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126. దైవద్రోహము (Daiva Drohamu)


This is another finer aspect of sadahankara. At this stage, one is trying to hide the mistakes of others and trying to cheat God and work against his purposes. A person, who commits this mistake, will have a fall to the stage of Sutalamu.

We should understand the meaning of drohamu. It means when you are asked to do something, if you interefere with it, you are doing drohamu. It is being used nowday to mean that somebody has hurt you, but it is actually interfering. When someone says one thing and you do another, then the intentions of the work are lost. You have to do the work, if someone comes and interferes, it comes under drohamu only. That is the attitude. Daivadrohamu means we don't do what work has been given and interfere with other's work.