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117. మానస సరోవరము (Manasa Sarovaramu)


Chit lake is also known as Manas Sarovar. The Great Master Sri Ramchandraji says, if anybody wants to search at the ocean in the human body, it is Chit lake. It is a vast expanse. The Chit lake is observed in different colors in various persons according to their mentalities. Grey is the medium colour of the ordinary man while it turns out to be ruby colour in case of a perfect human being. Darkness is predominant in dull minds. The extent of vibrations in the Chit lake indicates the extent of calmness of the mind. One's chit lake gets influenced by the external environment and vice versa.

The condition of this lake reflects the state of aspirant's sadhana.

The vibrations are there and Nature also regulates them. It has no relation with the Ajna Chakra. The Ajna chakra has some other purpose. It only distributes the power and energy for the consumption of the human organism, while the Chit lake works in thought force. There are different colours found in people of different mentalities

Grey is the medium colour in case of ordinary human being who has risen a little higher. In case of a perfect human being the colour of the chit lake at the end turn to that of Ruby. The colour ruby is discovered by Dr. K. C. Varadachari at Tirupati by his observation and is entirely correct.

So the perfect person is one in whom you will find the colour Ruby. It does not mean that blackness is not there, blackness is the reflection of the society, atmsophere, it will always be there. It is not his individual impurity, it is the impurity of the environment which casts its shadow on us, affects us there. If you accept impurity to be of different varieties and accept different phases of Moon to be connected with different phases of impurity, then we will understand the effect of the Moon on us. Moon is an external object, still has got influence over us. This should at least make us understand that thought of others can affect us.

As it gets purified, mind is pure, redness will be there which moves on towards the Ruby. That is not a stable condition, again and again it gets distorted. It is not only grey, many times it is blue, it is my observation. Just as the ocean, you know when it is calm and when it is disturbed, you will also have a spiritual angle.

The chit lake if it is attended when you are in a state of agitation, the agitation will be more. When you are in a state of agitation and if you attend to your chit lake and then clean it and bring it to a state of normalcy, then there would be agitation, general agitation throughout the body. There will be disturbances at various places, the media may not be telling much but you will be restless.There won't be any reason. The BP will normal, the sugar will be normal. So, even though the Chit lake is being cleaned, the mental sphere of the outside is so disturbed. If you are a person moving in the Brahmanda, basically you cannot be keeping quiet. The index of your being in the Brahmand would be how much agitated you are, not how calm you are. When you are in society like this you ought to be agitated and your work then becomes much more because your cleaning yourself, your trying to become balanced your self will have an effect elsewhere. You will not know the link. So, everyone of us has to do this tapas.

So, when you are in the higher plane, you have got to maintain your thought but most of you do not feel it. The reason for that you do not live in that plane because of our excessive concern for something else at the lower level, all the time bothering about silly things. They will any way be there, nobody can solve that. How can we sort out majority of our day to day problems? It has been our karma, it has been going on, according to our past actions they have been going on. There is no necessity to worry about it, you start living at the higher plane, then you will feel.

It is hinted elsewhere also that you know what is going to happen and after two days some newspaper or TV may carry. If we talk too much on this, the chances are the politicians may come and pester you saying 'could you do something that does not come' and the divine function will not be based on that. What we consider right in social life or personal life is not necessarily right from divine angle. It has got its own plan. Whenever people tried to interfere with that plan they were punished. As Babuji Maharaj says in the case of Aurobindo that he has unnecessarily interfered in some other case and got punishment.

Our job is to be submissive to the Master, and allow him to do whatever he wants to do through your apparatus. In the process the apparatus will suffer, it is inevitable. It is not a happy thing. How many people will be happy to be utilized as crowbars? Nobody will be willing. Your being in Brahmanda means agony. How many people will be prepared?

A participative endeavor is always a tough job. That is why even in houses, the responsibility is given to the eldest son. Responsibility is only given to one in whom father has trust. It is the headache of them to solve all issues. The others are all happy and it is the duty of both these two fellows to see the others are Happy. The father and son have got the responsibility of seeing others are happy.