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13. వివక్షత (Vivakshata)


Having come through the stage of Japa, Tapa and Ahimsa the man develops an attitude that he is superior to others and starts thinking high of himself boasting of his qualities and naturally falls a prey to his own heaviness and falls to the stage of crocodile. One becomes a victim of sensuousness. Here, it is the sensuousness of ego.

When we get into the aspect that one is superior and other is inferior, then there is vivakshata. In the past days, one couldn't go to hotels. Only white people could go to hotels. Not sure if it is there any more. That is the first knot condition.

If you consider brahmins, he would have done some japamu, tapamu. Because he has done it, he considers the rest of the world is all lower class. So don't come near me is his approach. Others should get away from him. When they are coming we have to move. Similarly, when King is coming others should move. Similarly any elderly respected people come also others should move away from them. This is caste discrimination. We are not talking about caste discrimination in this cell. We are superior and the other person is inferior. If you go to an astrologer, he will not take the papers by hand. He will ask you to leave your papers there. Same is the position even if a brahmin goes to the astrologer. Discrimination is a bad quality that comes out of first knot.

Have you ever been to Nambudri temples? Kerala temples. Brahmin there will leave the 'Harathi '- camphor plate at a place. He will not touch any body and also he will not let any body touch him. Irrespective of the person, he does this. His thinking is, as if he is very religiously disciplined and may become impure when others touch him. I am pure and you are impure

In our childhood days Acharyas used to be there with 12 upright marks on the body, religiously disciplined and used to move separately. Where they eat, we can't even go. Even when they come to our home and eat, we can't be around. They are not in any enclosure while eating. While the recitation of Purusha suktam goes on, they will be eating. Till they finish, no one should eat is another rule. Acharyas are different and disciples are different. It is purity vs. impurity. It is not social discrimination.

If we take the concept of prefects and preceptors, they are a separate clan and others are separate. Is this really there or not? Despite our efforts to come out of this, still we getting into it or not? We are superior and other person is inferior. We don't know why other person is inferior.

Another example for Vivakshata is Nandudu-Chanakyudu. Nanda won't allow others and say they alone can be seated. Chanakya questions the greatness of the Nandudu. They are ready to precipitate for a quarrel, then Chanikya leaves from the place. It is also discrimination.

It is more in ladies. We can't go in to the kitchen while they are cooking. What ever they are using, the vessels you can't touch. They will throw the vessels, if you touch them. Those days are gone, but that vichakshana is there. It is not caste

In the Udipi temple, the God is turning the other side. There is a window outside and we can see the God from outside. As the story goes, a devotee wasn't allowed inside the temple and he prays and God turns his head, to give him darshan. There is an opening in the wall for that. In Krishna temple, even now, only if you want to look at close quarter you need to go inside. Your vision of the Lord is not affected from outside.