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23. సంతుష్టి (Santhusti)


It is a condition of a happy person. The positive aspect of this is the sadhaka finds a state of balance and this should lead to a state of contentment. This is the initial stage of accepting everything as a gift of the Divine.

Santushti means being Happy. Any happy person, contented person. It is a level more than tripti. Any practicant of the path is happy. Happiness too is there and there is nothing wrong about it. The only trouble about it is, he compares. You must just get into a state of just. An implicit state of acceptance where he feels whatever he gets is just.

While a person is happy, he also feels he is infallible. We see some people who are of the opinion that they are doing their sadhana extremely well, that nothing will shake them and they are perfect. They are not persons who are not practicing. They follow Ten Commandments also. The person, who has santhusti, follows the commandments but then he thinks he is infallible.

The question may arise how a person might think he is infallible after he has accepted everything as a gift of the Divine. Both feelings are there simultaneously. The person will say that since everything is a gift of Divine, God has given this capacity. This rider comes. There are many case studies relating to this. We can only say this much that it is guaranteed that these feelings come one does fall. We would have seen in our cases itself that we would have stopped doing meditation for sometime, most definitely we would have stopped. The feeling that what is there is do more would have come and we would have definitely stopped. We slide. The path is such. It is a slippery zone, it always keeps sliding down. We commit this mistake with happiness only, there are no intentions. Happiness along with it gives big stomach right? A big stomach along with it gives enormous gravitational pull. The weight increases and it gives gravitational pull. It is one of the common problems of a sadhaka.

Tushti is felt only when we get what we want. Santhusti is the next stage after complacency. When we come out of complacency, we fall into mohamu, if we escape that we fall into santhusti which is again due to complacency. It will not allow you take further action. There will not be motivation. It will not propel you for further action. Only if we have a disturbed condition can we move forward. You should remember the logic of restlessness of Rev. Babuji always. You must be restless even at the state of peace. It is not understood as it is a matter of experience. Every one of us feels balance, quiet and happy during our meditations, but are we happy? No. We feel restless. So this 'poison' of restlessness is a positive aspect of our philosophy

The condition is that of restlessness always. It is not that of happy and this is one of the reasons why we evaluate the system low. Lot of people have a doubt that even though they are in a high condition, since they did not get santhusti, they have not reached. And where have they mentioned that we should have santhusti? They have said it in Vedanta. It is a problem of Vedanta. They have used the word santhusti meaning we are supposed to get that. How do we get contentment when we are restless? It should be contentment in restlessness. In these parts it goes by the name of 'pilla temarlu' where a very light wind is blowing, it has disturbance but we enjoy it. Our condition will be like that.

Looking at it from a different angle we can say this. Let us look at the aspect of serving the Master. We have willingly accepted to serve. When the abhyasis come, do you feel like receiving them with the warmth that you will receive a Master, or you are just consider them as unnecessary people who are coming and disturbing you? Please introspect. Not always you consider you are receiving the Master, unless you are telling a falsehood. Truth is many times we feel 'this fellow is a nuisance who has come', 'what is the great urgency of this fellow has got'. These kinds of feelings come. I am only sharing what I personally feel, many times I have felt it and that is what I say that is the slippery zone. Instead of recognizing him as the Master who is coming to you, because every person has to be accepted as the Master, correct? As far as philosophy goes it sounds very good, but do we actually do it? You are happy with your condition, therefore you do not like that person. This is nothing new to us, every saint has felt it. There will be one saint, he will be in his own state of mind. There will one more coming to him, the one who is coming is also a saint. The first one says, 'why did you come to me, don't you have any other work, could you not go somewhere and meditate?'

This has been put in poetry also. Say, a person will be in the thought of Lord Krishna, he is lost in it. When someone comes for him from outside, he would have asked if there no other work. The other person would say that they have to go to the temple. The person who got disturbed would say that 'you are an external person, you go to the temple, I will sit here and continue my meditation, please go'. That is how they used to be, this discussion goes on. The person will be doing his sadhana at home, someone will come and keep disturbing them that they have to go to the temple. The person will be saying that the people disturbing have no other work. The people would ask that if the person does not come, how will others learn? This discussion is also there. So, you can see the attitude. The person is in happiness but comparisons do come.