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41. గురుకృప (Gurukrupa)


Gurukrupa means transmission. It would mean our getting in touch with our trainer or any master who lifts us from a state of consciousness to its superior state. This is done through PRANAHUTI, which is of the nature of fomentation of a particular type of vibration, which elevates the status of the person.

Actually, if we take the message of the Master, we can take the words where he says unless you come across a person who can foment you to a higher condition.

Gurukrupa leads us to a state of prakami, which is the initial state where a person would be in a position to feel empathetic. Empathy is a state where one feels for the other, by becoming one with him. Without this pranahuti does not happen. It is a fundamental point. One has to be at a minimum in this stage. That is why Rev. SriRamchandraji says he will do yatra upto second point. The reason is nothing will happen if we are lower than that. Fifth knot is the minimum in our institute, but second knot is a must. If it is not there we cannot have empathy. The person will not even have an inclination to work. In olden days, they used to say that one with prakami has the capacity to enter the body of others. It is not a very high state actually. Lot of people think that it is a very high state. If you remember the stories of Bhatti and Vikramarka you will come to know that it is not such a high state. In the stories, one person would be entering the body of another. The stories are very clear but we use our own imaginations. There is nothign wrong in tradition, the wrong lies with the person who tells the tradition incorrectly.

Many people say they feel jerks. It is to be noted that every case of jerk is a problem that has been sorted out. One may not be aware of it but if a jerk is felt then it definitely means that there was a problem and it got relieved. This happens without the knowledge of both persons involved. The question comes then how does it happen? It is because of the prakami that it has happened, otherwise it will not happen, but it is an inference that it has happened due to prakami. It is not something that can be told direct but resolution of conflict is observed. In majority of cases neither do we know or the other person knows. The person says that the problem was there till recently but is not there now. Every case of a jerk is connected with it.

When we have come to twist and turns, if one twist is removed, it is definitely a relief. Every case of a twist is not necessarily a behavioral problem. You may not be even aware of it. It may be just at the unconscious level.