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105. జనలోకము (Janalokamu)


A realm where the principle of life is governed by service, sacrifice, camaraderie and fraternity.

A person must enter the field of service before he moves deeper into the realms of Universal Consciousness. A person who lives in the stage janalokamu is the one who will serve the world below. Vasu is one of those people who is utilized by this person. We move in the world of service of people, an opportunity to serve the Divine. Service done to the people here is service done to God himself.

It is a place of service, connected to fifth knot. This is the place of service, field of service. Where can you serve? The field of service is only in this world. We cannot do the service without the body. The world is a field of service. There is a different expansion for janaloka. You work for your wife and children first, then you work for society, then the city and then the world, then other creatures other than human beings. I serve only certain things first, then I go on expanding to other creatures. The adorableness of everything in creation, gets materialized into a service and translated into action. First comes tolerance for all beings, then service.

If you remember that story of a person who gets into water, then a scorpion goes, and he tries to save it, and then it stings. He drops it back and again he saves it, again it stings. So, this field of service has expanded. Janaloka for him has expanded far beyond the human beings. There is an expansion of consciousness. That is not possible for you and me, unless we have also moved in that direction. Suppose in each stage we have got to stay in our system, we will never reach there, in one life.

Only if you get the gurukrupa you will get to this place. The goal of Andal and others was that they be given an opportunity to serve people, that itself was considered a goal by many.