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109. అహంబ్రహ్మాస్మి (Aham Brahmasmi)


The left over feeling of self at the stage of advaitaanubhuti somehow takes importance and the person starts feeling as if he himself is the Brahman. This is considered as one of the high states of consciousness. However, in the path of reality, this too has to be crossed.

This is one of the mahavaakyas of vedanta. A state of consciousness where we feel that our thinking is not confined to the movement in the body and restricted by the antahkarana and we start feeling our expansion beyond our body. It is a state of no boundary consciousness.

When you come to this stage, the pind is crossed and you start moving into brahmand. So, you say 'aham brahmasmi'. I know I am this Brahman and not this atma. The aham is restricted only upto this.

Typically, we really don't know our head. We know only about our body, we don't know about our head. Similarly is our expansion into brahmanda, so long as you are in body. Your awareness of the brahmanda is not a direct awareness but an inferential awareness or reflection.

When I try to know the condition of the other person, from a practical point of view, from a trainer's point of view, you try to know the other man's condition only by inference. You do not know his thoughts, his thoughts as reflected by you in your consciousness is what you can understand. Similar sound notes are experienced the same.