel depressed often saying that 'in spite of my telling several times they don't come, he has put everything that I said in deaf ear, I have wasted my time for 5 hours with him, I talked to him repeatedly Sir about this, He does not want to follow'. Don't lose your patience, tell. It is only one lion who will come. Everybody will not come but nothing wrong in telling about. Go on telling. We should try as human beings to do spiritual good to others. O Master thou art the real goal of human life. Are we thinking in terms of human beings for spiritual service? Are we getting oriented towards service as a human being? Does your concept of human include that? Is your mind clear on the subject? For you to meditate and know.

"Earnest labour on Master's way shall never go in vain. Amen!" I am sure our effort together here now has not gone in vain. It makes us rededicate ourselves to the path. Our craving of the soul is going to be fully satisfied. Have that confidence.