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24. మోహము (Mohamu)


Almost every great seeker has fallen a prey to infatuation. The stories of Sage Viswamitra and others indicate that in spite of being on the path and having all the qualities of determination still one can fall a prey to infatuation / seduction. It is seducing actually. A person who gloats in the glory of his achievement as in the state of the atmastuti, easily falls a prey in infatuation because he thinks he is infallible. The characteristic of feeling infallible is the sliding factor to get into infatuation in spirituality.

The story which depicts Mareecha coming in the form of a golden deer typifies the stage where a person falls a prey to the asuric forces in him, trying to possess the impossible. Mohamu means trying to possess the impossiblity. Every wise man knows there cannot be a deer which is golden. The woman in the Sadhaka, falls prey seeking after this impossible things and loses the game. Please refer the story of Ramayana for further details.