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111. నిర్మలము (Nirmalamu)


The individual self that was contaminated by the various forms of dirt and grossness gets purified. The state of amalamu or pure consciousness is that of the Divine, which never gets corrupted by any dirt. The individual ray of the Divine or the Self acquires these dirt etc., and in the path of spirituality arrives at this stage where its impurities are washed out and the consciousness flows pure amidst the surrounding areas which may suffer from such defects.

There is a lot of difference between nirmalamu and amalamu. Amalamu is purity, nirmalata is purified. We have to know the difference between purity and purified. So, it is not purity, nirmalamu is purified, mala has been cleared. Amalamu never got into that state. God, in His essence never gets polluted. We are expressions of God who got polluted, we have got into that mud, and we have to clean ourselves and come to that state. So, we can become nirmala. God is not a person to be purified, He is pure being.

Definitely, amalamu is the quality of God. When we say God, if you keep a personality, you will get into confusion. If we don't get into that personality, then you can easily understand what is said here. If you keep His picture, it will be difficult. Even if that were to be Babuji Maharaj's picture or Lalaji Maharaj's picture, you are going to get into troubles. It is awareness, you feel that.

A state of purified consciousness is nirmalamu.