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God is the Real Guru or the Master;
We get Light from Him alone.

- Rev. Babuji Maharaj

Our urge to return to or merge with the Ultimate Reality is the result of the Central Force, that we partook before the Creation when all was part of the Base, being strong and of permanent nature and compelling to seek union with the Origin. While such is the essential nature of everything, animate and inanimate, the human life is considered to be the highest because of the common linkage with the Divinity through the Thought-Force or Manas. This craving to seek oneness with the God led to the emergence of spirituality as a means for such Union. At the same time, everybody in the world has a role to play - both individually and collectively - in the other part of Divine Expression - the Material Existence. This duality of our duties has complicated the understanding of specially those who have concealed the Divinity in them and have started expressing themselves. The goal-clarity, therefore, requires us to reconcile our Dharma and Duty - spiritually and materially. Rev. Babuji Maharaj says that Balanced Existence is the summum bonum that would, in toto, meet this apparent contradiction - which is, in fact, self-created. While doing whatever we need to in the material world as His representatives, or Trustees, we need to select the spiritual goal which should be the highest that one can attain in this life. Thus the goal-consciousness of "Complete Oneness with the God" should always be at the back of our mind and dominate all our thoughts and actions resigning completely to His Will. Having this view of our determined goal, we need to select ways and means that can integrate in our day-to-day life. Here comes our Master who assures positively that it is Raja Yoga and Raja Yoga alone that can lead to our Ultimate Destination or the highest point of human approach where one is in perfect harmony with Nature assuming our absolute and pure form. The simple meditational practices of Dhyana (Meditation on the Divine Light in heart), Kshalana (Cleaning Process by One's own Thought-Force), and Prarthana (Prayer completely yielding to the Master) with the support of the Master through Pranahuti form part of this Raja Yoga of Sri Ram Chandra, as it is now known in the Institute of Sri Ram Chandra Consciousness. We are fully convinced that this is the only Raja Yoga that makes the highest possible goal of life being achieved by every real sadhaka through the practical ways and means set by the System. But the help and support of a truly worthy Guide is, of course, sine qua non and essential factor. A true seeker will always find one, Rev. Babuji assures us.

In spirituality the help of a Guru or Master is not only indispensable but grows greater and greater as we advance on and on securing higher states of consciousness in our pursuits. As books or theoretical knowledge obtained therefrom are of no avail in this respect, it is only the helping support of a capable Guide that can take us upto our Destination. While a few persons with uncommon genius can attain perfection by sole self-effort, all most all of us, whose mind and soul are covered totally by Mal (Grossness), Vikshep (Fickleness) and Avaran (Coverings) through the spectrum of Existence, it is next to impossibility to even attempt such a course. From beginning to the end, we need His full support. We need His Continuous company. We need His total attention. Then only, we can aspire to engage and progress in spiritual Yatra for our transformation. During our Adhyatmika march as we pass through various Points - Chakras (figuratively called Lotuses), we need His help not only to undergo the Bhog at each Point but unfold the intricacies of these Points by attaining Laya Avastha upto the required condition. It is only the forceful push of the Master or the Guru that can prevent one getting stuck at any point in a state of Avadhoothood - a condition of ecstasy due to the very charming nature peculiar to that Chakra. It is only a Guru, the Master, who has himself reached the highest spiritual condition and shattered the shackles of the bondage who can take us to That stage. It is only He who has the power of Transmission that can give us a push at each Chakra so that, helpless as we are, we can march to our Destination within the shortest time and that too in this life itself.

Having come across a host of persons terming themselves as Gurus trying to foist themselves on us without helping us in real spiritual pursuits; having been put up with those who just whisper some Mantra or mystical incantations in our ears and leave us to our fate coming back to collect their annual or periodical tributes for too long; having been thoroughly dis-illusioned by those who seek Gurudom as a monopoly of a privileged class; having been fed up by those pseudo-Masters who exploit the skills of their oration and debate to deceive the gullible masses in the name of God; and having been totally disgusted with those self-seeking and disciple-hunting Gurus whose sole aim is 'enjoy power and pleasures' at the cost of humanity, it is time now one takes a pragmatic look at the Institution of Guru Itself. The real Guru must himself have attained a state of highest possible spiritual stage. He must be capable of imparting a true and forceful impulse to effect the awakening of the soul and offer His direct support in the course of our march towards Realisation. He must have the power of Transmission - which is a Yogic attainment of a very high order by which a Yogi can infuse by his own will-force, the yogic energy or Godly effulgence within any one and remove anything unwanted in him or detrimental to his spiritual progress. He must be devoid of any personal motive or selfish interests. He should be free from all feelings of pride, arrogance or greatness. He must be a selfless man and a true servant of humanity at large, teaching people out of pure love without any ulterior selfish motive of name, fame or money. Rev. Lalaji, while highlighting the essential traits of a Sat-Guru said that a Guru should be able to satisfy his disciples by imparting the Divine Grace (transmitting Grace) through the awakened inner vision. Such are the characteristic traits that should be borne in mind while seeking a real Guru. Of course, the deservedness of the person and true craving for transformation are essential to really locate such a Master. The Raja Yoga of Sri Ram Chandra, therefore, presents a System that not only meets all the requirements of a real Master and assures us with unfailing certainty of arriving at the Destination during the present life itself. The nature has unfolded itself in the emergence of such a Great Master.

