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20. ఆత్మస్తుతి (Atmasthuti)


After coming to the stage of Truthfulness one comes to the stage of loving oneself. By now one has acquired non injury, discriminative intelligence and truthfulness. Therefore one starts thinking that he has accomplished something and starts loving / enjoying himself. This is also capable of degrading the sadhaka to the level of finding faults with others for everything. There is a possibility of developing negative quality of complacency too.

Avadhoota is a fellow who is not conscious of anything. Atmastuti is state where you are happy. This is a good state. However it has got the negative quality of keeping you bound to the condition itself and progress becomes impossible. This should not be confused with a state of narcissism. This should not be confused with narcissistic love, which ends at the physical plane, which is essentially at the physical plane.

Atmastuti is a very dangerous of mind which will mar spiritual progress. That is what leads to smrtibramsa. Once self-adoration gets in, one of the worst dangers is unnecessary criticism. As if this person is perfect and others are not. This goes on with him. So, you go on indulging in that nasty habit of finding fault with others. You have got every right to find fault with others provided you have got restraint. If you are not capable of rectifying, you must shut up your mouth. Either by counsel or other means, we must be in a position to give alternatives. What is the use of finding fault with others without giving alternatives? When a person is in this state and faces a circumstance of the other person lying , he will not look into the condition of other person, at what stage the other person lied cannot be understood by this person. He keeps on talking. Self adoration and unnecessarily criticizing others are worst. They go together always. Once the first comes(self adoration), the other automatically follows. You go on praising yourself, you will definitely do that. Possibility is that one gets into this state. For the sake of dignified warning we use the word Possibility instead of writing definitely