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Education is a continuous process demanding a lot of patience, perseverance and devotion. It is a gradual process too. This is more so in the field of spiritual education or Brahma Vidya which transcends the usual pramanas of understanding or grasp. The necessity of developing intuitive capacities which are out of the purview of Buddhi or intellect and rest in the Heart in the form of ‘Feelings’ is mandatory to have insight into the subject which transcends the sensory pathways. It is appropriate, therefore, that any attempt to explain, interpret and elaborate the subject should be done by a person who is highly evolved, is capable of understanding the language of feelings and above all who is practising with utmost discipline the spiritual system coupled with faith, diligence and confidence.

The respected author, Brigadier (Retd) A.G.Krishnaiah is one of those, most fitted for presenting a subject like this. I am intimately associated with him for more than 25 years. He is very noble hearted person, simple, highly disciplined, devoted, humble and a committed seeker of Reality following the system of Sri Ram Chandra’s Rajayoga. He is having vast experience in life too and held several key positions in the Armed forces and retired as the Director (Services) in the Cabinet Secretariat. He is one of the senior and advanced trainers of the Institute of Sri Ram Chandra Consciousness, Hyderabad who previously authored the book “GOAL of LIFE”.

This book titled ‘Dawn of Reality’ is essentially a detailed elucidation of all the topics written by the Great Master, Sri Ram Chandraji Maharaj of Shahjahanpur (U.P) in ‘Reality at Dawn’. It is thoughtful of the publisher to have presented the book “Reality at Dawn” along with this exposition by Brigadier A G Krishnaiah. Though Revered Babuji Maharaj, has written in an easy and simple style the book of ‘Reality At Dawn’, many of the sadhakas barring a few, did find it difficult to grasp the hidden meanings. While going through the works of Great Master one has to go beyond words, rather than trying to understand between the words and between the lines. Sensing this, the Institute of Sri Ram Chandra Consciousness, Hyderabad which is committed to spread the message of the Great Master in its purity has been generating spiritual literature on Revered Babuji’s System. In fact the author has put his heart and soul into this work would be evident as one goes through this book with seriousness and interest.

All the eleven topics starting from Religion to Emblem of the Institute if Sri Ram Chandra Consciousness were explained in detail lucidly and sagaciously. The topic on Religion had been extensively dealt with by the author to stimulate the reader to ‘thinking’ with a fond hope that one rises above this level of Religion and starts embracing spirituality which is a unifying and integrating plane of consciousness oozing out simplicity, harmony and manifesting overtly moderation in all faculties leading to a balanced existence.

The topics on ‘Goal of Life’, ‘Ways And Means’, and ‘Spiritual Training’ are well covered leaving no scope for any ambiguity in understanding. All these are stuffed with practical experience would be evident when one goes through meticulously.

‘Faith’, ‘Constant Remembrance’ and ‘Self Surrender’ are sates of consciousness that come to the seeker as one proceeds, on the path of spirituality by following the methods given by the Great Master assiduously and due to influxes of Divine Consciousness through pranahuti which is the unique feature in the system of Sri Ram Chandra’s Rajayoga have been well highlighted.

The author’s appeal for all “Time is running out. The scythe of Kalapurusha is unsparing. Brothers and Sisters let us try to understand the Vision of Revered Babuji in all its dimensions. Let us take full advantage of His Grace offered to us in His benevolence and make our lives meaningful, relevant, and above all Divine. This Divinisation of man is what we should aspire for and is our Goal if Life”, is the most significant point stressed for which the practices given under ‘Ways and Means’ were explained consistently, clearly and from practical angle.

The relevance of Revered Babuji Maharaj, The Eternal Master, was explained in the chapter on Emblem which is the secret of success on the path of spirituality “He is the Goal; He is the Means; He is the Way”.

I am sure that the readers would be immensely benefited by going though these topics of the book ‘Dawn of Reality’.

With a fervent hope that all Brothers and Sisters make use of such contributions to their advantage.


Dr.A.Subba Rao