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38. గురుకృప (Gurukrupa)


It is necessary that sadhaka now learn that physical presence of the Guru is not necessary and gets help of the Master from Nature, Books, feelings in meditation and by many means, which are not conventional.

Whenever there is guru krupa, it means pranahuti. Without guru krupa pranahuti is not possible. To think about pranahuti without gurukrupa is out of question. It does not happen. After brahmacharya, if you do not get guru krupa, vairagya will not come. After getting viveka, one would do meditation on Point A. Why majority of the people don't meditate on Point A is that they have not got viveka. If they had, they would definitely have done it. It's a must, if one has viveka i.e. that he is a slave of his wishes, only then he will come up. Pranahuti is necessary to push one from brahmacharya.

When you are progressing, this is by the grace of Guru you are going and we cross several stages. While slipping though, that is not the case. When we climb up the stairs, we go up one by one. While falling, it is sudden, there is no need for stairs to fall.

When we climb a mountain, we climb by stages, but while falling we fall all of a sudden. The help of the guru takes you through, otherwise, you go through the staircases one by one. So, Master lifts us like that.

Many times we face life situations. We would be doing our sadhana, we would be alright and move on to next stage. Then we slip. It is not that we are left down there and that nobody lifts and takes us to the higher condition. When guru krupa comes, wherever he wants, we will be taken.

The fact is when we make a mistake, we are going to the guru. That guru is capable of taking you beyond.