Great men are not accidentally born. They are born when world waits for them in eager expectation. Such is the phenomenon of the Nature. At the time when spirituality was tottering helplessly and the solid materialism had usurped the position of spiritualism in human life and yogic transmission had become quite obsolete, some Great Personality was urgently needed to set things right, for the upliftment of mankind. It was the auspicious day of Basanth Panchami, Feb. 2, 1873, on which the Power of Nature descended to Earth in the human form of Samarth Guru Mahatma Sri Ram Chandraji Maharaj at Fatehgarh in U.P. His life marked the advent of a new Era in spirituality. He is a person of moderation, toleration and devotion. He has practically modified the System of Raja Yoga so as to suit the need of the Time and capacity of the people in general. Samartha Guru Sri Ram Chandraji Maharaj of Fatehgarh is the Adi Guru of the Mission. He revived the Raja Yoga and remodeled the same for the benefit of the humanity. Sri Ram Chandraji Maharaj of Shahjahanpur is the most worthy disciple of Lalaji. When Lalaji attained Maha Samadhi on 14 Aug. 1931, He completely merged with Babuji Maharaj; who found and experienced utmost Force or Power both within and outside Him on the morning of 15 Aug. 1931. This was the usual system of transfer of power adopted by Saints of Great Calibre. Lalaji Maharaj and Babuji Maharaj in cosmic conjunction and through Divine inter-action laid the spiritual foundation for the transformation of human life and restoration of world balance.

Lalaji Maharaj totally merged in Babuji Maharaj. It is the unique Divine Event of the Ocean merging in the Drop and the Great Void or Nothingness - into which Lalaji transformed Himself - merging in its entirety in the Spiritual Entity of Babuji Maharaj. Now, THEY ARE ONE IN THE DIVINE PERSONALITY OF BABUJI MAHARAJ. We should, no more, have any duality in our understanding. Babuji expressed Himself as a Special Personality controlling the spiritual Destinies of not only our World but the entire Cosmos itself. This spectacular Holy Event was granted on 4 May 1944 and will continue for a millennia. We need to correctly gauge the cosmic significance of this New Darshana and seek individual emancipation in this life itself, so that we become relevant and instrumental for the restoration of New World Order of Balance and Harmony. Babuji Maharaj has assured us the certainty of bestowing this objective on each one of us and our role is only diligent and persistent Sadhana towards fulfillment of our Goal of 'Complete Oneness with the God'. He never even once mentioned about Him being the Master. He left it to us to see the Reality.

Babuji Maharaj is the Special and Supreme Personality who descended on the Earth for the redemption of the humanity. He is the real Guru; the Great Master. The cosmic nature of this Divine Personality is unparalleled and will remain so until Maha Pralaya (Final Extinction). He institutionalised the Raja Yoga in the light of Natural Path and presented a comprehensive Raja Yoga System, which is the only means for the deliverance of common men and women from the present quagmire of spiritual and cultural maladies and afflictions. Later, He established Sri Ram Chandra Mission on 31st Mar. 1945 in the memory of the Adi Guru. His Mission is to install spirituality in place of the prevailing non-spirituality through Natural Path and place the world order back on Nature's track. Though He completed His Divine Mission and assumed the highest Centre of Spirituality, the Ram Chandra Consciousness ever prevailing in the entire Universe and controlling the whole creation and its processes - continue to guide us to complete the Cosmic Mission in the worldly plane. While the objective is actualised and realised at the Divine Level, its total fructification at the material plane will, of course, take time according to His Plan and cannot come about over-night. The great and spectacular manifestation of His Grace and the foundation of the Sahaj Movement is the Master's support through Pranahuti for us to achieve this almost humanly impossible task of spiritual rejuvenation of mankind. It is only He who unequivocally declared "Spirituality is my responsibility, as practice is your Responsibility". The coming generations will witness the full glory of His spiritual revolution and New Darshana.

