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49. దయ (Daya)


An attitude of forgiving for the lapse. An invariable concomitant of Vatsalya.

This picture in the game of life depicts a person saving a scorpion from water. The person tries to save the scorpion from water with the help of a leaf. As the scorpion comes out of the leaf and touches the person's hand, it stings and the person leaves the leaf and scorpion falls into water again. The person again tries to wave and the story repeats. The moral of the story is that the nature of the scorpion is the sting and the nature of the person is to save. This quality of the person is Daya.

Daya is a willingness to forgive. Daya improves willingness to forgive, an attitude of forgiving. When there is an element of sin or mistake on our part, then the question of daya comes. If you take christianity, Christ has got daya for all. He is prepared to forgive all our sins and then plead on our behalf.