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108. అద్వైతానుభూతి (Advaitaanubhuti)


A state of non-duality, which is again a development over samprajnya samadhi of absorbency leading to no thoughts. Still the awareness is there.

While no twoness is felt they refuse to go. Though it appears to be funny at mental level, at the experience level we definitely feel that sometimes you are there and sometimes you are not there. This is a state of consciousness. A beautiful way of explaining this is through ardhanaareeshwara.

The Yin and Yang symbol has one half totally black, and the other half will be pure white. So, an optical illusion is created. When you see the picture, you will see either black or you will white, but both together is the truth.

They are exactly the opposite. The black portion and the white portion are the same, same in dimension. One is totally black. One is the night and one is the day. One is the plus and the other is minus. They are together always, advaita, you cannot separate. A day is neither a day nor night. We use the word day, whenever it is bright. The other portion of the day is also day only. So, a day is neither a day or night. Two principles, negative principles and positive principles, both are together and that is the advaita. You can never talk about this separated or talk about this. Are they two? Yes, they are two, are they one? Yes, they are one. Is night different? Yes, it is different, Is day different? Yes, it is different. Day is the best example of advaita.