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16. గురుకృప (Gurukrupa)


When we are interested in great things and if luck were to favour us then one comes across a person who helps in the path. Most of the time the help is accidental as we feel it at that time but we learn later, that the whole thing was somehow programmed by God and we got the Guru we needed at the appropriate time based on our deservancy. The guru like a kangaroo keeps us in his pouch and takes us through leaps, which is arduous for us to go through by self-effort. It is great that you have landed here.

Guru krupa here means taking assistance of Pranahuti from a co-traveler.

Coming here, the sadhaka now learns, that the physical presence of the guru is not necessary and he gets grace of the Master from nature, from books, from feelings during meditation and by many means which are not conventional. They look conventional, but may not be conventional. With guru krupa one travels to Anima.

This is a jump through ladder. One crosses vivekamu (discriminative intelligence), lobhamu (possesiveness), satya sandhata (truthfulness), atmarathi(self adoration), mohamu (attachments).

Once guru krupa comes, Guru will take us through. Pujya Babuji says 'I will take you'. Once a person reaches there, these are to be developed.

While you are transported from those planes in the bosom of the Guru it would be to your advantage to gain the intermediary stages in spiritual development. This is the advice that is given while playing the game.