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107. సంప్రజ్ఞసమాధి (Samprajna Samadhi)


It is a state of consciousness obtained during meditation where there will be various thoughts but still absorbency is maintained. Inspite of the presence of various thoughts which are distortions of the Reality, there will be samadhi. A taste of this is given in PAM to every person who participates intimating the higher super consciousness state one is capable of. This is made possible by the influx of Divine itself into the abhyasi/practicant at the very first stroke of introduction.

Samadhi is of four types:

1. Vitarka Anugata - Trying to argue out whether this is the state of Reality.

2. Vichara Anugata - Thinking about the object of meditation.

3. Asmita Anugata- Identifying himself with the state of consciousness.

4. Ananda Anugata - State of happiness in the state enjoyed.

All our meditations are only this. Every one of us gets into state of samprajnata samadhi. Only thing is you do not put those question, you do not have the time because pranahuti puts you out. If we pause and contemplate, we will wonder whether this is the condition.

Vicharaanugata, Vitarkaanugata, then you have got Asmitaanugata and Anandaanugata. All the 4 states of samprajnata samadhi are had by almost all of us in every occasion. In 3 to 4 months practice everybody feels it but they do not know that they have to analyse for themselves. The influence of vedanta has ruined us and therefore, we start expecting things.

Savikalpa and nirvikalpa is another way of saying, another classification of samadhi. In anandaanugata Samadhi, you will definitely have only one i.e. you are enjoying that condition. Whatever condition you have got, you are enjoying it. From that to asmitaanugata, where no enjoyment is there but you are there, awareness is there. Asmita is awareness i.e I am aware. Ananda means enjoying i.e. I am enjoying. vichaaranugata means I am examining. Before that there is a state called vitarkaanugata where we get several alternatives and we have not come to the state of examination. Vichaaranugata is not alternative, the alternatives have been collected. We are examining them as to which is correct one, the mind is settled on that job. We are examining the various conditions, still mind is only on one task.

The state of mind is samprajnata samadhi. On what is it samprajna? About the various alternatives we have got, on that. That ultimate goal is not remembered here. What is goal now? As to which road I have to take, that is all the subject is. There will be four roads, our mind is definite. Which alternative should you take? That is vichaaranugata. For examining, definitely your mind must be concentrated on that.

Four states of consciousness are there. First stage is a state of alternatives, various alternatives we have got, then your mind is settled on it. A state of settledness of mind is called samadhi. In which it is settled upon? In seeing the alternatives, it is settled first, then second, in examining the alternatives. Afterwards it is a question of experience i.e. asmitaanugata . Anugata means you go towards that. We go towards ananda. So, that is the type of samadhi you can have. When it matures into only one thing, then it becomes advaitaanubhuti.