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2. చీమ (Cheema)


The ant is a stage of collection and storing. The human being as he is today has not only the trait of collecting and storing but also promoted it in the name of savings for the rainy day. The person who has faith in God and confidence in himself will never hoard. Saints in all religions did not promote savings.

Suppose it is saving for the rainy day, there is nothing wrong. The misfortune of it is, the associated concept with it is greed. Instead of saving for the rainy day, you tend to hoard and this is the lapse. Ants hoard. I am not questioning the saving aspect of it. This savings aspect has got a tendency to get into mode of hoarding, which is detrimental for society and to spiritual development.

How to come out of habit of hoarding? You can come out of every problem with determination, which is the only way. You recognize the problem and make a determination to come out of the problem. These two things, if it is not there, you will never come out of the problem, any problem for that matter.

You can come out of the problem through Sadhana. There are ways in the sadhana by which you can come out. One can come out, through meditation, through A and B or by Guru's blessings. These are the alternatives that we have. Most of it is by only determination. The only way out is by strictly adhering to sadhana and persevering in the path. Take for example: People indulge in the stock exchange. Only when there is enough money with you,you can play in the stocks. People who do not have extra do not go into stocks. Suppose if you move around with those kind of people, the chances are you will go too.

So, in every determination we have to add 'aanukulyasya sankalpa and pratikulyasya varjana' i.e. you must move with such people, who are determined to get out of that and you must avoid such people who tend to go in that direction. If you give reasons saying 'why can't I go just one time?' that is enough for you to slip. You slip and you never come back. Determination is the main problem.

Performing acts of sharing and charity, will not enable one to come out of it. It is the consequence of having come out of it. It is a change in behavior. Once I determine, I will not hoard, then I will start giving. By giving, I will not come out. If that suggestion was to work, Marwadis who put so much money in Tirupati hundi should all be not hoarding next day. The only reason they give money is to hoard and also ask God to hoard.