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42. జిహ్వచాపల్యము (Jihwachaapalyamu)


It is well known that people who, having attained high states of knowledge, suffer from some weakness or the other, most common among them is being a victim of one's own taste jihwachaapalya. Jihwachaapalya is not necessarily be connected to food, slander also comes under that i.e. having no control over tongue. People who talk excessively can also be considered as jihwaachapalya. A person who falls victim to this naturally fails in his sadhana and becomes victim of disciples who cater to the needs of the tongue. This could happen to a person who has developed Viveka and Vairagya.

Persons with jihwachaapalya becomes victims of the disciples. The disciples make a monkey of the guru and make him dance to their tunes. The poor fellow also goes from one house to another, citing a lunch at one place or the other. It is as good as the life of the monkey that is made to dance on the streets, probably the only difference is the lack of the rope tied to the neck. From this naturally they come to the level of bhakti.

The jihwachaapalya referred to here is not the the initial stages of jihwachaapalya. It is jihwachaapalya as relates to a person who has developed viveka and vairagya meaning that even persons having developed these will have it.

An elucidation on this - When we are in the annamaya kosa the first knot is cleaned. A rational mind would demand that jihwachaapalya also must be cleaned. A rational mind naturally demands that this should be done by then but in our system it doesn't happen. We move on from the 1st knot to 2nd knot even having some of these traits and this is nothing unusual. Traditionally also we have seen people who have moved onto the higher plane. Ramakrishna Paramahamsa cannot be accused of having jihwachaapalya but still he had the quality of liking candy. Vivekananda cannot be accused of suffering from jihwachaapalya but has a particular liking to sandesh. Lalaji cannot be accused of suffering from jihwachaapalya but he had a chapalya for arvi. So, it really doesn't die, there will be some residue and that residue keeps getting cleared in the second stage, third stage. Even then some remains, some nominal residue. If the question is raised whether it should be there or not, we can only say that some of it remains, because there have been people who have conquered it but they haven't advanced. If the question is put whether Lord SriKrishna had jihwachaapalya, when Kuchela, his friend brought oats to him, he took it saying that he wanted it. So does he have jihwachaapalya or not? There are things that are not understood by the rational mind.

We should know where we should put our mind down saying enough is enough. So, for many things we don't have answers. We know that it is not relevant. There is no answer for how it is not relevant. There is something more that tells us.