It is our firm conviction that the Sun already has risen and is very much engaged in His Mission. He is Sri Ram Chandraji Maharaj of Shahjahanpur, reverentially addressed as Babuji Maharaj. This is very clear way of putting our point of view, where we feel His presence so much. While several lines are there towards the Divinity and the Ultimate, all have to channel themselves through the Controlling Spiritual Centre in the Cosmic Phenomena in the Special Personality of Babuji Maharaj and His Divine Consciousness. He is the Master of the Universe and the Supreme Personality who is deciding the destinies in spirituality. We have no doubt. Somehow, if we can bring about the awareness of Ram Chandra Consciousness, people will automatically gravitate towards Him. There is no other Way; there is no other Path; there is no other go. He is the Way; He is Means and He is the Goal.

Leading a simple Grihastha life, He has all the Divine qualities of a real Guru and has attained the greatest spiritual heights possible to any human being so far. Having been positioned at the Cosmic helm of spiritual affairs, Rev. Babuji has structured a System of Trainers in His Raja Yoga. These are not Gurus; they shall not be called so. Rev.. Babuji said again and again that many of the so-called Gurus have caused untold misery to us in the name of God, mainly because of their incapacity to infuse any higher spiritual condition through their Will Power by Yogic Transmission (Pranahuti). Also, their primary motive being self-aggrandisement or personal gain, they have wittingly or unwittingly transmitted similar condition to their followers which is the worst type of grossness hampering spiritual advancement. Rev. Babuji says that really a man is fit for the work of training only when he does not entertain in his heart the slightest impression of being a teacher or Guru. If such an idea crosses his mind even once in his life, he becomes unworthy of being a Guru all his life. Such is the firm belief held by the Master Himself. The very presence of idea of being a Guru shows that one craves in his heart a feeling of self-importance or superiority. Rev.. Babuji always held that God is the Real Guru or the Master and we get Light from Him alone. It is our understanding that having achieved rarest and greatest position closest to the Ultimate, Rev. Babuji Maharaj is in such state of almost being one with the Ultimate. That is how he is the Master; The source of Raja Yoga of Sri Ram Chandra.

In the Institute of Sri Ram Chandra Consci-ousness, we follow the Channel of Dr. K. C. Varadachari Order for our approach to the Master and to the Ultimate or the Centre. There are a number of Trainers - not to be called or even associated with the idea of Gurus - and these are identified as such because of their selflessness, humility, simplicity and above all spiritual state and order. They are to be free from bondages; then only they can help in releasing others from similar bondages as Chief Instruments of the Master. As they are to transmit Godly effulgence through their will power, they should have secured approach at least upto the Brahmanda Mandal, where everything appears in subtle form, before it actually takes place in this material world. If a trainer in spirituality exerts his will to mould the mind of the trainee, it will yield effective and excellent results. The worthy trainer with the power of Yogic Transmission weakens the lower tendencies of the mind and sows the seeds of Divine Light in the inner most core of the heart of the abhyasi. In this process, the trainer uses his own will-force which has the Divine Infinite Power at its back. In a way, he is always conscious of that and he just focusses it through the lens of his own will upon the heart of the sadhaka. All this, he does with a feeling of fraternity towards the abhyasi and love and devotion towards the Master. Under the umbrella of the Divinity, all are equal, it is not only democratic but also spiritual. Thus, the system of trainers ensures a continuity in the linkage of Divine flow to the heart of the abhyasi. The nearness to the Master leads to the Oneness with the God or Base; the nearer we proceed, the more will be the mergence until it is complete Oneness. No body can become God and nominal difference between the God and the highest evolved soul will always remain. That is the Law of Nature; nature of spirituality. In our Order of Spirituality, the Master's support is always reflected through the will of the trainer and is always at the beck and call of the abhyasi. There is no Guru; only brothers and sisters rendering fraternal help for the upliftment and amelioration of the spiritual condition of each other. While the individual effort is the main-stay for progress in the System but as the Trainer is equally, if not more, committed to the Service of the Master and the cause of the abhyasi as well, in his Mission with zeal and perseverance, quicker will be the march of the abhyasi; the faster an abhyasi progresses on his spiritual Yatra, the stronger will be the Thought-Force support of the Master (through the trainer) to ensure smoother growth. Such is the Guru-Free Order of the Great Guru, the Master Rev. Ram Chandraji Maharaj of Shahjahanpur U.P. India and the unfailing means of reaching the Goal of Life, the Raja Yoga of Sri Ram Chandra.