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121. బ్రహ్మానందము (Brahmaanandamu)


This is a state of Joy where the expansion of the consciousness of the aspirant tends towards a limit. It is similar to the vastness. When we are one with the vastness, we feel happy and that is Brahmanandamu. It is a state of joy in expansion in as much as joy is still there, the identity cannot be ruled out.

What we find in brahmanandamu is the expansion of consciousness reaches its limit, where we find vast expansion. It is similar to a state of mind of a person who sees a vast expanse, wherever it is. Suppose you have got a land about four to five thousand acres of green paddy land - vast expanse or you sit before a sheet of water, it is vast. Vastness gives you certain happiness and that is brahmanandamu. This is similar to that. You have become one with the vastness, already. Vastness is not being observed as independent, we are part of that vastness.