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15. వానరము (Vaanaramu)


Interest generated at the earlier stage never leads automatically to steadfastness. Various other things attract us, which seem to be apparently similar to the goal. Before development of Goal clarity, the mind plays monkeyish jumping from one to the other. When discrimination is lost we end up in the stage of a monkey.

The cricket player confuses himself with the tennis player. A dancer in Bharatanatyam would like to have the hand in Kathakali. Before development of goal clarity, the mind plays monkeyish jumping from one to the other.

If a person having Jihwa Chapalyamu (Gourmet) means not having discrimination. He does not discriminate. He should eat food. Its all scuzziness. If you keep several varieties of food , which one to eat and the mind is monkeyish. Jumping from one to other and he falls to this cell. You come to the stage of Monkey, not only from Jihwa Chapalyamu (Gourmet) from many other places. For our convenience we kept this snake from Jihwa Chapalyamu. One may come to this cell from where ever discrimination is lost.

Vivakshata is lack of discrimination, same as indiscrimination. Monkey is also like that. Give a laddu (Sweet/ Dessert) it takes that. Then keep a banana, it leaves the Laddu and takes the banana. If you keep a coconut, it runs towards that. Why it runs towards that is not known to anybody. After all it is having something to eat. It will not keep quiet. The attitude of let's eat the food and go will not be there.

Now a days we see the buffet. Some body takes food and some other person comes and says the ice cream is good. This person who is eating Gulab Jamun (Sweet/Dessert) will leave this and goes after ice cream. There are two aspects here. One is the nature of dog and the other is that of monkey. Like dogs, all run towards one item. The moment food is ready all run towards it. If we say buffet culture ,on humor/lighter side you may, on lighter side, watch yourself and watch others educationally.