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123. ప్రపన్న పభు (Prapanna Prabhu)


Oneness with master but with awareness of dependency on master.

Having established oneself in prabhugati, the samarth guru to whom the ward is handed over by the sadguru, takes him into his pouch even as a kangaroo and catapults him to the condition of prapanna prabhu. If the dedication and total surrender to the sat guru is not to the extent as to bring his concern for the ward, he moves through the vast distance before he enters the realm of prapanna prabhu.

As far as we know the prapanna prabhus in the Vaishnavite traditions are Lakshmana, Adisesha and Balarama. If we consider Balarama, he is equivalent to Lord Krishna, the Prabhu, but he is a Prapanna Prabhu. He is equivalent to Krishna, but he is a devotee. Similar is with Lakshmana or Adisesha.