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114. గురుద్రోహము (Gurudrohamu)


At this stage of development the consciousness of the aspirant has chances of tripping into the grips of greed. Somehow or other the object sought for has to be obtained, is the main theme of the consciousness. Then the aspirant does not mind concealing his real intentions from the Master whose help is paramount. This leads the person to punishment awarded by Nature to go through forgetfulness of the condition obtained by concealing and cheating.

Actually, it means an imposter here. The gurudrohamu talked about here is nothing to do about any person. A person coming upto the highest state of consciousness, and having become Divine, may develop the unfortunate trait of working against the will of God. These are unfortunate souls, who some how get influenced by satanical attractions, they are disciples of satan.

If a person crosses the hurdle of feeling great and invincible on his own right enters into the higher state of brahmapada.

An example not directly connected with the condition at this stage is of the famous warrior of Mahabharat, Karna who obtains the Brahmaastra by concealing his real identity from the guru Lord Parasurama, God incarnate.