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143. బ్రహ్మలయము (Brahma Layamu)


The state of Total Mergence where all that is related to Creation ends and everywhere there is only water. This state of Existence is not experienced by any person other than the great Sage Markandeya. He is blessed with Eternal Existence by the Supreme Being. The Supreme Being in this state appeared to him as a little boy lying on a banyan leaf floating alone in the vast waters.

This sloka is what markandeya said upon seen the vision

karaara vindhaena pathaaravindham

mughaaravindhae vinivaesayantham

vatasya pathrasya putae sayaanam

baalam mukundam manasaa smaraami

The Game of Life truly ends only in this state.

The Upanishad says: The god of creation, Brahma, Born of the Godhead through meditation before the waters of life were created, Who stands in the heart of every creature, is the Self indeed. For this Self is supreme!

Katha Upanishad