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40. క్రోధము (Krodhamu)


A gift of God, essential for leading a life of activity. In its subtlest form this may be defined as life impulse symbolically represented through bursting of seeds breaking open the beans.

Krodha is a burst. Life bursts, that is the basic, represented by the planet Mars. Venus represents Kama. The beginnings of the zodiac. Aries is ruled by Mars. The zodiac starts with Mars and ends with Jupiter. The lord of Aries is Mars and the lord of Taurus is Venus. So, life starts first with activity. Activity expresses itself in life. The zodiac starts with krodha (burst). Next comes kama. The third one is Gemini, that is, the two opposites start meeting. Gemini is symbolised by brother and sister. They are not husband and wife. Lot of people confuse us on this. If you see the whole picture, Mercury comes behind, then comes the moon followed by the Sun afterwards. The way in which the whole cycle is put is entirely different.

My own vision of the Zodiac is the other way. I think the Zodiac starts at Tula. There was balance in the beginning and then the will for expression came, and therefore it is Venus. That will is to activity. Activity does not lead to will, will leads to activity. So, my way of looking at it is, the zodiac start at Libra. I know nobody accepts it. I look at it from my own angle. I am logical in this. Life starts with balance. So, where should the origins be? It cannot be Aries nor do I accept it is 1o. I take it as the 14o. I have my own perceptions. My theory is that the 14th degree of Libra is the beginning point. I have not done much research in this, I have left it for quite a few years now.

Many people had misunderstood me in Path of Grace. I was not referring to planets there. I was talking about the origins of planets. It is not astrology I was referring to, I was referring to origins as to what started where.

It can also become a negative quality that develops essentially out of disproportionate attachment to one's possessions including ideas or ideologies. This leads to a state of mental imbalance.

If we want to come out of krodha, it is not so easy. We need guru krupa.

Krodhaatbhavati sammohah. It is a mental imbalance of excessive attachment to oneself. Sammoha means that the person has mohatowards himself. Attachment to one's own ideas and possessions is sammohamu

Krodha is not the anger that one gets. When it comes to krodha there is a vengeful attitude. It is not rage, which is excess of anger. An example is when mustard seeds are put in hot oil, they burst very spontaneously. If one goes near by, there are chances that our face may get burnt by that bursting. It makes no sense, krodha is also mostly like that.

If an example be given for krodha, it is Parasurama that best describes it. It was with vengence and definite knowledge that whenever a kshatriya was born, he would be eliminated. He is still considered as an avatar.

Aswatthama is another person who had krodha who had killed the upa panadavas. It was not only a retaliation by him but he was very competent also. Even if one wants retaliation, if there is no competence, then krodha will not come. Such a person would become a cheat like shakuni. Krodha is not a trait, while kapati (cheat) is a trait.