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119. ప్రపన్న (Prapanna)


Though the person is now established in Brahmand and has lost his identity to a very large extent, there is always a possibility of feeling separateness from the Master, the super conscious emotional state of separateness from the Divine leads to a state of Prapanna and one surrenders consciously, again, and this time he surrenders everything of his.

The stage of Prapanna is a very high spiritual state where the surrender to the Divine ripens fully and one is settled in the thought of Master always. This state occurs after one has moved far in the realm of Para Brahmand that is far beyond the realms of Brahmand and there is no limit to ones expansion. The vastness of expansion of consciousness makes the aspirant to surrender whatever remaining self-awareness in thought and deed to the Divine.

A Prapanna never leaves the company of the Divine. Sudama, brother of Radha rani, the consort of Lord Krishna was so intimately connected with the Lord that there was never an occasion when he was not with Him and was an intimate associate of the Lord.