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28. నిరాసక్తి (Nirasakti)


These are the beginnings of real vairagya. The discriminative intelligence (Viveka) that everything belongs to the Divine develops into a stage of Vairagya but this does not lead to Nirvyapara or a state of no action where there is need for action. The proper attitude is to discharge the duties as the command of the Master. That is the state of King Janaka.

In one of the incidents in King Janaka's life Ashtavakra meets him. Having heard about the disinterested state of mind of King Janaka, Ashtavakra asks him to give away his kingdom if he was really disinterested in being the King. King Janaka immediately gives away his kingdom and walks away and this was the state of disinterestedness of King Janaka.

These are the beginnings of Vairagya, developing a sense of non attachedness through disinterestedness. Non attachment arises through disinterestedness. So we are proceeding towards vairagya.

During the period of Ramayana, people have gone to Janaka for knowledge. Saints' children were sent for training. Saints themselves went to him for clarifications. A very great person. He is very high and Babuji says so, Janaka's condition is such.

Other examples of disinterestedness are Emperor Nero and Aurangzeb. They used to practice vairagya and disinterestedness. Aurangzeb in particular was always detached in life. Every one of us is a complex bundle of several qualities

Kumbhakarna is another good example. He did not want anything, whatever his elder brother told, he did. Else, he used to keep quiet. Just as the song playing on the road does not have any influence on us where we are least bothered about it. That is due to certain amount of viveka that we have got. Suppose we are like this in performing essential duties, we will not be able to perform. So, the person works when he is reminded of his duty. That is how Kumbhakarna was. That is the attitude that we should have and at the same time work as a command of the Divine.