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112. ఆత్మలయము (Atmalayamu)


The self, which was bound by the body consciousness all the while now understands its real nature, that is just thinking and moving but it is a thinking and growing being. This state denotes the set of the individual Sun. The Sun set here leads to expansion in the realms of Sandhya where one is faced with neither light nor darkness. Experience of the middle path starts and realm of Balance begins after the set of the individual self.

In atmadarsanamu that we saw before, we find our role. Laya means the atma is lost, then you start living only as Master. The consciousness becomes that of Master. It is laya in atma. The atma has become laya with the Master. The body consciousness has gone long back, it is the soul consciousness that goes now. Though identity is there, individuality is lost, totally lost. Before this stage of atmalayamu, a stage comes where you feel that the atma is dancing in happiness, the dance of the soul. You are really terribly happy at that time.

The idea behind it is the active self, traditionally represented by sun as the atmakaraka, sets, having expressed from morning to evening. The dusk represents the soul which goes back to its origin on its way, the process of laya commences. We have come as souls, expressing ourselves, expressed ourselves, we have moved to the fag end of the day and then we are going back, seeking. We will be getting back to the origin. So it is the cycle of the soul that we are talking about and represented by the concept of atmakaraka, the sun itself.

Atma is always designated by Sun and Mind is always designated by Moon. So the end of the day is the end of my journey.