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132. బ్రహ్మసామీప్యము (Brahma Saameepyamu)


There are four stages of mergence. This is the first stage called as Nearness (Sameepyamu). The other three stages are Salokyamu, Sarupyamu and Sayujyamu.

Brahma Sameepya is a stage of mergence. There are four stages of mergence. The first one starts with nearness (sameepya). After that we go into that loka (salokya). After that we become sarupya, meaning similar in form. Afterwards, we become sayujya. All these happen in the world of God, in any condition. First, we near that condition first, experiencing that condition is next, following that is taking the form of that condition and the fourth one is dissolving in that. Babuji writes only three, we are writing four.